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Semitjie was not given any legal or financial support from the SA Police Service, provincial government, or the Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union, even though the accident happened during working hours.


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I don't think Thomas Ferreira is feeling terribly chipper about the incident either!

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Love the understatement, MC.

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So what? Are we supposed to feel sorry for this chump who with his recklessness severely injured someone. "Following instructions" my foot. He abused his blue light and hit a kid! Who exactly told him to do that?

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he's lying, when they cut through traffic they don't care about fellow road users who actually pays for their petrol, I once lost a tire due to this morons, I didn't realise how many cars on their convoy and the idiots thought I am blocking their boss, and they didn't stop to assist me change the wheel yet they saw what happened.

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I actually believe this guy. He just did what he was told. If Mmezi had said "slow down and be careful" this would not have happened. Its a typical ZANC trick to let the big pig walk and the little one swing. Soemtimes the little one gets a big job as reward if he knows too much like Bruce No2 Kolonane . Sometimes he just pays with his life like the soldiers in CAR or his health like this guy.

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Why do our public administrators need blue lights? Scrap the blue lights it is a privilege that makes them believe they are more important than they are and it breeds the arrogance we are seeing in government!

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Psychologist Carl de Jager told the court that Joseph Motsamai Semitjie was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, insomnia, and had suicidal thoughts.******************* let him commit suicide these blue lights are nothing but a pain in the a$$, Western Cape is lucky not to have these devils

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But we do when poohlement is in session here. Not as many though, but they make their share of kak here too.

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I thought even him does not use blue lights there but atlease maybe he is there 3 or 4 times a month

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WHo are you talking about.

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maybe blue lights

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I thought u said when Zupta visit Cape Town

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Get with the program mgijimi - that blackberry giving you problems again?

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I do not think his depression can be compared to what Thomas Ferreira suffered/suffering. I followed the story and it was heart-breaking to watch that teen and his family trying to mend things without help from the perpetrators.

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ANd they stalled and stalled. It was shocking.

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