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Dad's daring escape from nasty hijackers

By Katlego Moeng Crime Reporter | Nov 12, 2012 | COMMENTS [ 36 ]

THE thought of getting back to his wife and three young children aged between 15 months and 11 years motivated a Johannesburg man to fight off two armed robbers in a dark open veld around midnight.

Shots were fired at him and he ran towards the nearest lights.

Ashraf Rodriques was hijacked at an intersection near Northgate on Friday evening by two armed men.

He was forced to drive his Mazda 3 with one of his attackers sitting next to him and another pressing the barrel of his gun in the back of his neck.

"I was taken to an ATM where a balance inquiry was done and they made me withdraw R3000," said Rodriques, with a quiver in his voice.

"I know it was risky but I managed to send a cryptic BBM to my wife Jackie that read: HLP HJAK.'' One of the guys (sitting in front) saw the cellphone and took it away," he said.

Meanwhile, his wife reported the matter to the police.

A private investigator alerted the Emergency Management Services in Durban and asked them to send out the alert to their Johannesburg branches.

The message went viral immediately, to hospitals, mortuaries, and was posted on Facebook and Twitter.

After being assaulted and withdrawing the money, Rodriques was made to lie flat on the back seat with a jacket covering his head. The men drove around with him for hours.

Just before he was to be killed execution style in the middle of a veld near Diepsloot, he mastered the courage to punch one of his assailants in the face and groin and run for dear life.

A few shots were fired at him but he managed to escape.- moengk@sowetan.co.za


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Ashraf Rodriques...Sir you are my hero oohhhh man what a traumatic event thanks to the love of your family you kept fighting but haai thats very risky as well yong and thanks to your wife for alerting everyone crazy crazy world we live in.

Hope those heartless bustards die a slow painful death

Nov 12, 2012 8:10 | 0 replies

It was brave of him to act that way, criminals are animals after taking R3000 but they still want to kill him.nxa.

Nov 12, 2012 10:56 | 0 replies

If I was a president, Rappists,Hijackers, murderers, Thieves were going to have their own prison. it was going to operate like this
1. Breakfast would be served at 10:00 AM every day
2. Dinner at 22:00 PM everynight.
so they were going to eat twice a day
No cigaretess were going to be alowed in there. 24/7 inside a cell. Life was going to be tough for them
At least you are feeding them, if it was me their families will have to pay for their upkeep (rent, food, uniform)........ tough luck if you dont have relatives or they have disowned you. You were either going to starve to death or be a wi.fey to keep the wolf at bay

Nov 12, 2012 12:4 | 0 replies

Just imagine, been murderedd for a mere Mazda3??

Nov 12, 2012 12:21 | 0 replies

SA needs a zero tolerance to armed thugs. The President can issue a decree in parliament to allow a death penalty on serious crimes against a person, carrying an unlicenced fire-arm, etc. Or, alternatively, a 3 month gun amnesty, everyone who has a weapon (licenced and unlicenced) to hand it over within the 3 month deadline. Should there be anyone who gets arrested after that period carrying a firearm, sentencing should be severe (20 years). And if that firearm was used in crime, sentence should be even more severe (40 years), with no prospect of parole. All prisoners should sing for their dinner (work really hard and with impunity) and who ever attempt an escape, should immediately be disconnected from society.... forever. I prefer SA to be branded a police state than let criminals loose and terrify innocent civilians

Nov 12, 2012 12:45 | 0 replies

skwamasamabele - Taking guns from people aint going to do anything. We have criminals getting their hands on automatic rifles, by stealing rifles from army depots. We have criminals stealing automatic rifles from police weapon safes.

Your idea would be a good one, if we were living in England.

In South Africa, you can barely count on the police for anything. Nevermind making sure civilians are not carrying firearms. And even if civilians dont have firearms anymore, criminals will still get their hands on them.

And what will we do to protect ourselves then? Nah, government should make it easier for civilians to get their hands on weapons.

Then at least its not just the criminals running around with firearms.

Nov 12, 2012 1:7 | 0 replies


Nice suggestions only if Showerhead can read sowetan online and discuss some critical suggestions in parliment to be implemented

Nov 12, 2012 1:11 | 0 replies

Sin- I totally disagree with you. More firearms in society begets more violence. If everyone is armed, then we have a breakdown in society, lawlessness and anarchy. Our police force need re-training, I know its a big ask, but we have to start somewhere. Borders need to be sealed, as automatic weapons come from Angola, Zim and Mozambique. Then the army need to conduct pre-dawn raids, especially in squatter camps. The army need to stop sitting in barracks scratching their nuts, and getting fat and striking, and get on with the task of disarming the country. A rigorous approach, use of all armed services (air, navy and infantry), daily roadblocks, accompanied by zero tolerance legislation, a president's decree on death penalty, wont solve the problem overnight, but would get our country from A to G. You surely dont believe arming everyone would solve anything, do you??? FYI in England we have drug-lords armed to the teeth as well, but MI5 is very effective over here, SA can learn a lot from British security establishment

Nov 12, 2012 1:38 | 0 replies

skwamasamabele - It is a good suggestion (removal of firearms), and we can all hope that someday we can get to that level. But its not practical at the moment.

Until the police, SANDF, courts, and everything else inbetween starts pulling its weight, then eventually it will be viable.

But at the moment that law will only serve to disarm people wanting to protect themselves. And leaves civilians defenseless, but the criminals armed.

Nov 12, 2012 1:48 | 0 replies

Oh Sin,- Ive just come from Mexico City on a tour of duty (with the UN), It is terrifying to see 12 year olds, carrying kalashnikovs and M16s, selling drugs and being used by the war/drug lords. Total disintergration of law and order, especially on the outskirts of the city. There is no way you can walk that city after dark. The police and the Mexican Army are getting on a massive drive, with the help of Brazilian police, to drive out drug lords and disarm those children. They are fighting fire with fire, SA security services can get their act together and sort the country out, just like in Sao Paulo, Meddelin (Colombia) and Mexico City

Nov 12, 2012 1:49 | 0 replies

skwamasamabele - Sheesh, hectic. Last I heard, Mexico and its drug cartel was bloody beyond belief. With cops in the drug division regularly getting murdered... Must have been a scary trip. Glad ur still here and able to comment.

Our police needs to pull finger at the moment. A report on the khaya-police released the weekend doesnt sit well at all. And the SANDF is TOTALLY underutilized.

Nov 12, 2012 1:55 | 0 replies