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Jail for fake graduates

University and college graduates, artisans and matriculants with fake qualifications will face fraud.

Man with fake asylum papers to be deported

By Estelle Ellis | 2012-06-18 06:43:34.0 | COMMENTS [ 27 ]

He falsely claimed he was married to a South African citizen and was in possession of a fake asylum seeker's permit

IN A hard-hitting judgment highlighting corruption at the Home Affairs refugee office in Port Elizabeth, the Grahamstown High Court has refused to stop the deportation of an Indian businessman who was in possession of a fake asylum seeker's permit.

Despite the South African Human Rights Commission investigating allegations of human rights abuses at Lindela repatriation centre in Gauteng, where Grahamstown businessman Sony Rajan Deep Singh is being held, the court ruled that the conditions of detention were not reason enough to release him.

Judge John Smith said in his judgment that Singh was in the country on fake papers and had entered into a "marriage of convenience" in an effort to stay here.

According to court papers Singh said he was assisted at the Port Elizabeth refugee office by an "Indian interpreter" who appeared to have free access to officials. After the interpreter had spoken to a number of the officials, he returned with the permit.

Singh was arrested in Grahamstown on May 3 and later moved to Lindela.

Advocate Ashley Moorhouse asked the court to order that Singh's arrest and detention be declared invalid and that he should be released.

Singh claimed that he came to South Africa seeking asylum in 2009, but that his application had not been finalised.

But Home Affairs officials told the court that his application was refused for being "manifestly unfounded" and that he had applied for the decision to be reviewed.

Singh claimed he was "married" to a South African woman, but his application for temporary residency on the grounds of his marriage was refused by Home Affairs last month.

Department official Singatwa Mtiya said when she arrested Singh he had produced a copy of a marriage register, which is used only by officials. He could not explain why he had the whole register and not just a certificate.

He later produced a marriage certificate.

He also had a document looking like an asylum seeker's permit valid until May 2. But the department said it had no record of this being issued, and it was therefore a forgery.

Smith said in his judgment that he accepted the department's conclusion.


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Why did he not apply for a residency permit legally. And asylum from what - there is no repression in India. Now they must go after the officials who helped him - and the woman who "married him".

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The issue with the home Affair has always being their terrible laws ,lazy and corrupt staff.I really do not know why the spousal permit was initiated.Not every one who comes to South Africa wants to marry a South African but the immigrations laws of SA are so ridiculous to to point of being a joke.

Spousal permits are free and the easiest way to remain in south african legally hence why many foreigners go for it albeit in different ways.So fall in love and get it legally , pay someone to marry your or use stolen ID to obtain the permits.

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Business permit

You can not obtain a business permit unless you have R2,500,000 in your bank account.This law is a no brainer because no African foreigner with R2500,000 will leave his home country to come and invest in South Africa.

Quick solution :

If you do not have that kind of money ,a R7500 bribe given to the right home affairs official or his agent will get you a business permit.

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What is even worse is that the home affairs keeps changing it's laws and changing application procedures to intentionally frustrate non South Africans and extort more money from them.You see the immigration of SA makes hundreds of millions of rands yearly from foreign nationals that is why they keep issuing visas to people who have no business in SA.The more unskilled forisgners they let in ,the more desperate people they can exploit.

At least 60% of the Home affairs official have foreign agents working for them to scam foriegners.They issue fake permits on original home affairs stickers but those permits are never in their "computer system".A few months later when the foriegner discovered that he has been scammed he will go and meet another home affairs official who will in turn scam him/her again.They have been doing this for years but the media does not tell the full stry for people to understand what is going on.

When you try to submit your application the legal way ,they will not accept it because they want you to submit through one of their external agents.They will always find something wrong with your application and turn you back.However that same application will be submitted by their agent and they will even sms you that they have received your application.The media make foreigners out to be the bad people but they fail to understand that people who have little or no choice will always comply with what they find other people doing no matter how honest they are.

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As long as you are a foreigner with no backing from a company or organization,you will have to bribe someone to get a permit.That is how SA immigration works and that is how it will always be for a long time to come.The home affairs officials are like GODS to foreigners,we fear them,pay them and hope they don't screw us over.When you live in a foreign country ,you are at the mercy of their officials.If you try to beat them and don't join them ,then you will be in for a hell of a ride.Not many foreigners are that brave or have the time to waste.We simply pay what they ask us and move on with our lives,seems pretty easy that way.

