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Gordhan's application politically motivated

Gupta-owned Oakbay Investments has questioned the timing of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s legal .

PTA has to put old street names back

By Sapa | 2013-06-14 07:25:46.0 | COMMENTS [ 24 ]

The High Court in Pretoria has denied an application for leave to appeal against an interdict stopping the removal of Pretoria's old street names, the SABC reported.

Judge Bill Prinsloo dismissed the application with costs.

The City of Tshwane now had six days to comply with a court order to display Pretoria's old street names with the new ones.

In April, Prinsloo granted the interdict to lobby group AfriForum, ordering the Tshwane metro to stop removing old street names pending the conclusion of an adjudication process. He ordered the municipality to put back the names it had removed.

In its appeal on Wednesday, the municipality told the court it would have to spend over R2.6 million to re-erect the old signs.

Terry Motau, for the municipality, argued there was no proof anyone had been harmed by the name changes. He said AfriForum had "alarmingly and glaringly" failed to prove it would suffer any harm at all, let alone irreparable harm.

MP van der Merwe, for AfriForum, said an interim interdict was not appealable.

"What can ever be harmful to restoring those well-known, respected names that had been there for decades? At least no one will be lost," he said.

Van der Merwe said the city only had itself to blame if it had to spend over R2m to put back the names.



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anc there are more seriouse things to attend to rather than fighting names, if you dont know just leave your office and drive around then you'll find something to do.

right now I think you're wasting time, money and some energy.

this time I do support Afri-forum

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Judge Bill "Prinsloo"

If costs were anything to go by, isn't it gonna be costly to put those names back?

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It is a pity that Afriforum(Boerderbond) is very silent about the whites only residence in Tshwane.

Maybe just like the so called boere(volk) protectors have encouraged white residents of Tlokwe to spraypaint street names and replace with jan van riebeck, it is time we blacks also spraypaint all apartheid names the municipality is ordered to put back up.

Well, we are suppossed to respect the law, they say, but law without justice and redress I'm sorry. Looking at the judge I cudn't hold back the suspicion, it was obvious that he'll rule as he did. If the law will be determined by money, like the one pumped into Afriforum then since we have no money we will simply resort to law of the jungle.

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How I wish the courts had arrived at the same judgement for Durban. They named one of my favourite streets after a one "Problem Mkhize" character. As a result, we never had any peace after that - yes, you guessed right - it was all in a name. At first, these new names were almost all confusing to a point that postmen once delivered the City Manager's mail at my door step. That was pretty confounding.

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can theh municipality focus on basics first, such as Houses, Sanitation, Buses, this R2.6M and the R2.6M used to remove the names culd have built 80 RDP houses, erected selling stalls, like it or not, this people helped built the city to what it is today, and you cannot disregard that and put names of peoplle who never contributed into building PTA,...its unfair...

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I totally agree with judge on this 1. Why spend so much money on something that was created by somebody else, the apartheid govenment nogal. Why not build ur own and put names on it? Where is your pride? #SAD#

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Blacks in the country are suffering and in need of basics ,Kgosienstho and his crew can only think of wasting money on street names, they cannot be bothered by street names

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I totally agree with judge on this 1. Why spend so much money on something that was created by somebody else, the apartheid govenment nogal. Why not build ur own and put names on it? Where is your pride? #SAD#


we actually hijacking the City, ANC has yet to build a city, instead they building squatter camps, lots of them...can they not put this names on the quater camps they built?

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I have said this before, this is just job creation for useless cadres.
I was in Pretoria and could not believe they wasted money and caused so much confusion naming Zambezi Drive, Sefako Makgatho Drive, why??? Who was this evil Apartheid leader called Zambezi??
Voetsek man! There are people in need here and you just keep wasting, sies!

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That city was built by black people, not unless you're from a country where white people dug streets and mixed sand , not even a single building in pretoria was built by the Apartheid government, they built buildings that they were later not allowed into. Barend Strydom shot black people in pretoria due to the same belief, no building belongs to the apartheid system in the country.

There were squatter camps during the Apartheid era, and they increased when black people were free to move to the big cities for jobs, if you didn't know that black people needed work permits to be in the cities.

Black people, do your homework, because if you do not know who ordered the shooting of students on June 16, you'd think of Vorster as a hero. We may be poor but we are not dumb, what is the difference between what you're saying and getting food for proudly referring to your self as K#@ir, there are black people who used to get first preference from whites for not disputing the k word.

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