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Water flowing in the streets - for over a year

By Katlego Moeng | 2012-11-06 07:14:27.0 | COMMENTS [ 64 ]

IN FEBRUARY last year, Johannesburg Water assured Sowetan that water gushing uncontrolled on the streets of Dube in Soweto would be fixed within three months.

This was at a time when the entity had just launched the Save Water Campaign and the Soweto water infrastructure upgrade programme.

On Sunday night, residents of this township, frustrated with the squalor-like conditions they have been forced to live in, took to the streets in protest.

Roads around the area were barricaded with rocks, tree logs and burning tyres.

Community members said their councillor and Johannesburg municipality officials had been shown the source of the problem, at Dube Hostel, but nothing had been done to stop the water flow.

After initially passing the buck to the department of housing, responsible for the hostel developments, Johannesburg Water spokesman at the time Baldwin Matsimela changed tune and said: "I can confirm that a contractor has been appointed to fix the problem. We expect the project to take three months. Residents can look forward to improved services once it is completed."


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This is just a drop in an ocean, of the infrastructures that are falling apart in the Vaal triangle. Road marks on main roads are faded and are not being improved. Streets lights are not being serviced but the council is too quick to cut off the electricity after a single default on service charges. Dangerous water trenches at cross roads are not marked or barricaded to prevent unforseen accidents at main cross roads.
Surely the flats are going to be improved just to buy the people's votes for the 2014 elections.
That's how clever politicians are, they will come to the masses of the people only when they want something from them.

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It's how you vote that either fix or break things, that is a fact
Hi sthandwa. Demonic things are not easily deciphered, especially when you don't believe in God.

Last time when I said God exists and Satan exists, you told me about salmonella and stuff like that. What these people are doing is demonic.

I was reading an article the other day, I saw a river in China, it was red in colour. Whether dye was spilled into the river or what I don't know. They say they don't know either. They are still going to investigate. There is a prophecy in the book of Revelation where it talks about rivers being red.

Anyway, have a lovely day ne. :-)

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"...WATER, WATER everywhere and not a drop to drink..."

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner -Samuel Taylor Coleridge, written in 1797–98

What a shame. We should be the global laughing stock now.

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It's how you vote that either fix or break things, that is a fact

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And we should stop talking SA down that according to shower Head

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@Katakataemaotoaditshepe!- I sure hope for your sake and others the wait wount be 18 x 3..........cause the way things are going now its unlikely for people to see some change with your ANC

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SA need to wake up, ANC is actually doing nothing for u.
Tbo you didnt get nothing from ANC but others did and just wait till your time arrives since we're all not gonna get everything at the same time.time rolls baba,time rolls and yours in on the way to you.

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Katakataemaotoaditshepe!...........It may seem funny to you now but in actual fact its a reality

@Shredder - i agree with you ,its almost as the people are aliens when making these calls for service. Then they stil come with attitude

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SA need to wake up, ANC is actually doing nothing for u

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Kata-Lol i will take that as a compliment ......................Thats when i get agrro just the thought alone. Oh by the way we are living in k@k situation and just more smells to come.
I can smell that already Candy.LOL

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Katakata, both areas, mine and Dube are serviced by JHB Water. In my area reported faults are fixed in 48hrs. In Dube they wait a year for a fault to be fixed that was reported at least 11 months before I reported my fault. How do you then get to them fixing things in the order they are reported?
And BTW, Antie is a woman, dear sir.
Eish! kakakakakakakaka you're a momy neh,my apology passed.
But me and you have no idea that the people utilised the same proceedure you utilised or they just told someone working in municipality about the problem so that means you have no right to point fingers because we both dont know who's right and who's wrong Antie.

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