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Ramaphosa apologises for splashing the cash

By Sapa | 2012-09-20 10:43:05.0 | COMMENTS [ 173 ]

Businessman Cyril Ramaphosa has apologised for bidding millions of rand on a buffalo cow and her calf

“Yes, I did put a bid and that was a mistake on my part,” he told SAfm on Thursday morning.

“It was a mistake. I regret it. It was a mistake to even put up my hand to do so...

“I’ve been chastised by some of my good comrades, and even before they chastised me, I did admit that was a mistake.

“I regret it because it is an excessive price in the sea of poverty. I belong to a community and it was one of those moments when I was blind-sighted,” said Ramaphosa.

Expelled African National Congress Youth League president Julius Malema recently criticised Ramaphosa for this in an address to miners on an unprotected strike at Lonmin platinum mine, in which Ramaphosa reportedly owns shares.

Malema told the miners Ramaphosa had bought the buffalo for R18 million.

According to a City Press report in April, Ramaphosa bid up to R19.5 million for the buffalo cow and her calf at a game auction near Rustenburg, but was outbid by Bloemfontein businessman Boet Troskie.

Ramaphosa said later that his budget did not allow him to pay R20m for the buffalo cow. “I spent my budget on other animals. And, like any businessman, you must know when to stop,” he said at the time.

COMMENTS [ 173 ]

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Why apologise for spending you hard earned money, Sir? By the way, did anyone complain when a one Smuts Ngonyama said he was not in the struggle to be poor? I smell jealousy and double standards and Mr Ramaphosa has not been linked with any corrupt activities and did Zuma apologise for the rape and dealings with Shabir Shaik?

I know that through his involment with the Shanduka Foundation, atleast Mr Ramaphosa is contributing in terms of redressing the wrongs of the past. What are the howlers doing?

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Ceril and Jeff Hadebe are married to Patrice Motsepe sisters, whcih means they have direct and/or indirect interests in the mines. The disciplinary hearing of Malema, Mgaca and Floyd was not conducted by an independent and an objective person as required by the law.

ANC should remove busisness men and women from their policy discussion committess since they will be faced with a conflict of interest. Most of the NEC members, as Malema puts it, are compromised. They do not put the interest of the poor or the country first but their pockets, which makes the whole ANC a joke.

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Rob!! Robbie!! Robson!! Robin!!
You offend so many people on a daily basis that the programme has come to recognised a pattern in your insults. Maybe 1.210 or something! But don't be surprised you are definately one of the people the moderator considers a nuisance!!! lol

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so obviously this guy has 20 millions to spare, what do you suggest he does with it, give it to you? 4 what then i suggest everyone who drives a nice car while other ppl are hungry must apologize. this is just ridiculous not everyone is going to be rich ppl n those who are rich should not be punished for your failures.

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I couldn't be bothered to try and remember what comment I wrote, which was accepted and then deleted by whichever randomly selective jerk that moderates this site. I think I pointed out that Mr Troskie isn't public figure, so why should anyone have a problem.

But do other "bloggers" also feel that the web-team, or moderator, who so arbitrarily pulls comments that most certainly have no offensive words or sentiments in, is becoming completely absurd in making decisions regarding the acceptability of comments, while allowing arrant racist remarks to go unremarked. I am beginning to feel that whoever has this task has personal agendas with respect to what debates he/she/it will allow. VERY ANNOYING and rather mindless, quite frankly.

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MaGents Come on! are we not suppose to spend our monies the way we want now? that ridiculous, he had his own way of making money and has his own way of spending it finish en klaar, there are people spending their money the way they want and you won't hear even a single complaint, sharing with the poor will come from the heart not from pressure

You are right but spending R20M on a cow is being ripped of by this whites.These white got the buffalo for nothing now this brother wanted to give away his millions to these lazy whites who do not want to earn their money like the rest of us.

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hahahahaha!! it was a mistake neh! you can fool your fellow ANC fools not us sucker

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I couldn't be bothered to try and remember what comment I wrote, which was accepted and then deleted by whichever randomly selective jerk that moderates this site. I think I pointed out that Mr Troskie isn't public figure, so why should anyone have a problem.

We get the same problem when we try to comment on news 24, comments from black people are deleted.Sowetan is getting revenge for us.Reverse racism is sweet.

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Juju thank u.

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