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Prominent South Africans 'lay charges against the racists'

By Kgothatso Madisa | 2016-01-05 13:03:02.0 | COMMENTS [ 161 ]

South African activists and businesspeople have responded with swift actions against people who have made racial comments in the last couple of days.

The grandson of struggle stalwart, Walter Sisulu, and activist Shaka Sisulu, businessman Sbusiso Leope, ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa, former CEO of GCIS Mzwanele 'Jimmy' Manyi and lawyer Siphile Buthelezi have laid charges against Penny Sparrow, Chris Hart, Justin Van Vuuren, Carron Gouws, Louis Jordaan, Albert Brenner, Dennis Dyason and Duncan Mcleod.

This comes after the aforementioned people made comments that had racial undertones.

Sbusiso Leope revealed on his Instagram account that they have opened a case of Crimen Injuria at the Hillbrow Police Station while Shaka Sisulu captioned the picture with all four of them "About to lay charges against the Racists!".

Chris Hart, who said “More than 25 years after Apartheid ended, the victims are increasing along with a sense of entitlement and hatred towards minorities…”, has since been suspended from Standard Bank, Justin Van Vuuren lost his FutureLife sponsor.

Sparrow, who said “From now I. Shall address the blacks of South Africa as monkeys as I see the cute little wild monkeys do the same pick drop and litter‚” has since faced a severe public onslaught which resulted in her personal information including Identity Number being shared in public. Her former employer Jawitz Properties has distanced itself from her comments. The DA and ANCYL have decided to lay charges against her as well.

COMMENTS [ 161 ]

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They must be taught a lesson!

2016-01-05 13:08:23.0 | 1 replies


if they need war they will get it,

2016-01-05 13:18:02.0 | 0 replies


I can't comment on that article of genius Mpho Mokoena.

2016-01-05 13:09:06.0 | 6 replies


I have a lot of respect for that young man, ke lenyora la bophelo, kakapa straight.

2016-01-05 13:12:35.0 | 0 replies


Inja yegame. Halala Mphoza well done mfowethu.

2016-01-05 13:16:20.0 | 2 replies


Mphoza is bad....I like that article so much, Mpho o phinyeditse bana ba bang.

2016-01-05 13:19:12.0 | 1 replies


ba neng ba sa mmatle o tla bona ba itahlela mo ene ka di blumara tse lepellang

2016-01-05 13:48:02.0 | 1 replies


you know matekatsenyana a mzansi my brother dinwa madi.

2016-01-05 14:01:15.0 | 1 replies


and ba tlo mo baizisa phela boy ke ba ba iskomolelang a baitswela ditabeng,nou o kopana le balio ba ko Limpompo,le matekatse le magodu a ko Transkei,le ditlaela tsa ko Natal,le di drug users tsa ko Kaapa,hai mara Modimo o moholo.

2016-01-05 14:45:32.0 | 0 replies


He is very good, how have you been Shaka Zulu (LOL)?

2016-01-05 13:22:50.0 | 2 replies


LOL, I'm good and you bra?

2016-01-05 13:25:50.0 | 0 replies


DA has already done the same on Sparrow issue, are they supporting DA now?

2016-01-05 14:23:17.0 | 0 replies


I also couldn't, Sowetan doesn't like us to comment on progress lol I am happy and proud for him for such a splendid job, he and not CELEBRITIES is exemplary young person to the youth of our country, as such edge SL to make his picture a photo of progress for the whole year, he is worth looking at and reading about the whole year,

2016-01-05 13:16:28.0 | 3 replies


LOL they are jealous because they always spell things wrong on their articles.

2016-01-05 13:21:59.0 | 1 replies


Haha so Mpho can spell better than them?

2016-01-05 13:37:03.0 | 1 replies


@loveyouall, who is them :-P?

2016-01-05 13:40:53.0 | 1 replies


@ Undlebe its *they* which Annaliza referred to. uyaphila kodwa Undlebe?

2016-01-05 13:51:49.0 | 2 replies


@loveyouall, usaphila njengosheleni. Wena usaphila?

