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Top cop 'tortured' for 30 hours in cell

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THIRTY hours of alleged torture in a filthy Pretoria holding cell could see one of Port Elizabeth's top detectives quit after 26 years on the force.

Lawyers for Hawks Captain Cornelius Pettit, who has been behind some of the biggest criminal busts in Eastern Cape, said this week he had been treated in such an inhumane manner that he no longer wanted to be associated with the South African police.

Pettit, 45, was arrested while working undercover in Pretoria earlier this month. He and his informant were meeting suspected illegal gold dealers in Sunnyside when Pretoria police swooped.

While he and his informant were detained, the police let the real suspects go.

Pettit's lawyer, Alwyn Griebenow, alleges that during Pettit's detention the police brutally assaulted him, refused to feed him and stole almost R20000 he had in his possession.

Pettit, who was recently commended by Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa for refusing a R2-million bribe in a drug bust, has since received medical treatment for injuries to his arms. He has been booked off work and is seeking psychiatric treatment.

Sunnyside police also allegedly told the 20 other detainees in Pettit's cell that he was a police officer, which placed his life in danger.

According to Griebenow, when Pettit pleaded with his arresting officer to contact his unit commander in Port Elizabeth to clear up the situation, the officer refused and instead subjected him to more abuse.

Sunnyside police and Mthethwa's office did not respond. - Kathryn Kimberley


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Some fools arrested me about four years ago in CAPE TOWN, THEY ASSAULTED ME WHILE LET THE REAL CULPRIT WALK AWAY. And to think I serve twelve (12) years in the Force.

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Bernard Parker.. What a cracker of goal!!!..
Thabo Matlaba what a fantastic goal.

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Now what do you think would have happened if he informed the local cops that he was here under cover? Any bets as to just how quickly they would have blown his cover to the group he was stalking?

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.... but police brutality is just 'isolated incidents' and nothing to be concerned about.

Lovely living in bunkers with blue lights and bodyguards. You never even have to smell reality

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Mapodise wee

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Bernard Parker.. What a cracker of goal!!!..

Sorry officer, they once moered me too in the holding cells until my butt-chicks turned purple..

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Tuglyf, let's you and I make a friendly bet here today. I say NOTHING will come of this, because this guy is white.


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Hey guys i'm sure you noticed that i was not online for the whole month. I am back now. The famous Tsokwana

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This guy traveled all the was from Eastern Cape to Pretoria to clean Sunnyside. That's stupid. He should have ask Pretoria cops to set a trap.

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this guy is not talking the truth,how on earth you can come from Port Elisabeth come to investigate in Pretoria without informing local police there?With 26 years of experience?He can for his own selfish interest trying to extort those people and the call the police,good guys fall always like this.He said he was a "torture" to be in filthy cell,what he wanted?to wait in the van,to clean and repaint it just for him?
You mampara.

2013-03-25 09:46:43.0 | 0 replies

Good morning, I'm sure most of you noticed that I was not online the whole of last week. I was on leave. But now I'm back

Welcome back dear
R u on the payroll of Sowetan

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