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Gordhan's application politically motivated

Gupta-owned Oakbay Investments has questioned the timing of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s legal .

Prostitutes accused of killing clients surrender

By Sapa-AFP | 2012-12-07 07:39:35.0 | COMMENTS [ 54 ]

The sex workers are accused of killing two drunken clients who refused to pay by drowning them in a dam.

Two prostitutes in the northern Malawian city of Mzuzu who are accused of killing two non-paying clients, surrendered to police on Thursday.

"The two handed themselves over to a police unit upon realising that they were being hunted," police spokesperson Norah Chimwala said.

The sex workers are accused of killing two drunken clients who refused to pay by drowning them in a dam.

The prostitutes, who have been identified as 17-year-olds Florence Khoko and Mphatso Chanza, will soon appear before court to answer murder charges, which could carry a death sentence.

They had been on the run since the weekend.



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May someone please tell me where Budget is in Pretoria. Ke nyorilwe please

2012-12-07 15:44:00.0 | 0 replies


stop smoking watever you smoking, its not good for your brain.

2012-12-07 09:47:03.0 | 0 replies


Imagine having your face on female underwear (g-strings).. *There'll be no more foreplay in South Africa

2012-12-07 09:46:28.0 | 0 replies

patelanyana ya eng, nx!

2012-12-07 09:44:56.0 | 0 replies

well you chow you pay no free num-num even in Malawi. those two dronkies they asked for it.

2012-12-07 09:40:20.0 | 0 replies

What a disgrace to the men's families. It should be stated on their death certificates that the cause of death was buying cake.

2012-12-07 09:35:02.0 | 0 replies

17 year old girls should be studying, not prostituting. It is just so sad what sisters are forced to do just to stay alive
Oh come on MommaC, studying???? you will be suprised to find that she left school and decided to be a prosti, most of these kids maan just want quick cash and they would do whatever to get it. so they should just go to jail,

2012-12-07 09:33:51.0 | 0 replies

@ Sowetan

We need a clear Picture of this two Abomakgosha so that @Kabelo110 can Masturbates

Heared you subscribe boy. You eat mahala and they debit you month end.

2012-12-07 09:33:49.0 | 0 replies

Come on Girls why didnt you took their clothes and let them go naked now you have ruined your careers(pr0stituti0n)

2012-12-07 09:30:55.0 | 0 replies


Are you dizzy with morning-after pills overdose??...Nice Mustache by the way !!!!!!!!!

2012-12-07 09:29:43.0 | 0 replies

Those guys were thieves,serves them right.

2012-12-07 09:25:19.0 | 0 replies