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Eskom has eyes on regional power

By Sapa | 2014-05-13 12:10:20.0 | COMMENTS [ 6 ]

"No country or area should be without power because of local energy shortages."

Eskom has its eyes on ensuring sub-Saharan Africa is connected to a power grid, an official said on Tuesday.

"We hope to have an integrated southern electrical grid running by 2020, to 260 million people in the region," Eskom group transmission executive Mongezi Ntsokolo told delegates at the African Utility Week in Cape Town.

"No country or area should be without power because of local energy shortages."

He said countries in the southern power pool were building high-voltage transmission links, which would ensure electricity was transferred quickly and effectively.

Ntsokolo was speaking in the place of acting Eskom CEO Collin Matjila, who had been billed to open the conference. He spoke briefly on the progress being made with renewable energy locally.

To date, Eskom had erected seven of the planned 46 turbines at its wind farm in the Western Cape and was developing a concentrated solar farm in the Northern Cape. It would provide a combined average of 200MW to the grid.

Ntsokolo said Eskom supported government's renewable energy programme and had started buying from private power producers ahead of schedule.

"The more of this power we add to this regional grid, the greener our energy mix will become."

The conference would end with site visits on Thursday, including the Koeberg nuclear power station near Cape Town.



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Eskom each and every year you change CEO's thy say the same thing over and over and yet people still go without the stats this winter and see how many victims have burned because of power shortage

2014-05-13 12:17:07.0 | 1 replies


YOu cannot export electricity unless we have huge reserves of coal to such an extent that it will last until the end of the world. Solar energy is just a small percentage and the countries can do their own.

2014-05-13 13:24:41.0 | 0 replies


Don't beat around the bushes, just say it. You mean 25% increase in tariffs for the next 4 years.akere?

2014-05-13 12:19:34.0 | 0 replies


Just make sure the rest of sub sahara Africa pays for their electricity otherwise it wil again be the long suffering SA taxpayer that has to foot the bill

2014-05-13 12:26:11.0 | 0 replies


ummm - you can't keep the flippin electricity on in one country, how are you going to do it for the whole of subsaharan Africa?

2014-05-13 12:38:55.0 | 0 replies
2014-05-13 13:16:50.0 | 0 replies