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'Shortage of space puts pressure on Afrikaans schools'

AfriForum on Wednesday said the inadequate capacity at schools “would be exploited and pressure woul.

Mpumalanga exam paper leaked

By sAPA | 2012-11-12 12:45:45.0 | COMMENTS [ 20 ]

Officials became suspicious when a pupil took 30 minutes to complete a three-hour maths examination

A leaked maths exam paper has resulted in the Mpumalanga education department withdrawing papers from 146 schools, the Sunday Independent reports.

Officials became suspicious when a pupil at a Witbank school took 30 minutes to complete a three-hour maths exam last week.

“When the child was questioned, he indicated that he got the paper from another school. We put the school on alert and then withdrew the papers,” Mpumalanga education department spokesman Jasper Zwane was quoted as saying.

The department was investigating two schools in the Witbank area. Papers at schools across the Nkangala district were withdrawn and back-up papers brought in before pupils wrote the exams.

Grade 10 business studies, accounting, and agriculture, and Grade 11 accounting, physical science, maths, maths literacy, and history were replaced.


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Can someone really copy mathematics? I wonder how....

2012-11-12 13:15:18.0 | 0 replies

Nothing is ever good about Mpumalanga at all..

2012-11-12 14:44:23.0 | 0 replies

Eish, phela i'm from vaalbank in MP so these really dissapoint me

2012-11-12 15:19:25.0 | 0 replies

this boy mara naye man, Jesus why did you not stay 1h30mins nyana.

2012-11-12 16:15:02.0 | 0 replies

my beloved province now turns to be a joke

2012-11-12 16:32:42.0 | 0 replies

Aaaaaaag Mpumalanga again

2012-11-12 17:09:33.0 | 0 replies

He is stupid, why did he finish in 30 minutes, he should have stayed for two hours in the exam so no one will notice anything,
doom kop we student 30 min phoo

2012-11-16 14:10:20.0 | 0 replies

Only an official of the department can let this happen.
Find them and fire them.

Why is Mpumalanga so screwed up???
Ah yes, ANC province.

2012-11-18 15:28:29.0 | 0 replies

Whats wrong with mpumalanga and stealing exam papers? every year there is a story im dissapointed

2012-11-21 10:31:16.0 | 0 replies

wow wow wow yearly the same province does the same thing. i dnt blame the boy's stupidity am just woried about those that ddnt even get the paper whom now have to repeat the exam. shame poor scholers, come the time when the new university opens, S.A will once again see fake degrees. incompitent employees who know only the theory but cannt implement it practically.

2012-11-12 14:32:35.0 | 0 replies

When the child was questioned, he indicated that he got the paper from another school
Mshishi wena lalile

2012-11-12 14:17:09.0 | 0 replies