2016-01-05 13:58:05.0 | 1 replies


Ngiyaphila nami kulo nyaka omusha, ngiyathemba uwadle kahle ma holide akho.

2016-01-05 13:59:52.0 | 1 replies


Ngiwadle kahle kakhulu ngoba sadabulisa amafu igusha ekhaya. Hhawu besifinya ngendololwane.

Unyaka ngathi uqale kabi ngalamadlagusha asibiza izinkawu :-).

2016-01-05 14:05:59.0 | 1 replies


Oh Nkosi yam, y you did not invite me? Ngizofinya ngendololwane nami, uyancishana kodwa. Asingabanaki laba basibiza ngezinkawu vele bayazihlanyela.

2016-01-05 14:09:20.0 | 1 replies


Next time sidabulisa igusha amafu koba iPhasika ngokumema. Amagush awasabizi wena agijima koR1,800 uma ufuna into ebhekile.

Abangazohlanyela la kuthina ngoba lento abayifunayo bazoyithola bazozibona belenga imikhonto :-P.

2016-01-05 14:12:44.0 | 1 replies


hai sekubiza kakhulu ngangcina kuwu R1000.00. Ngizolinda isimemo, ngingalindi kuze kubuye uJesu please. Khona bayasijwayela, iqiniso asiyona indawo yohlanyela. hahaha@ belenga imikhonto

2016-01-05 14:17:30.0 | 1 replies


Khululeka ugcwale ubhavu sizofika isimemo.

2016-01-05 14:28:44.0 | 0 replies


They are busy calling Natalie Cole the son, ayi.

2016-01-05 14:59:30.0 | 0 replies


I will support that, dieman he is good!

2016-01-05 13:23:46.0 | 0 replies


@Somaar i second that

2016-01-05 13:46:40.0 | 0 replies


I think you can now comment on that article - I was able to.

2016-01-05 13:41:23.0 | 1 replies


you comment and then you click report abuse

2016-01-05 13:49:19.0 | 1 replies


O bua kang? I always click report abuse vele with the spam.

2016-01-05 14:21:07.0 | 1 replies


that is why we cannot comment on that article

2016-01-05 14:32:32.0 | 1 replies


You are saying SL blocked comments because I clicked 'report abuse' on my own comment (the only comment is mine). Why would I report my own comment as abusive?
. I think you tried to comment before me. It was open when I commented and still is open.
By the way, every time I see those prophet's comments I report abuse, and that has never blocked me or anyone else from commenting. If there's 6 of those comments, I report each one of them. And everybody can comment after - all day at times.

2016-01-05 14:49:27.0 | 1 replies


confess already!!!

2016-01-05 15:48:58.0 | 0 replies



2016-01-05 13:55:08.0 | 1 replies


I have been telling them but they dont listen.

2016-01-05 14:31:26.0 | 1 replies


telling them ka voice ya botagwa?

2016-01-05 14:32:56.0 | 1 replies


Hey Lanevus414 my friend, hope you had the best holidays. I see in the new year you have'nt changed. As i told you in 2015 will tell you again never tasted alcohol with my mounth.

2016-01-05 14:43:41.0 | 1 replies


then i guess you tasted it with your other mouth

2016-01-05 14:46:56.0 | 1 replies


now i see you were indoors this festive, watching too much TV. A normal human being has only 1 mouth, stop watching movies uzoba confused.

2016-01-05 15:07:49.0 | 1 replies


se ke le confused ka hore le ha o kwetse molomo o jang bohobe ntse ho na le modumo o tswang ho wena

2016-01-05 15:25:51.0 | 0 replies


I also tried to comment and couldn't

2016-01-05 14:24:16.0 | 0 replies


Sick and tired of this racists news, Sowetan we want to talk about genuis Mpho Mokoena not negative things.

2016-01-05 13:12:42.0 | 1 replies


Me too, its been going on for 2days now..akuyonto esizolala siyidlile le

2016-01-05 13:19:52.0 | 1 replies


Exactle Annaliza, worse andifeeli na offended yiyo yonke lento. tshini mabasiyeke ngoku.

