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Pupil in court for burglary and nude pics

By Sapa | 2013-11-07 09:47:23.0 | COMMENTS [ 51 ]

A matric pupil from Hoerskool Jeugland in Kempton Park appeared in court after he allegedly broke into the school and left nude photos of himself on a teacher's desk, Beeld reported on Thursday.

The 18-year-old boy allegedly broke into the school in September.

He was arrested on Tuesday and released on bail.

On Wednesday, he appeared in the Kempton Park Magistrate's Court on a burglary charge.

A charge of crimen injuria in connection with the nude images was added to the burglary charge.

It was not known if anything was stolen during the break-in at the school.

Magistrate Prince Manyathi postponed the case to next month for further investigation.

The pupil's lawyer Andre Swanepoel told the paper that his client would continue with his matric exams.


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meneer jy is mal. jy het jour knobb kerrie gelos.

deep deep irony! lol. i can imagine you saying that with an Afrikaans accent...."diep diep ironie."

you really need to dig deeper in other to correct yourself. just goes to show you are a suicide bomber and you just blew yourself.

nx! amabhono!

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Sophisticated. I am actually green with purple spots.
luister hier my broer as jys groen of swart of wit....ek stem saam met jou

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This kid is acting out, and if the so called "restorative justice" existed, we would not be reading about such crap...

By the way, arresting him and subjecting him to the pathetic criminal justice system will serve what purpose exactly?

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No, we don't need to imitate your ways at all. We all have our own oddities. Nothing under the sun is new

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we do b0nk livestock and r@pe the magogos but we are BLACK remember? This how we are made of BUT seeing Afrika@ners immitating our ways p!sses me off. Why dont they come up with their own thing?

The only good that Afrika@ners perfected was apartheid. The best system ever...

LOL. hayi, I give up!!

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Wait till Robin see your comment.

LMAO you kill me dawg. Ofcourse we know Robin's reactions on these kind of comments and one thing you must be damn certain about is that you must be prepared to be sweared at LOL.

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Sophisticated. I am actually green with purple spots.

Mapholobakay: Pfffft!

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if its PERVETED, it is white.

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sorry oldlady, that was intended for Momma.

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how do we know he is white?
how do you know robinx is white?

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how do we know he is white?

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