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Jail for fake graduates

University and college graduates, artisans and matriculants with fake qualifications will face fraud.

Mom beats up daughter raped by dad

By Sibongile Mashaba Mpumalanga Correspondent | 2013-10-22 09:32:07.0 | COMMENTS [ 67 ]

IN YET another shocking case of child abuse, an Mpumalanga mother is accused of beating up her daughter after she allegedly caught her husband raping the child.

A relative said the incident happened at the 12-year-old girl's home in Croquetlawn, Bushbuckridge, on Monday last week.

The man is the child's stepfather.

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2013-10-23 08:31:45.0 | 0 replies


Genuine? Your peniis is the only thing you can think about whilst reading this story? No wonder our rape statistics are through the roof when men think that rape is some kind of acceptable form of punitive punishment :(

2013-10-22 13:00:02.0 | 0 replies

The mother deserves to be gang r@ped day & night for what she did to this poor child, faken evil woman

It doesn't help to solve a problem with a problem. Whose gonna look after that child while her mother is being raped day & night. hayi khona

2013-10-22 12:56:17.0 | 0 replies


The Diepsloot case wouldn't result in a hanging anyhow. He confessed. They don't hang you if you confess as that tends to cut down on the confession rates.

I do agree that conclusive proof should result in a hanging. The problem is that our cops are not exactly trusted to not manufacture that proof (remember that guy who was accused on the basis of a fingerprint and it had been planted?) or to keep a secure chain of security (remember the Yengeni (was it?) blood sample that was in the station commander's desk for three days?).

Until such time as our justice system is closer to 'just', it is difficult to support the death penalty. The poor sod who is too poor to get his own forensic team (let alone his own council) will be the only one to swing. His guilt or innocence will be quite irrelevant

2013-10-22 12:52:47.0 | 0 replies

do killing urself

2013-10-22 12:50:38.0 | 0 replies

If there is overwhelming evidence against a person there no reason they should not hanged. The Diepsloot case is an example. People who commit such horrific crimes know that the worse that could happen is to go to jail. The death sentence will instill fear into people not do such things.

2013-10-22 12:44:38.0 | 0 replies

What the hell is going on in this world mara... This is madness nje..

2013-10-22 12:39:23.0 | 0 replies

The mother deserves to be gang r@ped day & night for what she did to this poor child, faken evil woman.

2013-10-22 12:16:41.0 | 0 replies


The one and only problem that I have with implementing the death penalty in South Africa is that the poor will hang and the rich (or connected) will walk. Our justice system weighs money, not guilt or innocence. You can let someone out of jail if you find out afterwards that he was wrongly convicted but it is kinda hard to stick someone's head back on after you have lopped it off

2013-10-22 12:12:12.0 | 0 replies


Sharia law?
I think the mother beating the rape victim is bad enough. Stoning the poor girl to death for being a rape victim is just too barbaric.

Not Sharia law but the death penalty we do need. We gain noting by keeping such people alive.

2013-10-22 12:06:32.0 | 0 replies

Angikulahlanga nongy, i see you are so scarce angazi why Nongy. Im around.

2013-10-22 12:06:01.0 | 0 replies