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Work Permit

You can not get a work permit except if you have been offered employment and you can not get employment except you have a work permit.

Quick Solution :

Get a legalized foreigner with a valid CC to issue you a letter of of employment (for a sum of course) then bribe a home affairs official to the tune of R5000 to get your application submitted and approved.

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How do you know all these things? Not that I disagree that they are happening.Did you also use a ''back door'' to get permanent citizenship of RSA.

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Maybe start all over again from scratch! Horror Affairs make good policies in place. The country must have a law of having how many percent of people that must come in the country and thats it. Everybody back to their home and start all over again in a proper way. Once that percentages is been reached sorry for the late applicant then in that way they can be able to control everything.Not all of the foreigner are here illegaly and not all of them are criminals, but the it is the fact that most of them are corrupt and criminals that make our brothers and sisters in blue be under pressure at their work. I just wish everything can be made in biometrics then maybe they can able to control everybody in the country.

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@Sabza007...I do not have permanent citizenship of SA neither do i want it.I just want to be able to run my businesses ,make money,pay my taxes and return back to Nigeria when i have made enough.

The best a Nigerian can get in SA is "Permanent Residence Permit".I have never met a Nigerian or any foreigner for that matter who has SA citizenship.While this permit allows you to get a green ID it does not grant you citizens rights.

Without saying too much ,i can tell you in regards to the business permit procedure mentioned above ,i was speaking from experience.Unfortunately Nigerians have promoted a false reputation of themselves as being "loaded" individuals hence why we are the number one targets.

Once a home affairs officials sees a Nigerian ,they automatically see a mobile ATM.You can't any done if you do not smile politely and make a plan.If you try to play the honest game with them,they send you to different offices within the same building until you are tired.That is when their agent (in most cases another Nigerian) will approach you and tell you about the quick solution.

Most people no matter how honest will go for the easy solution because they have been roaming around the home affairs for the past 4 hours without anyone attending to them.Until they change the immigration laws and install spy cameras to catch corrupt official nothing will change.

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@Sabza ...I know hard working honest Nigerians who have applied for the renewal of their permits since last year but those application have not yet been approved.In the same vein i know a dude who just got to SA in January and paid an home affairs official R8,000 and after 2 months he was issued a permit and he has now even applied for permanent residency which will definitely be approved as well.

If you go to most Home affairs office ,the officials will tell : "Hey wena ,this is South Africa not Lagos ,make a plan of fusek back to your country". Foreigners are insulted in plain view of everyone but nobody does anything.

Fine ,no one forced us to come here but really do we deserve the treatment these officials met out to us? I don't think so.Many of us want to follow the right procedure but they do not allow us to do so instead they frustrate us and indirectly force us to break the law for their own benefit.

I have seen a situation where we have been standing in line for over 2hrs while the officials ignored us and were busy gossiping and eating only for them to attend to one Nigerian Guy(obviously one of their agents) who just arrived and jumped the line.When we protested the official said in her own words : "you people think you are clever,you will stand there till tomorrow".

The message from her was clear: She will not attend to us because we don't want to go through one of her agents.The Nigerian came with over 30 Envelopes (definitely applications of foreigners who have already paid him). The official collected all the applications from him and entered them into the system.When she finished the Nigerian smiled ,nodded and exited the building.I am sure the Nigerian has already deposited money in her account or was going to give her the money once she had knocked off.

Just go to any home affairs building you will see Nigerians ,Zimbabweans , Ghanaians and South Africans who work for Home Affairs officials outside beckoning to you.It is a big syndicate that can not be stopped.

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Ja,the root of what is wrong is our Home affairs officials and Police who are monitoring our borders. I was driving back from a meeting in Limpopo through N1,when I came across this extremely overloaded Nissan Bakkie (1Ton) going to Zimbabwe. It was so overloaded with bicycles,beds and etc and there were three guys on top of that load and three inside the bakkie. I then passed through Nyl Plaza (Tollgate), and there were traffic officers there. The golden question was ....How did this bakkie pass through this Tollgate that when there were traffic officers stopping the cars. The answer is simple........Thats why our country is what it is because of officers like those.

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