2016-01-05 13:26:23.0 | 2 replies


Babenza babe famous abo bantu..nam gal akuthi diki shem

2016-01-05 13:32:40.0 | 0 replies


no loveyouall...its not about you personally, a lot of ppl feel offended and rightly so are talking about these issues which are holding back our progress to make this country the best it should be...

2016-01-05 13:41:47.0 | 1 replies


I here you somaartakeit but is this worthy to be on front page for 2 days? mna i dont believe to concentrate too much on negativity. If one calls you a *monkey* nawe mbize *Mpundulu* if she apologies you do the same and continue with life. LOL

2016-01-05 13:54:37.0 | 1 replies


we also must not fear tackling our challenges cause from talking about them for as long as its necessary can we honestly say, we've tried...but I get you, its normally too early in the year to be having this fight, but thsi fight was imposed on us, so we must handle it...

2016-01-05 14:15:11.0 | 0 replies


Although I do believe that it is about time that hate-speak be treated as the heinous crime that it undoubtedly is, all this knee-jerk fadmarole becomes a bit meaningless when placed in a context of trying to gain a particular profile.

2016-01-05 13:14:22.0 | 2 replies


wena number 1 racist

2016-01-05 13:17:34.0 | 1 replies



2016-01-05 13:35:00.0 | 1 replies


fokof terug reker gesig

2016-01-05 13:50:54.0 | 1 replies



2016-01-05 13:55:49.0 | 1 replies


mission accomplished *thithinting my hands*

2016-01-05 14:11:03.0 | 0 replies


I think these so called high profile ppl should open a fund where when such cases are resolved and perps fined the money can be used on educational programs aimed and eradicating racism, and awareness of how such actions are hindering our race relations adn reconciliation efforts as a nation, and penny sparrow and co should be one of the first ppl takign part in such programs, cause she needs enlightenment,

2016-01-05 13:19:02.0 | 3 replies


Now this is a GREAT idea!!!!!

2016-01-05 13:35:34.0 | 0 replies


I agree they should be fined. I doubt they can learn not to hate though - they haven't done it in 21 years (I meant the racists, of course).

2016-01-05 13:38:57.0 | 1 replies


we could hope to save the children from this bigotry, so that they can learn to live in the diverse communities, Penny is old there's not a lot that can be done to cure her racist mind and heart, but we can put things right for the young ppl cause they have to fix and live in the mess the Penny's of this world leave behind in their selfish way of life,

2016-01-05 13:45:24.0 | 2 replies


Indeed again. We see here clearly that the dream we had of a truly free, non-racial society in SA is a long way off. It is up to us idealistic parents to instill decent values that avoid hatred and discrimination of any kind in our children. I ,like to believe that I have been successful in this with my children, but alas, it seems that even their generation is going to be bearing the burden of our forefathers' insanity for some time yet. The liberation I envisaged with the fall of Apartheid is still a long way off when our nation still allows itself to be crucified by these insane positions.

2016-01-05 13:59:55.0 | 0 replies


I agree with you. It will send the message that this is not acceptable. And help all of us heal - justice helps with healing. And if we know that perpetrators are dealt with, we will not see (or attribute) racism in (to) every white person we come across. Race relation can only improve - or at least we hope so.

2016-01-05 14:00:21.0 | 1 replies


Or "black person">>>>>

2016-01-05 14:23:45.0 | 2 replies
2016-01-05 14:28:13.0 | 0 replies
2016-01-05 14:28:36.0 | 0 replies


Somaa great idea.

2016-01-05 14:32:28.0 | 0 replies


This is very interesting even Duncan Mcleod a tech journalist.

2016-01-05 13:15:53.0 | 0 replies


Kikiki and Jimmy Manyi is also there umsangano kelo

2016-01-05 13:29:54.0 | 1 replies


LOL khange ndiyijonge kak'hle le pic now that you mention lol

2016-01-05 13:46:01.0 | 0 replies


It seems that an awful lot of people were drinking and typing shiit this year! It is good to name, shame and let it be known that it is simply not socially acceptable to be an arsehole!

