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'Ace Magashule shouldn't be in the job'

By Sapa | 2012-12-14 11:23:12.0 | COMMENTS [ 42 ]

The Constitutional Court has declared the ANC’s Free State provincial elective conference invalid

“The provincial elective conference of Free State province of the African National Congress held at Parys on 21-23 June 2012 and its decisions and resolutions are declared unlawful and invalid,” the judgment said.

The Constitutional Court appeal was led by ANC member Mpho Ramakatsa and five others, who wanted the PEC dissolved.

They challenged the validity of the PEC in court last month, claiming elections at branch level were irregular and that “parallel” branches were trying to manipulate the outcome of the party’s conference.

The ANC will hold its 53rd national conference in Mangaung from Sunday to Friday. At the conference, the PECs of each province will formally nominate and elect the party’s new leaders.

At court, Ramakatsa’s group wore T-shirts bearing the names of the candidates they would wanted submitted for nomination at the Mangaung conference. They are: Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe for president, Mathews Phosa for deputy, Fikile Mbalula for secretary-general, Thenjiwe Mtintso for deputy secretary general, Thandi Modise for chairwoman and Tokyo Sexwale for treasurer general.

The PEC declared invalid by the court had selected President Jacob Zuma for a second term as party president, with no votes for Motlanthe.

The ANC has already had to rerun its PEC conferences in Limpopo and the Western Cape, after they collapsed.


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SA courts, leave the ANC alone. It is a voluntary Organisation. There is no point of taking ANC matters to court. If this disgruntled Freestate members think Ace was not correctly elected why they cannot wait for the next conference. They do not know ace, he will dribble past them.

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are you refering to the Absolutely No Consequences (ANC)?kikikiki it should have started with Zom zom

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The ANC must get ri dof these disgruntled COPE defactors , geese

The ANC must get rid of comrade ACE Magashule et al. for being antirevolutionary by not implementing the ANC constitution....bringing the ANC into disrepute.

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The ANC must get ri dof these disgruntled COPE defactors , geese

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Thanx to Adv Dali Mpofu one dedicated cadre who will make sure things are going accordingly those who thought they will get away are so wrong afternoon NW will follow,they can go ahead suspending Comrade Kabelo Mataboge maaare the bottom line is ASIJIKI cos stone cold say so.Kgalema our pres

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Dandan- Just out of interest, whatever happened to the 2 goats and 3 chickens?? I am just curious to know their fate (I am not lol)

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Was Judge Moseneke part of panel , obvious he has some more serious issues with side supporting Zuma , he made sure he sabotage everything

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The champions of "constitutional democracy" violated their own constitution. They have been taken to court by their own members and lost. What do you thing they will do with the country's constitution.

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Mdala- Parties have to submit their willingness to represent contituents in constitutional courts, mainly to prevent change of policies mid-way through election processes, and also to abide by a country's democratic constitution's guiding principles. Magashule will have to face the constitution judiciary if his election is to be legitimised, otherwise the entire Parys Process would be obsolete. I still dont understand why the CC left for so long

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ANC constitution is selective it applies only to certain cadres who interfere with intrest of certain cadres who loot our tax money....example JUJU now its KABELO Mataboge i wonder why it only works in ANCYL cadres who dont support ZOM ZOM

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No more leadership in the ANC, how on earth can you allow an invalid Provencial delegates to attend a conference? Surely we must do something during the 2014 national elections.

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