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OPINION: Readiness by families and schools critical to education

School readiness is a contested and emotional term..

By Sowetan LIVE | 2014-08-29 10:10:46.0 | COMMENTS [ 90 ]

The controversial Rabboni Centre Ministries is once again the main topic on social media after pictures of a Pastor stepping on church goers emerged.


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Then people wonder why I think religion is stupid!

2014-08-29 10:23:19.0 | 3 replies


lady that's why you must follow Jesus and not religion hey

2014-08-29 10:36:31.0 | 7 replies
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the people need to learn that everything and everyword preached in the church need to be confirmed by the bible. if you do not meditate on the word and you rely on the preacher then you will be used. my advice to all the people no matter how powerfull is the pastor test what he is teaching you, i will listen on the radio!

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Hate to break the news to you but, the christian church is based on Jesus.

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Believing in "Jesus" and seeing the need to be "saved" for some reason, IS RELIGION! Jehova=Christian God only

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Hai suka! Jesus wani? You should follow God your creator and cut the middle man. uJesu passed away cos he was a man and God lives forever and ever amen. Why speak to the spirit of the son when you can communicate directly with the father himself? As for pastors, reverends, preachers, deacons I really don't know what is their business.

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I'm with you lapho Mapholoba. I say, follow the creator.

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That's a good one Candra. but I can't believe that people can go through such things just to be next to God, dont they read their bibles? you've got to accept Jesus as your saviour to be able to go to heaven. not eat grass and let someone jump on you. jerrrrrrr

2014-08-29 13:53:43.0 | 0 replies


@Candra, Amen!!

2014-09-01 10:32:56.0 | 0 replies


Religion is not the problem. Cults are. Faith is practiced in religion, the same way tradition is practiced in culture. This pastor here, has started a cult.

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Wena Momma C umhedeni :-)

2014-08-29 13:32:18.0 | 1 replies
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Banyathele mfundisi banamademon

2014-08-29 10:24:51.0 | 2 replies


Uyadakwa lomfundisi idemon liphethe yena

2014-08-29 10:58:00.0 | 2 replies


i don't know what to believe in anymore, Mboro, Sono, Kotu etc

2014-08-29 11:21:40.0 | 1 replies


believe in God and leave the rest

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Hawu! Sewaba umhedeni nawe mngani?

2014-08-29 13:33:11.0 | 1 replies


Hai mngani uyangicasula lomfundisi, uyazi labantu bazobebakhala ngamaqolo uma sebegugile kanti babevuma ukugibelwa indoda endala nje.

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♫ ♬ Sizowanyatheeeela, yebo nkosi yam....sizowanyathela! sizowanyathela amadimoni, yebooo nkosi yam....sizowanyathela♫ ♬. Ewu amadoda kwaze kwa monandi esontweni.

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Oe nee wat gaan hier aan.. are these people slain in the spirit that they cant feel anything or what

2014-08-29 10:26:22.0 | 1 replies


I have been trying to figure out what is going on in that avatar of yours. Care to explain?

2014-08-29 12:16:45.0 | 1 replies


what avater dear?

2014-08-29 16:08:16.0 | 0 replies


I blame whites for bringing this stupid religion to Africa. My brothers and sisters are suffering because of whites.#smh

2014-08-29 10:26:23.0 | 3 replies


Tjo but these strange people will believe and do anything. That must be why we have so many Zuptas and Jujus on this continent.

2014-08-29 10:29:57.0 | 0 replies


ba rata dilo ene gagolo ke meleko ye ya basadi aba-fe!!!!

2014-08-29 10:32:56.0 | 0 replies


Don't blame whites blame poor thinking

2014-08-29 11:34:34.0 | 0 replies


Kgele mannyeo.

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Zuptanoids and thiEFFS. They love being stepped on. Perverts.

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all in the name of religion, ai maaan fokofpolisiekar

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Try and jump on me in church i`ll bliksm you ka mao!!! I simply conversate with my Creator in private....If it works for them good but i think this is extreme stuff!! Do they feel anything mara..

2014-08-29 10:32:41.0 | 0 replies


Next time he must shoot them

2014-08-29 10:34:02.0 | 2 replies


LMAO...Dankie Vendalekker Thanda zinto labantu ..

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I am sure they will not feel a thing.

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These pastors must be arrested,you cannt step on women like during their month.

