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Scary: Weapons pass airport security

By Sapa | 2012-11-14 16:40:55.0 | COMMENTS [ 6 ]

One passenger had two air pistols, 10 bulletproof vests and five knives

Pistols, knives and weapon magazine clips were among items passing through South African airports over the past four years, Transport Minister Ben Martins revealed on Wednesday.

Replying in writing to a parliamentary question, Martins categorised security breaches under the administration of the Airports Company of SA as unlawful access to restricted areas, bomb threats and screening failures.

In the last financial year, six cases of people entering restricted areas at airports were recorded, five at OR Tambo International and one at Cape Town International.

Five culprits were caught, while one died as a result of stowing away on a flight.

During the same period, four bomb threats were made, one each at OR Tambo International and King Shaka International, with two recorded at Cape Town airport. Sweeps were done and no explosive devices were found.

Three cases of screening failures were reported, two at OR Tambo International and one in Cape Town.

This included a loaded magazine for a firearm found in baggage from a passenger from a neighbouring country, as well as a staff member entering the airport with a small knife.

Perhaps more startling was a case reported by Nigerian officials.

“Nigeria reported that a passenger arrived with two air pistols, 10 bulletproof vests, and five knives,” said Martins.

Other items found in the passenger’s suitcases included uniforms, military combat caps, fez caps, walkie-talkies, tasers, knee pads, teargas, chargers, batons and traffic bars.

“All equipment was in hold baggage and therefore not detected during screening, as no explosives were involved,” said Martins.


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Argh... no security at all. We are taught every year of hidden Dangerous good.
1 Body deoderant is hazerdous , but how many laugages have it with passagers
2 Personal laugages are also hidden DGR goods , how sure are you that its his/her personal stuff?
3. Check woman cosmetic bags, twizers, nail clippers are also dgr as well.

My collegues was booked to handle Air cameroon one night some years, it was a night flight so he went there to do his normal offload job of the cargo. He went with one guy from the air line, suddelnly when he comes back there were 8 man with him. No one know where the he.ll, they come from, worse the spoke french. And one container was empty. Human trafficking at it best!

O.R Tambo has the worse scary situations you can think of.

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Its scary they have blocked comments on the article 'It is time for work'. The role of the media in trying to control the people on behalf of the rich and those who are in position of power

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Can someone teach the security guards there that they are being put there to watch over people's lives man.

Infact if the workes there could really know that they are at work not just there to get paid.Those risks could be minimised . ..

Air ports shouldnt be run undernegligence like all of these other government depts.
I think the idea of being privatised could work,

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Air port people you should take your jobs seriously now those bad people who are hijacking planes will target this contry,everything is getting worse by the day here. All they are good at is to bring all the foreign illegal people here...shame on you SA.

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...and the news here is...? The other day they let one of my prostitutes posing as a trophy hunter go through. And I promise you that I did not have to bribe anybody along the transit value chain. As for my cancer, well, the rhino horn did not cure my cancer of the toe. Now the rest of my right toe is black. I am left wondering how long it is going to take before the nail falls off. Now this is news. Do I win the new R100 note?

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