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The boy with the 13kg hands that are bigger than his head

By Sowetan LIVE | 2014-08-20 10:02:23.0 | COMMENTS [ 34 ]

An eight-year-old boy has left doctors baffled after his hands swelled to giant proportions and now weigh around 12.7kg.

Young Kaleem, from India, is unable to carry out simple tasks, including tying his own shoe laces, after he was born with hands twice the size of an average baby.


Picture Credit: Youtube photo report

According to Mail Online, his mother Haleema, 27, said she knew he was different at birth but was powerless to help and the youngster's hands have now grown so large they measure 13 inches from the base of his palm to the end of his middle finger.

The boy has been bullied, shunned and even beaten because of his hands.

"But I don't know if I want doctors to operate on my hands. They would have to make me unconscious and then they would cut me open," said Kaleem

Kaleem's other siblings do not suffer from the same condition.


Picture Credit: Youtube photo report

His parents do not earn enough money for proper medical testing and treatment

Doctors speculate that he has Lymphangioma or hamartoma  but can't be certain without conducting genetic testing as the condition is extremely rare.

If it is found to be Lymphangioma or hamartoma, then treatment is possible.

Apart from his large hands, Kaleem, is in good health

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Duangjai Samaksamarn, from Thailand, has been given the crown of having the world's largest hands, by Ripley's Believe it or Not.

It appears that attempts at medical intervention have so far been botched.

No one realized that her oversized hands and arms were caused by a hormone imbalance. Hoping to right the wrong, she had two operations, one when she was 25 and another 5 years later. The operations proved to be disastrous. Instead of stopping the growth, they activated the cells causing the arms and hands to grow even larger.

She seems to be getting on with her life but her hands now weigh 10 kilograms.



SOURCES: Mail Online,


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eish...there are many cases like this in India

2014-08-20 10:13:27.0 | 1 replies
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This is f**cked up.......Lord have mercy

2014-08-20 10:14:12.0 | 2 replies


Hola bokakisto

2014-08-20 10:50:36.0 | 0 replies


Your avatar baba... have mercy on us Joe.

2014-08-20 13:06:31.0 | 0 replies


These are some of the things that make one appreciate the problems they have. Some people have it rough out there. Lord have mercy

2014-08-20 10:18:14.0 | 2 replies


Dissappearing Act , I love that guy on your profile pic. Where can I get him kodwa nkosi yami.

2014-08-20 11:18:01.0 | 0 replies


What is his name the guy on your profile picture , I want to google him.

2014-08-20 11:34:53.0 | 1 replies


Rooi Mahamutsa dear

2014-08-20 11:48:20.0 | 1 replies


Thanks girl will check him now. Yooh dont know why I love this guy kangaka , I dont even know him. he looks like a humble person. I love that about him.

2014-08-20 12:03:17.0 | 2 replies


Pity udlalela iPirates if ubedlalela iChiefs bengizokuseta girl.

2014-08-20 12:09:45.0 | 1 replies


Eish my loss then , mara I hope he reads these comments yazi.

2014-08-20 12:42:07.0 | 0 replies


humble?, the guy is barbaric

2014-08-20 12:37:36.0 | 1 replies


Really Tsietsi , do u know him personally. Mina I am in love kakhulu futhi. Rooi , i hope u reading this.

2014-08-20 12:41:28.0 | 0 replies


most insane deforminities always or mostly from India,

2014-08-20 10:25:19.0 | 0 replies


Isandla sifana nento emnandi engenagama

2014-08-20 10:34:18.0 | 0 replies


A wish old man(not Robinx) once told me that you should not mess up with Indian when it comes to witchcraft.

2014-08-20 10:34:19.0 | 0 replies


I know some horny bloggers like Home-wrecker are craving to be finger f@cked by those gigantic fingers

2014-08-20 10:39:30.0 | 2 replies
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LOL, they are really penis size. So it's true women like guys with big hands?

2014-08-20 10:47:30.0 | 0 replies


Only in India, eish *head-shake*

2014-08-20 10:40:23.0 | 0 replies


May his soul rest in peace

2014-08-20 10:56:42.0 | 1 replies


Hai bo is he dead kanti?

2014-08-20 11:14:03.0 | 1 replies


No Chunku he is not dead, but you cannot have peace in your life being like that, with all the staring and being ostracized! Shame, he can't have a normal life!

2014-08-20 11:48:04.0 | 1 replies
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2014-08-20 11:32:15.0 | 1 replies


lol... OH God.

2014-08-20 13:43:25.0 | 0 replies


In some cases it is a result of incest.

2014-08-20 12:09:59.0 | 1 replies


they should migrate all Limpopo origins who r staying that side- this cant be a coincidence

2014-08-20 12:43:02.0 | 0 replies