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Answer about Sisulu's jet use is withdrawn

By Sapa | 2012-11-15 14:12:15.0 | COMMENTS [ 14 ]

A written reply to Parliament regarding Public Service Minister Lindiwe Sisulu’s use of luxury jets has been withdrawn, her office said

“Minister Bathabile Dlamini, the Acting Minister of Defence and Military Veterans, has written to Parliament to withdraw the reply and conveyed an apology to Minister Sisulu for the inconvenience caused in respect of the reply,” Sisulu’s spokesman Ndivhuwo Mabaya said in a statement.

He said the response was “factually incorrect and misleading”.

Current Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula had acknowledged in a reply to a parliamentary question that Sisulu, her predecessor, travelled in a luxury Gulfstream jet more than 200 times between Pretoria and Cape Town, at the cost of R200,000 a trip.

Mabaya said Sisulu maintained she only used the jet 35 times.

Sisulu said: “I am relieved that this matter has been resolved... During my tenure the department of defence received its first unqualified audit report in the history of the SA National Defence Force.

“We left the SANDF in a better state of health than it has ever been before. I am very proud of our achievements.”  Sisulu called on MPs, in particular the Democratic Alliance’s David Maynier, to stop “spreading lies”.

On Tuesday, responding to questioning from Maynier on the matter in the National Assembly, Sisulu told him to “keep your flea-infested body at peace and sit down”.

National Assembly Speaker Max Sisulu responded to complaints about Sisulu’s remarks by saying he would study the transcript of the debate and make a ruling later.


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Haibo: Are we supposed to buy this rubbish? They've forced someone to take a fall here while someone quickly fiddles the paperwork. Come now, Madam, do you really think the public are that stupid.... Oh wait, that's right, you and your leaders simply don't care about the public. I forgot!

2012-11-15 14:24:29.0 | 0 replies

Voetzek, you really don't understand this Government thing nè?

2012-11-15 15:14:15.0 | 0 replies

So is the flight log book wrong or did they turn the odometer back?

2012-11-15 15:12:15.0 | 0 replies

Less said abt SANDF under her tenure the better, just rememebr the Bloemfontein accident soldiers mowed down by a unmanned mounted machine gun.Was the navy also under her portfolio think abt who crippled the armdeal submarine by plugging AC plug to DC current !!

2012-11-15 15:11:24.0 | 0 replies

He doent have to answer anybody, do anyone have to explain his/her benefits like car allowance, medical S**t public. Sisulu you dont owe anybody an explanation/cent including SARS

2012-11-15 15:09:42.0 | 0 replies

SANDF was CRUMBLING under Sisulu, and yet here she is bragging about it. Next thing she is going to be bragging about her failed N2 gateway project that flushed R2 BILLION down the drain.

No, sorry, this b**** must go. Her monumental f***ups outweighs the surname that she is attached to.

2012-11-15 15:05:55.0 | 0 replies

antie: My response was oh so kindly removed by the web nanny: Ms Sisulu is as bright as a dead onion bulb (not my terminology of choice, but my more accurate epithet won't be permitted) but worse is her arrogance based on the fact that she feels untouchable because of her family. IS THAT BETTER, BELOVED CENSOR? mutter mutter

2012-11-15 14:53:44.0 | 0 replies

35 x 200000 = R7000000
200 x 200000 = 40000000

U mean R40 million just for travelling !! Its no wonder Nkandlagate is looked upon as small fry still by them!!

2012-11-15 14:52:54.0 | 0 replies

35 x 200000 = R7000000
200 x 200000 = 40000000

This is far too much, why not use a hipo for that matter, you are a soldier

2012-11-15 14:46:39.0 | 0 replies

Robin, sure, but bullshitting with even scarier bullshit? You think they're too plat to know what they're actually saying?

2012-11-15 14:36:03.0 | 0 replies

antie: They're bullshitting all the way to the bank here. It's as clear as daylight.

2012-11-15 14:31:05.0 | 0 replies