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Guptas have never been a client of McKinsey

International consultancy firm McKinsey on Tuesday flat out rejected any connection with the controv.

Parents urged to help Motlanthe's old school

By Patience Bambalele | 2012-12-20 08:04:13.0

A businessman and Meadowlands resident has called on communities to get involved in township schools.

Jan Ramatlhare who attended Totomeng Primary School in the Soweto township, where Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe attended, believes many schools are run down because people do not put emphasis on education.

He said former pupils, educators and community members are to blame for the condition of the school.

A previous Sowetan article highlighted Totomeng's deteriorated state.

"As the community of Zone 8, educators and former learners, we need to work together in making sure that the school is in a good condition," Ramatlhare said. "The problem with township schools in general is that parents do not get involved in the fund-raising initiatives. Many schools are in a state of decay and need our intervention to turn them around."

Ramatlhare, who has worked in the banking sector for 18 years, has challenged former Totomeng pupils and business people to heed his call.

He estimates the school needs R2-million for renovations, which include new toilets, air conditioners, chairs and carpets.