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Call me, says Malema

By Sapa | 2012-12-28 10:40:43.0 | COMMENTS [ 228 ]

"People should now be able to convince me where to put my cross in 2014"

Ousted ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema says it is time for politicians to woo him to their cause, The Star reported on Friday.

“I want to have that feeling of being canvassed, where politicians knock on my door canvassing me,” Malema told the newspaper.

He said he was out of the ANC after having exhausting all internal processes.

“I’m an ordinary South African, so people should now be able to convince me where to put my cross in 2014.” 

Malema said he was “much happier” not “going around selling things to people that are not sellable”.

Malema also told The Star his farming was going well.

“I’ve got tomato, cabbage, butternut and cattle. So during harvesting in February, those who want to buy can approach me.”

COMMENTS [ 228 ]

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This really makes me laugh. What a funny guy !!!

2012-12-28 14:30:56.0 | 0 replies


you are wasting space with your senseless opinions, is what you saying there actually possible?

2012-12-28 14:02:30.0 | 0 replies

Even yesterday Zuma was insulting not only black women but white SAns, come next year he is going to be grovelling on his corrupt knees and kissing their backsides, casue he want them to help with job creation cause he knows him and his corrupt peers are always in capable of doing anything right to benefit the ppl of this country,

I don't want to sound like I am a defend of whites but truth about us black ppl and our leaders must told forthwith that way we can dispel all this myth that white SAns treat black SAns as slaves, cause that is impossible whilst we have a black gov.

2012-12-28 14:02:10.0 | 0 replies

@Mbeki2 and in anycase the anc gogos don't care about the future of the youth of this country, if they did, they'd have by now fixed the chaos in our education and health sectors which affects majority black SAns unemployed and have no medical aid. But I have made peace with the fact that if majority of us black ppl have no commonsense to demand from these leaders what is fair and just then we deserve to economic underdogs we must not blame whites for our making bad choices, and if I was the ppl who are white hating here and blaming whites for everything, I wouldn't seek a job from a white person, at least I would self respect to not work for what I perceive to be an oppressor, but no majority black go vote anc black party which steals from them and murder them in Marikane and they go ask white man for job, just how stupid is this?

2012-12-28 13:59:41.0 | 0 replies

skwamasamabele - you think its crazy bra but I work in corporate and here run things so efficient thats why jobs are short for people who think like you.

barbieB***** - if you don't vote DA thats fine but lets not keep voting ANC. This is just giving the struggle gogos the idea that the youth will never put them under pressure to change.

2012-12-28 13:55:38.0 | 0 replies

@Skwamasamabele lets look at the fact on the ground shall we, ito who are the most successful nations. they are not in Africa that's a fact!! And most nations generating refugees are not Europeans/Australians/Americans/Canada, that's another fact. Fact 3, USA, Canada, Europe (west)/Australia are the first countries to previal with aid/donation in times of crisis whilst most cases African countries are the first to ask for aid/donations and when they don't get that aid they emotionally blackmail successful nations, there is a problem in this continent which needs us African to speak openly and honestly about ie our leaders are teaching or trying to/brainwashing into hating the West when their existance is depending on the West, why? is it envy cause they can't come up with a single plan to stop/prevent poverty and unnecessary deaths afflicting the continent?

They can't even stand up for their citizens who are refugees of some kind in foreign countries, fact of the matter is that, majority white run countries are rich and majority black run countries are poor, lets face the facts and start taking stock and ask ourselves if these leaders we have are they capable to bring the bacon home cause that's what it boils down to.

2012-12-28 13:54:08.0 | 0 replies

@somaartakeit......if Van Riebeeck had stayed on the ship, then no one will be in this situation. I agree that the victim and race card have now been over-used but i promise to stop after 45 years or maybe after 100 years. Your choice !?

2012-12-28 13:50:18.0 | 0 replies

somaartakeit - Heaven only knows. I think certain black folks need to blame and demonise white folks to feel better about themselves. Its amazing how the ANC relies on 'wit gevaar' to electioneer.

skwamasamabele - "Your stupid statement only accounts to suggest that white people are more efficient than black people"

Dude, looking at your leaders and based on delivery around South Africa, one would be forgiven for making this assumption. How about next time you elect better leaders and then you wount be embarrassed by them in future.

2012-12-28 13:50:14.0 | 0 replies
2012-12-28 13:49:55.0 | 0 replies

its simple , just put your vote where its says DA .

DA will not come to your door and knock with food parcels ,you can see for yourself who is working and who is not.
I will never ever vote for DA even if is the only party on earth, "white ppl" already own the world, Eg hollywood is them, top management position is them, go to woolie u will find most of them lol. but seriously i wont vote for DA rather IFP or COPE or not vote @ all. we need to have something we can point also (us black ppl)

2012-12-28 13:48:57.0 | 0 replies

Mbeki_2-One reason that pinkeys are successful is they don't waste their energy hating everyone - foreigners, other religions, they don't spend their time in stadiums cheering for singing showerhead and what what - they learnt long time ago to use energy for thinking and working. I not trying to be a white but I am trying to be successful.
Your stupid statement only accounts to suggest that white people are more efficient than black people.Has it ever occured to you that when they ran the country, they were quite selective in their endeavours? Had they been inclusive, do you honestly believe in your white-brainwashed mind that everyone in SA would be on the same level of development. Please dont come here to empty your bowels

2012-12-28 13:46:23.0 | 0 replies