2016-01-05 13:30:14.0 | 0 replies


Is this a criminal case or a human right violations which qualifies for Human Rights Comm issue

2016-01-05 13:34:19.0 | 2 replies


I think the real importance of this action is that our constitution is being put to the test on this very damaging matter.

2016-01-05 13:36:38.0 | 1 replies


Now your eyes and brain is open on all what I always write about and you insist saying Im racist. A big research I give you do an investigation why white parents move their children immediately black parents enrol their children in the same school, why?

2016-01-05 13:45:29.0 | 1 replies


Setting aside my distaste in talking to you for five minutes, can't you see that your very statement here and the underlying assumptions are as deeply racially divisive as any comments made by these stupid fools? I can't answer your question, because it is based on a bullshit perception steeped in racism. And now I'm out again. I have resolved NOT TO ALLOW the racist insanity more and more prevalent in what was once a decent platform for decent discussion get into my consciousness any more. I am not prepared to be drawn into the stinking mire of racism that so many seem to find attractive.

2016-01-05 14:03:50.0 | 0 replies


@Dandan, according to Mr Maseko an attorney I listened to last night on Radio 702, this is more a human rights violation case and would be referred to the SAHRC.

2016-01-05 13:38:54.0 | 1 replies


True, all of the has been on the pictures are trying to seek attention. I heard ANC is also going to open a criminal case. Didn't one guy called Mashaba open the same case in Gauteng.

2016-01-05 13:45:04.0 | 2 replies


they already have...wish they were as enthusiastic about opening cases even when perps are from anc instead of defending those in the anc who transgress against us...

2016-01-05 13:47:18.0 | 0 replies


Gwede Mantashe abitor says I heard ANC is also.... Kante is Gwede not a decision maker in ANC where he should say We the ANC are going... @thenextpresidentofSA

2016-01-05 14:55:40.0 | 1 replies


@Moratha, like the humour. You always has that like your avatar.

2016-01-05 15:22:30.0 | 0 replies


and Steve Hofmeyer is still left alone. yah neh??

2016-01-05 13:35:45.0 | 1 replies


Give it time, my dear racist friend. Who knows, next may even be someone like you.

2016-01-05 13:37:31.0 | 1 replies


Someone should open a case against Sbu for calling Limpopo people dibari.

2016-01-05 13:43:15.0 | 1 replies


I know in Soweto guys will say 'le bari' meaning this guy. So Bari is not always meant to offend. My question to you though is this - why are taking so much offense (that is, even if he meant they are stupid). This is the third time I have seen you referring to it. Do you value his opinion that much?

2016-01-05 13:54:34.0 | 1 replies


@kupe, my feelings to something are not exactly the same as you.Please remind me of the first and second. I take no offence on Sbu as a person, but his reactionary tendencies of miasmatic insolence , the apparent facade of people like Sbu obscurely ornamented with deceit, parades ignobly brutish at the periphery of engagement with the astute. The inhibition of being prone to dilapidation through gratuitous advancement, is assuaged by solace of arbitrary brook, of perpetual research hence capacitation.

2016-01-05 14:09:06.0 | 3 replies


you're just jealous of Sbu's entrepreneurial spirit, and now you want to try derail him by opening a case over a feeble insult which if you were a man enough should be able to get over it, as Kupe said being called Bari is not often an offence, yesterday you were defending racists here, and now you are offended by a non offensive remark? Get your priorities right wena,

2016-01-05 14:23:26.0 | 2 replies


@somaar, you should have comprehended when reading my comment. I hold no qualms with Sbu as a person. Just like Penny Sparrow and the list of racists that are talked about here and cases of criminality opened against them. I take mental offence when imbeciles parachuted themselves on social media to gain popularity status. Sbu has also that reactionary tendencies hence myopic scatology he often do.

