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South Africa was buried in din following the chaotic scenes in parliament at what should have been a.

Water flowing in the streets - for over a year

By Katlego Moeng | 2012-11-06 07:14:27.0

IN FEBRUARY last year, Johannesburg Water assured Sowetan that water gushing uncontrolled on the streets of Dube in Soweto would be fixed within three months.

This was at a time when the entity had just launched the Save Water Campaign and the Soweto water infrastructure upgrade programme.

On Sunday night, residents of this township, frustrated with the squalor-like conditions they have been forced to live in, took to the streets in protest.

Roads around the area were barricaded with rocks, tree logs and burning tyres.

Community members said their councillor and Johannesburg municipality officials had been shown the source of the problem, at Dube Hostel, but nothing had been done to stop the water flow.

After initially passing the buck to the department of housing, responsible for the hostel developments, Johannesburg Water spokesman at the time Baldwin Matsimela changed tune and said: "I can confirm that a contractor has been appointed to fix the problem. We expect the project to take three months. Residents can look forward to improved services once it is completed."