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 Jimmy   Manyi  was re-elected as president of the BMF. Pic: MARIANNE SCHWANKHART. 08/10/2009. © The Times.
Guptas sell The New Age and ANN7 to Manyi

The Guptas have agreed to sell their shares in The New Age newspaper and ANN7 channel to Lodidox‚ ow.

Criminals targeting N2 highway

By Cape Times, Sapa | 2012-06-08 10:43:27.0

Western Cape police say criminals are targeting motorists on the N2 highway and it's getting out of hand

Pat Curran, a traffic officer responsible for the highway stretch from Cape Town to Plettenberg Bay, told the newspaper that criminals were sometimes obstructing the road to get drivers to stop.

“We’re on the lookout on a daily basis, but we don’t know where it will happen next. It becomes a nightmare,” he said.

On Sunday, motorist Trevor Rees was driving with his wife back home to Somerset West when he was forced to stop his car because the highway was littered with several large rocks and pieces of concrete.

“I swerved to avoid the largest piece but hit a smaller piece that caused the front right tyre to burst,” he said.  

“I was then approached by two youths armed with screwdrivers who demanded my phone.

“I told them I was talking to the police when one of them attacked me, at which time I gave them the phone.” 

Police confirmed a robbery case was being investigated.