2016-01-05 14:34:03.0 | 1 replies


anyway Sbu is an ordinary person not a public figure and is hassling for his business, so I don't quite understand what your beef with him is, and just maybe if you limpopo guys didn't have your local gov put under administration just maybe nobody will have to call you baris who cant' run business, but settle down, cause your limpopo boy Malema is getting his act together for you guys, so its one for you, chillax yeah lol

2016-01-05 14:51:24.0 | 0 replies


@somaar i am the only @NextPresidentOfSA, if you confuse me with another person then duno. i cannot do anything with that, it will be your views of which i will understand but not agree with. And for the record, we need to treat a tomato as a tomato. If the words " Bari ya limpopo " offend me, know that i am not you , and i have my own feelings.

2016-01-05 14:38:46.0 | 1 replies


okay I accept that you may have been offended by his remarks but that is so feeble to threaten legal action really there are bigger and better things to spend yoru time on, no?

2016-01-05 14:54:57.0 | 1 replies


Thanks @somaar, am glad you understand my feelings regarding the bari view, even though you do not agree.

2016-01-05 15:15:51.0 | 0 replies


Ijo, Sekgowa se se kana! when SL reported he had lost his sabc 1 gig and when they reported he was broke you said it was because of what he said about Limpopo guys. When the man was down ...

2016-01-05 14:26:06.0 | 0 replies


"but his reactionary tendencies of miasmatic insolence , the apparent facade of people like Sbu obscurely ornamented with deceit, parades ignobly brutish at the periphery of engagement with the astute. The inhibition of being prone to dilapidation through gratuitous advancement, is assuaged by solace of arbitrary brook, of perpetual research hence capacitation."OMG , didn't even understand any word, indeed you will be the next president

2016-01-05 14:41:23.0 | 4 replies


LOVL just as I was about to ask you to please translate this in a layman english LOL this @president person jeer lol

2016-01-05 14:52:39.0 | 0 replies


I thought Mbalula for one minute.

2016-01-05 14:53:04.0 | 1 replies


@Kupe, Mbalula cannot speak like that.

2016-01-05 14:54:45.0 | 0 replies


talking to himself cause most ppl will not know what he is talking about. lol

2016-01-05 14:53:40.0 | 1 replies


@somaar, since wena o hlaologanya gore ke reng, nkgane o sa e beye ka sekgowa se boletanyana?

2016-01-05 14:55:45.0 | 1 replies


waring? waphapha kudu kudu lol

2016-01-05 15:38:19.0 | 1 replies


Aowa @somaar, nna ke pheliphethiyana ya kgabagare? Tjo! Dinoko dintswetje ye gomme e ka rarolwa ke banna ka dijase.

2016-01-05 15:44:06.0 | 0 replies
2016-01-05 14:53:58.0 | 1 replies


how long did you take to realise your penny is DA ?

2016-01-05 16:16:39.0 | 0 replies


i wonder how would it feel to you RobinX to be called a 'monkey allowed to be released on New year's Day...'. But i want to tell you that black people are here to stay. Racists can go to Europe, Holland ...or where ever. "monkeys" will stay

2016-01-05 13:45:46.0 | 2 replies



2016-01-05 14:04:52.0 | 0 replies


I agree on crucifying this person with the monkey comment but where are all the black objections to racist remarks made daily against other race groups?

2016-01-05 14:19:44.0 | 1 replies
2016-01-05 14:24:38.0 | 0 replies


I just don't understand how one can sail his ship on some foreign shores and find the land inhabited, then turn around and say the rightful owners of the land are not allowed on the shores???? Well done Mpho, salute boy!!

2016-01-05 13:53:47.0 | 3 replies


Comeback, so you see and hear dead people too?

2016-01-05 14:13:37.0 | 0 replies


LOL they are drunk with arrogance some of these ppl, cause we let them get away with apartheid crimes against us, cause we are trying very hard to 'get along' with ppl who clearly want to undermine us,

2016-01-05 14:25:20.0 | 0 replies


Maybe the same way you can just walk from one end of the continent to the other, find the land is inhabited, then chase those inhabitants off with spears and pretend that you have always been the ones to live there.

2016-01-05 14:31:26.0 | 1 replies


Can these prominent people bring our land back or they just need attention . What is that that they can do to change all this .

2016-01-05 14:59:13.0 | 0 replies