2014-08-29 10:34:21.0 | 1 replies


These pastors must be arrested,you cannt step on women like THIS during their month.

2014-08-29 10:36:13.0 | 1 replies


basadi ke meleko samma

2014-08-29 10:39:11.0 | 1 replies


They are very easy to be deceived neh!.

2014-08-29 11:21:24.0 | 0 replies


das y we hv lot of women in sa sum of dem r there to woship santane n is targgeting dem, basadi ba sennje lefase la modimo

2014-08-29 10:36:18.0 | 0 replies


why are people so stupid mara..?

2014-08-29 10:38:19.0 | 0 replies


one thing i dont get in church,Is the Cameraman hired or part of the see all sorts of pictures like people falling when Pastor is praying on them.....these cameramen are not touched by the Holly Spirit bringing down the whole congregation.

2014-08-29 10:41:39.0 | 0 replies


There are charlatans everywhere in every corner of our society. I have yet to understand why there's big hullabaloo when a charlatan poses as a Christian. In SA, for instance, even Number 1 is a charlatan that masquerades as a President. The Bible also warns Christians in Mat 24:3-5,10-11 (NIV) ... "Watch out that no one deceives you, for many will come in my name,.. At that time many will turn away from the faith... and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people."

2014-08-29 10:43:15.0 | 0 replies


South Africans..... we so used to abuse its amazing what we allow people to abuse us like that..

2014-08-29 10:44:26.0 | 0 replies


This confirms why i hate going to avoid this madness...

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Why is Human rights activists and council of churches quite about this? Why can’t people just gather and study the Bible properly and stop embarrassing themselves like this?

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Oh thank you Candra....!

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I am a believer, and I believe in Jesus. there is no way I would go to church and allow someone to make me do something that is questionable and strange, no way I would let anyone jump on me. I am a Christian...! and a proud one, IN JESUS NAME.

2014-08-29 10:57:53.0 | 1 replies


Jumping on people is not in the Bible as well. Those idiots and their so-called Pastor are giving Christianity a bad name. Perhaps it's their intention

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Umfundisi unyathela amadimoni.

2014-08-29 11:12:22.0 | 0 replies


he madoda!!!!!!!I wish he could break their spine and finish the whole congregation.

2014-08-29 11:25:04.0 | 0 replies


That is why I dont see any reason to attend a church, I stopped going there a long time ago. people have become so blind and so depended that they will believe whatever crazy thing they are told especially women are the one's who fall victim of such things. These pastors will convince the congregation that the spirit instructed them to do whatever and if you somehow question that you are considered disobedient or rebelious to the spirit.I pray to my God anywhere and anytime I want, I dont need anyone to translate that in their own way.

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Before he shoot them, he must break their spine first.

2014-08-29 11:32:12.0 | 0 replies


if heaven and hell exist then there will be lot of christian going to hell

2014-08-29 11:33:06.0 | 1 replies


That is true. Jesus says, "Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?' Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!'

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Why these kind of people dont go to the whites so they break them ribs too,they as well need to be heal and receive Jesus as the lord and saviour.

2014-08-29 11:38:03.0 | 0 replies


And majority of people going to these Churches are women, what is wrong with our Ladies, eat grass, you agree, sleep you agree, open your legs you agree, what is wrong? Men, Real Men must standup and stop this abuse of women

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bhwahahaha...I just thought of that kirk franklin song...STOMP!!!

2014-08-29 11:43:25.0 | 0 replies


I feel sorry for the tiny little kids laying fragile on the floor, that huge man will crush their fragile bodies, their parents shld be arrested for child abuse.

2014-08-29 11:46:10.0 | 0 replies


Phuma sathane Phuma sathane Phuma sathane

2014-08-29 11:53:23.0 | 0 replies


Where is this Church in Soweto?

2014-08-29 11:54:15.0 | 1 replies
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You only have to say you are a pastor and that you can speak in "tongues" and that G_d or Jesus speaks to you and stupid people will do whatever you ask them to do.

2014-08-29 12:08:14.0 | 1 replies


You will find that, people have a reached a point of desperation thus making them ripe exploitation, that coupled with naivette, cause if they read their scripts they all should knwo that the Bible talks of 'fake Gods' or charlatans, this kind of churches reminds me of a card gamble, do you know those guys they used to be in JHB downtown a lot play card game and conning ppl of their money and belongings?

