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Do as Tata Madiba did, says Tutu

By Sapa | 2012-07-17 07:41:40.0 | COMMENTS [ 42 ]

THE best gift to give former president Nelson Mandela on his 94th birthday would be to act like him, archbishop emeritus Desmond Tutu said.

"The greatest gift our nation could possibly give uTata Nelson Mandela for his 94th birthday this week would be to emulate his magnanimity and grace," Tutu said.

"Mr Mandela taught us to love ourselves, to love one another and to love our country. He laid the table so that all South Africans could eat."

Tutu said citizens should spend a few quiet moments tomorrow thinking about Mandela's gift to the nation.

His gift had been to place reconciliation and national unity at the top of the agenda.

Tutu said the revered leader had also been willing to listen to others, to solicit and acknowledge all points of view, to set an example of forgiveness and tolerance, and to inspire hope and pride in others.

Tomorrow, also known as Mandela Day, many people intend dedicating 67 minutes to a worthy cause, in honour of Mandela fighting for social justice for 67 years.


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At heart and even in action, people tend to take on the attributes of whom they judge and what they will not forgive. Unforgiveness and bitterness act like blinders so people cannot see or admit what they are doing is harmful to themselves and others.

Do not give up hope. Choose to forgive and love...ask for help when this seems beyond your capabilities. My time in South Africa taught me much about human nature and the power of forgiveness in my own life.

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People should stop fantasying and living in the castle in the sky world. Though
Mandela is not god, but history cannot be erased either. During estimation or
focusting you need history to maintain and improve the future. Respecting
the qualities of the son of soil is not making him god but we should rather
appreciate and learn from him, I don’t see anything wrong unless one is trying
so hard to hide reality. It is rather ridiculous to me that a proper individual would
think that Mandela sold us out, herewith is the history lesson Cyril Ramaphosa
sold us out, he was heading the negotiations when Mandela was in Cuba.
Mandela said, I quote “The struggle is not over, but it continues”. It is up to
each and every individual to play a critical role to ensure that every black
person is freed from mental slavery economically and especially mentally. It
is sad that we have Shower running the country like a headless chicken and seeking
another term with dirty tricks, we are doomed. The loyalist and tribalist in the
government and ANC lack Madiba’s qualities, therefore those in Government, ANC
branches and rather ANC NEC need to “love themselves and love another and
love our country”, by voting Zuma out and delivering services which are crucial to
the poorest of the poor. Long live to Africa.

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Tutu is right - Madiba is a noble gentleman worthy of respect. It must break his heart to see what has become of his people since he handed over the reigns. Greed, corruption, nepotism, incompetence. We all deserve better than this. But for 18th July, I wish Madiba a wonderful day filled with good health, peace and love of family. For the current ruling party and its gutless, greedy president, I have nothing but contempt.

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He did not say that all the Tenders be given to his chieldren, nephews and nieces, he taught us respect. So please tell the ANC from the Top to act like wise. we can't have a situation whereby Tenders in the Eastern and western Cape are linked to the Mandela Family and in the KZN are linked to Zuma. we need fairness, all must share in the riches of this Country, not only few.

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Tutu you just bla bla bla who is Mandela does he know me to. I also struggle. Who care about his birthday not me.

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Tutu please shut up and sit your arse down already! Seems like Mandela had become god of the world. Too much worshipping of another human being surely is not right. Just cause the guy made an agreement with white people and came out of jail holding a peace card, suddenly he's god? Paleez good people! Let's just do good as human beings. Maybe we should all start by not being so judgemental towards one another. I do my charitable causes everyday, no need to get excited about this one. We should just do good, PERIOD!

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Some people don't cease to amaze on the blog,They are still expecting Tata to come in and call Zuma to order when Tata retired ages ago.The are rules and regulations ,including the constitution which laid a foundation of how to function,,why can't you people vote Zuma out of power if you feel he is ineffecient and incompetent as a leader and leave Tata out of it.The oldman will be 94years tomorrow,,he is frail and fragile .
Really,really ,,,what do you expect from a 94year old?.
Probably he is suffering from hard of hearing ,his sight is gone and maybe he is delirious,which is expected from a 94yr eldery person.

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@Cheeseboy - You are right, it is another day.
It cannot be special if there are still millions people who die cause of freezing winter as they still stay in shacks, no proper meals, paying jobs and even able to pay for their children's school fees. What is the use, the same Tutu & the elites are living like Kings. Banks own houses and Government Officials have also forgotten what was the goal of the struggle. They are the only ones benefiting!

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ITS quite sad and disappointing to see fellow southafricans disrespecting our leaders like Madiba and Tutu. If you travel around the world, the respect,love and envy other nationalities have for these leaders is AMAZING!
Lets actually learn from our leaders and not dsirespect them, we might learn a lot from them and this country might be a better place to live in..lets just try it for once.
The truth is that we as the citizens are being disrespected and not the other way around. The other nationalities you are referring to knows nothing about our history except what they read (they were not here); but we were here and we know better than the lies the media and certain individuals would want us to believe. Feeding adults hogwash is disrespectful!!!!

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Good post!!

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@NAKED.... he's OLD bah i believe there's sumting he can jo, mayb ask a fam spokesperson 2 speak on his behalf, yes he fought for freedom, bah when u realy luk at the difference he made was that of KILLING BLACKS, nothing more nuting less. MANDELA MUST TRY TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT CURRENT ANC< HE"S A FALLEN HERO TO ME!

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