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Don't just talk against violence, says Motlanthe

By Boitumelo Tshehle North West Correspondent | 2012-12-11 07:04:55.0 | COMMENTS [ 52 ]

"Let us do something positive in our communities to build a society that protects and respects the rights of women and children"

DEPUTY President Kgalema Motlanthe says the high rate of violence in South Africa is a clear indication that more still needs to be done.

Motlanthe was speaking in Rustenburg yesterday at the closing ceremony of the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children and the launch of the national council against gender-based violence.

He said while incidents of battery, domestic violence and child abuse often went undetected or under-reported, statistics over the years had shown that 90% of women had experienced emotional and physical abuse.

More than 71% of women had experienced sexual abuse and 58% experienced economic abuse. Of these cases, 60% were committed by partners, lovers or spouses.

Women, 63% of them, viewed emotional abuse as more prevalent and as the most serious.

Motlanthe said young women were more vulnerable to assault and sexual coercion by partners and others and that as many as five out of seven children were abused.

He also acknowledged the presence of the 19 bikers who had just completed an 8000km tour to nine Southern African countries to raise awareness about violence against women and children.

"Indeed you did not turn a blind eye, but took action to demonstrate solidarity, not only in our country but at a regional and global level.

"I hope men across all sectors of society, such as business, the faith-based community, traditional leaders, the entertainment sector, labour and other sectors, will take it upon themselves not to turn a blind eye, not to just talk against violence but to do something positive in their communities to contribute to the collective effort to build a society that protects and respects the rights of women and children."

Motlanthe also said the country was making progress in influencing men to stop treating women and children as objects of abuse and violence.

"Our experience and understanding of the importance of human rights should enable us to build a strong institutional and constitutional framework to protect such rights."



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Motlante has been too quiet on issues that matter, he has been quit while the anc was beeing dragged to the dogs by Cmd Tsotsis, and now that he dont look like he will get anc president he starts speaking, to me he is one of those who is afraid to call a spade a spade, cant call any comrade to order in fear of bad blood with whoever he has to call to order, he dont realy seem to care about the anc as long as he gets his chance as president,

And now he tells stuff about abuse as if abuse is something u pick from the streets, abuse is deeply embeded in those who do it, its like trying to change coordinates of a missile that has been locked to a target,(too late is say)
we need to tackle abuse at its roots not just triming the hedge, hence i associate this talk from Motlante with campaining for Mangaung rather doing what matters for the country.

Kids who grow up in abusive families r likely to be abusive, boys watching papa being abused by mama end up hating girls, boys watching papa abuse mama grow up thinking thats how u treat women, girls braught up n the same environ as above also grow up messed up, so after 25yrs in such a family how do u expect that a line like "Stop violence to children and women" go help.

many a time couples report each other for domestic violence, the law takes its cause and we all forget about the children, my take is that when u get domestic violence reported, u also need to have seriouse intervention with the kids of such a couple, if need be separate them from the parents give them all the professional help they will need.
otherwise stop wasting our time, people drink and drive evryday while we have Arrive alive campaigns all over and die for it, what makes one thing this one line solution will work in domestic violence cases?

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He also acknowledged the presence of the 19 bikers who had just completed an 8000km tour to nine Southern African countries to raise awareness about violence against women and children.

"Indeed you did not turn a blind eye, but took action to demonstrate solidarity, not only in our country but at a regional and global level.
Mothlanthe what have you done................ apart from PR work

I dont normally agree with your views but it is true that some men are abused by their partners and there isnt much awarness. There is a group, Advocancy against men abuse (note sure of the name) and Sisonke Justice Group are fighting for men's rights. Yesterday on the new they highlighted the plight of men abused their partners. I was really touched by the man who narratted his story.........

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Comrade you are missing the point of the message
Chief your own child has the right to refuse when you sent him to go to the shop to buy bread isnt? Now where do i miss the point? Your Wife has the right to come 01h00 in the morning with some reasons isnt it? and further she got the right to refuse sleeping with you that particular night isnt? i am saying this in practical terms most of the men understand what i am refering to it is the time of the year where most men/women are attending end of the year parties wait and see most men are killing their partners at this time of the year

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What is puntuation??

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am i abusing my child or wife for correcting them i remain at home for 24 hours my wife return home at midnight and my teenage girl came home the following morning and putting my own family in order become abuse that nonsense this government infiltrated our families with their immoral evil tendencies and we lost control of our own families a child is a child and should listen to the call of his own parents but the government is imposing more right on our own kids whereby we are just unable to sent them to the nearest shop to buy bread and you Motlanthe concentrate on your Mangaung ANC members are waiting for your willingness to stand for election and leave our families alone
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Puntuation marks!

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It seems this two are ready to kiss or they just finished kissing.
in our country; the more you talk of things the more they become popular, look at HIV/AIDS is so popular, women and children abuse is popular, Julius malema is so popular, gays and lesbianism and corruption is also popular each and everyone talk corruption,Aids, Julius, abuse, gays and lesbianism, come on SAs let's talk about something pivotal so it becomes popular.

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my point is if its not reported and no stats are available people will not make noise about it and it will not be recognised as something that exists whereas women and children do report abuse and therefore that is why its talked about. yes abuse is abuse and there are laws and measures that are taken to curb this but if it goes unnoticed how do you think it could be corrected. we all know that it is rife and is happening even the abusers sometimes act as victims but if the victims is saying nothing who is going to believe that he is a victim not the perpetrator?

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Comrade you are missing the point of the message from Cadre D.Pres,and you bring your own concepts which lead you in misinterpreting wat has been said.Point out which specific right is interfering with how you raise your child or reprimand your kid and woman? The rights are okay according to how they are and they encourage children to express how they feel etc unless certain parents wanna be diBOsso mo ntlong i mean boTau.wen you enter the house everyone is running away from you to their bedroom

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For those that are wondering why the focus is on women and children rather than men need to think about what role a man is supposed to play in society. From a Christian perspective, a man is not just the head of the house but he is a protector of his family.
And since men are protectors they must just be abused!
nowhere did i say that they must be abused. it buffles us as to why they are abusing the people they are meant to protect.

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Define 'correcting them'

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