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Polela in on-air spat over papgeld

By Zenoyise John | 2012-09-17 07:50:46.0

Hawks spokesman and author McIntosh Polela's "baby mama drama" has got everyone talking after the mother of two of his six children embarrassed him live on radio.

Polela was engaged in a telephonic interview last Thursday with 702's Talk At Nine host, Eusebius McKaiser, to comment on why he had failed to pay child maintenance for January and July as well as his R2,500 monthly payment for September for his two children.

Polela - the author of My Father, My Monster - a memoir of his gripping tale of abusive upbringing - got the shock of his life when the mother called in and challenged him live on air.

Polela had come out with guns blazing on the show, criticising the woman - only known as Mpho - for going to the media and for taking her case to the DA for assistance.

"It's an orgy of voyeurism. I am only human. Sometimes you do fall short in a month," he said.

Mpho called in to the programme and screamed back at him, saying Polela had agreed to the amount he said he could afford.

He said on air: "Whether you go to the DA or elsewhere, McIntosh will pay," Mpho replied: "You say that every time."

Polela's problems are said to have started when he tweeted that he was thinking of buying a new Jeep, something that had angered Mpho.

Most callers to the show, some of them women, criticised Mpho for airing Polela's dirty linen in public.

They felt that Polela's lapsed maintenance payments should not be discussed in the public domain, something he agreed with.

Some men criticised Polela for not being a good example, especially due to the fact that he is a public figure.

When Sowetan contacted Polela about his radio interview, he said he had no comment.

"The matters of maintenance are no media business according to the law," he said.