2014-08-29 12:14:19.0 | 0 replies


These 'sleeping' people will get their spines broken. These pastors are the ones who give Christianity a bad name.

2014-08-29 12:15:09.0 | 0 replies


That's wat u get for being lured to a church with a fancy English name with people talking in English calling themselves Pastors. I'm sticking to my old time churches i.e Topiya; Wesele; Postola; Fora; Emi etc. Trap hulle pastor!!!

2014-08-29 12:19:33.0 | 1 replies


No Tabeya there are churhes using indigenous lingos exploiting ppl in SA Mboro church springs to mind, the problem here is ppl should stop and think esp if activities will affect their children who depend on them to exercise a good judgement for their wellbeing.

2014-08-29 12:24:28.0 | 0 replies


I once saw another one on Youtube. Please go to Youtube and search "pastor running on money" or "You call this the gospel". Those 2 guys were running on the money and making noise, "huuu, huuu, huuu. I put some anointing on this money, huuu, huuu". Ridiculous stuff I tell you. I was ashamed to see that. The women mostly, (just to throw the gender to tickle the feminists) were the ones who went to the front to give more money.

2014-08-29 12:34:08.0 | 2 replies


LOL @ throwing gender to tickle... and boy you will tickle us, you knwo how sensitive we are about this, women tend to be naive when it comes to issues of financial management, even marketing targets mainly us, cause we buy even things we don't need...

2014-08-29 13:13:20.0 | 0 replies


shocked I checked the vid just for the sheer hell of it, I never expected to see something like that OMG I am shocked for life now, Shredder and I blame you, how do you find vids like that, lol

2014-08-29 13:19:48.0 | 1 replies


LOL. Did you see that? I couldn't believe it myself. That's madness. I saw 2 vids, one is running on money and the other one is dancing on it.

2014-08-29 13:48:07.0 | 0 replies


my people parish cause of lack of knowledge

2014-08-29 12:34:40.0 | 0 replies



2014-08-29 12:38:33.0 | 2 replies


mara wena amalips akho, eish! Futhi ngiyabona, you are the intelligent type.

2014-08-29 12:46:33.0 | 1 replies


Yekela ukurarhala wena Pawu pawu

2014-08-29 12:57:51.0 | 0 replies


@Charloza Struu

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I know now that this is true, that religion attracts psychotic people. Be they followers or leaders. And this cuts across all religions.

2014-08-29 12:42:01.0 | 0 replies


Blacks are very gullible, I tell. And for your information, whites used the bible to rob us of our land. The bible was written by a man not by the Holy Spirit, hence it’s so easy for anyone to manipulate it or use it to his/her advantage. It is only the Ten Commandments that are scripted by the lighting which we hardly take notice of anymore.

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Pastor's massage.

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You see women always belive everything

2014-08-29 13:46:22.0 | 1 replies


they also believe you

2014-08-29 14:09:39.0 | 0 replies


But people did you see the height at which this guy is at? He will definitely break someone's back.

2014-08-29 13:50:57.0 | 0 replies


i will open mine soon. "Dkok church of miracles"

2014-08-29 13:54:02.0 | 0 replies


Jesus was persecuted and hated by those who knew the scriptures very well. They looked for any opportunity to throw stones or get him killed. And this is the exact same thing that is happening to the Ps Lesego. I am not surprised. Jesus said "the world will persecute but bless them. they will hate you but love them". I am not critical of anyone's comments on this platform or even the writer of the story. But I pray that God Almighty will illuminate our hearts & spirits to come to the full knowledge of Christ. And I'm sure that Ps Lesego also loves you and blesses you wherever he is. Let's operate by love in whatever we do or say. ZIBAAH.

2014-08-29 13:54:18.0 | 2 replies


He will break their spines bro

2014-08-29 14:22:47.0 | 0 replies


He will break their spines bro/sister

2014-08-29 14:23:25.0 | 0 replies


These bazalwane pastors just want to be whipped,that's humiliation.

2014-08-29 15:10:27.0 | 2 replies
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Katakata - O nale ho e bala beibele ntjamme? O kile wa bala mo ereng "God is not the author of confusion" mo hong ere "everything must be done in order"?

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women are problems,they lyk money and sex i don't knw y they trust men, they are stupids maan sies lere segisa ka batho

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