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Vilakazi Street packed to capacity Picture: Neo Goba
Vilakazi Street residents ready for celebrations

For 83-year-old pensioner Grace Mafafane Mandela Day means she gets to be spoiled just like the old .

Government partners with black business over nuclear build

By Tmg Digital | 2016-02-01 13:46:25.0

The South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa) on Monday announced the creation of a business nuclear energy desk with the Black Business Council to discuss potential opportunities arising from South Africa’s nuclear new build programme.

“We cannot repeat mistakes of the past. The nuclear new build programme should lead to industrialisation in South Africa with meaningful participation by black business practitioners‚”‚ Phumzile Tshelane‚ Necsa’s chief executive officer‚ said in a statement.

The president of Black Business Council‚ Ndaba Ntsele‚ said its members were ready to take up the opportunities that will arise from the nuclear new build programme. “We will not be mere spectators‚ we have to engage government and other stakeholders as the programme unfolds. The programme must have local content at all levels.”

The nuclear energy desk is expected to immediately create a directory of black companies who can participate in various aspects of the nuclear programme.