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More theories in Pistorius saga

By Nomaswazi Nkosi and Sapa | 2013-02-18 07:10:32.0 | COMMENTS [ 63 ]

AMID continuing media frenzy around Oscar Pistorius's murder charge, police have denied they leaked any information to the media regarding what was found in his house.

Gauteng police spokeswoman Lieutenant-Colonel Katlego Mogale has said she does not know where people got "these stories".

"These allegations will be investigated," she said.

These "allegations" are apparently what appeared in a Sunday newspaper which states that police are investigating different scenarios about what could have taken place on the morning of February 14.

Reeva Steenkamp was shot and killed in boyfriend Pistorius's Pretoria house and suffered wounds to her head and upper body, Mogale confirmed on the morning of the shooting.

Pistorius  was arrested and charged with her murder and made his first appearance in the Pretoria Magistrate's Court on Friday.

Since the morning of the shooting allegations have spread fast both locally and internationally.

The most recent is that a bloodied cricket bat was at the centre of the police investigations.

The newspaper quotes three sources close to the investigation that the bat was found in the house, although it has not yet been established whose blood is on it.

Police are said to be investigating a theory that Pistorius used the bat to assault Steenkamp.

Another possible theory that has been reported was that Pistorius may have shot Steenkamp in the bedroom and then followed her to the bathroom where she went to hide and shot her three more times through the door.

Pistorius will appear in court again tomorrow, on the day of Reeva Steenkamp's private funeral in Port Elizabeth.


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My Theory:

LOVE Gone wrong.........
Reeva was seeing someone, threw it into Oscar's face, belittled him.......

as Oscar is limbless, he is already vulnerable that he is not much of a man..... he probably finds it hard to show his disability(bare) to women.... Oscar already had a temper(remember the paralympics saga).......

He got angry, screamed at her, when that didn't work, begged her.............. and when that didn't work , pulled a gun on her.... she told him where to get off and called him a coward, posing with a gun that he knows fully well he can't shoot..... she turned to leave, Oscar loses it, he shot her in a range

that is my theory - law&order criminal justice court - LOL

but anyway, Media reports don't make sense - it can't be both(gun + bat), either he shot her or he beat her to death - which is which??

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WTF these dude he is mad man, how on earth can you kill a woman on valentine.he must have personal issues.

2013-02-18 12:20:05.0 | 0 replies

Media is killing it with this whole Prestorius/Reeva incident, they making a fortune.

2013-02-18 11:38:08.0 | 0 replies

eish can someone please clap this flemza character jeeez ud swear hes not human
Why not ask Oscar Pretorius to do the honours? It might just be a sustainable action.

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Dont worry,the truth is like that.

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We build people up into heroes, who overcome immense challenges, only to take great glee in breaking them down ..." SAID HIS FATHER

Dear family of Pistorius.

South Africans didnt do anybody a hero.Your son was the one who was running without two legs to demand to be called a hero himself.A hero is not called,but it is born. For your record heroes are disciplined and carefull with the results of their deeds without a lecturer. Your son was not a hero ,he was the error of the industry. We did not break any body down,he is de one who took a bat and Pistol to break her down. He brought himself down without exerternal help. It is shocking to hear the whole father condemning media frenzy as the breakdown to his son. South Africans are good supporters not hero making industry.

2013-02-18 10:57:49.0 | 0 replies

tltltltltltltltltlltlt - "i aint no killer but dont pish me, revenge is the sweetest joy next to getting pu$$y..."2pac

wa bolaya this blade boy - tjo..!!!!

2013-02-18 10:57:48.0 | 0 replies

Pitso: There is a mental hospital somewhere near you. Pay it a visit. Free treatment of racists offered.

2013-02-18 10:55:16.0 | 0 replies

Ponko.Fontoyo, what we all know is that she was alive Wednesday night. Thursday morning she was shot and killed. He shot her. Now Flemza is trying to say it is her own fault she was shot. What would you like me to get help for? Or maybe yes, I do need some help to start taking out the males who are always taking out women.

Pitso, and a black father who kills his wife, cuts off her head and talks to it in front of his child is not ruthless? MALES are ruthless.

2013-02-18 10:53:58.0 | 0 replies

Oscar needs to open already this is irratating now

phuc.kin newspapers making money off of "theories" rather than the real story

is it any of our business though?

2013-02-18 10:52:24.0 | 0 replies

My question does this guy sleep with his blades on or what? If not surely it must take some time to get them on and then run to shoot an intruder?

2013-02-18 10:51:07.0 | 0 replies