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Justin van Vuuren loses Futurelife sponsorship

By Londiwe Dlomo | Jan 05, 2016 |

Justin van Vuuren was little known before Sunday 3rd January 2016. 

That is until he posted  that black people were 'animals’ and should ‘go back where they came from’ on his facebook page.

He later apologised.

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It has since emerged that van Vuuren has a mobile gym business in Durban called FATTRUCKSA. Due to the alerts of enraged social media users, a number of his business sponsors were revealed, one of them being FutureLife.

FutureLife has announced that it has decided to ‘disassociate’ itself from the business and have condemned van Vuuren's utterances.

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SowetanLIVE contacted FutureLife to clarify what disassociating from vanVurren’s business entailed. 

David Sweidan, Marketing Manager of FutureLife stated that they are no longer sponsoring and will no longer be associated with the FATTRUCKSA brand.  

Van Vuuren is one of three people that has raised the ire of the public in SA with their racial social media posts.

UPDATE:Here is the full statement from FutureLife:

Dear Futurelife Consumers and fellow South Africans

Thank you for your engagement with our brand and for giving us the opportunity to respond.

Just to set the record straight - we would like to clarify upfront that the person in question was not employed by Futurelife and nor was he directly one of our sponsored athletes or associates. Our relationship only extended to the supply of free product to his business FatTruckSA.

Nevertheless upon hearing that this gentleman had posted racist remarks, we had already taken action yesterday 4th January 2016 by telephonically calling him and terminating his supply of free product and association to FatTruckSA.

We would like to take this opportunity to further reiterate that we do not condone racist behaviour of any sort from anyone and will immediately distance ourselves from anyone or organisation who behaves in an inappropriate or disrespectful manner.

Perhaps we can end our reply by saying that Futurelife is a proudly South African company that was started 8 years ago with the aim of helping the poor by providing a nutritious meal that was affordable to all and only required water to be added. We have from day one provided free food to many disadvantaged communities and continue to do so today.

We hope that we can collectively purge such behaviour from our society and work towards living together in true unity as a Rainbow nation.

Healthy Regards