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Uyanda is nabbed at ex's house

By Zenoyise John | 2012-05-04 07:26:30.0 | COMMENTS [ 331 ]

Red carpet queen and businesswoman Uyanda Mbuli is behind bars.

The former beauty queen was arrested yesterday afternoon after she violated a court order restraining her from having contact with her estranged husband Sisa Mbuli.

Police confirmed that Uyanda was picked up from her estranged husband's house in Kyalami, Midrand.

The two separated in January and Sisa chased Uyanda out of their home.

Uyanda has a plethora of beauty crowns. In 1996 she was crowned Miss Cape Town. A year later she was crowned Miss Mpumalanga, which led her into becoming a finalist in the Miss South Africa pageant. She was also the first black woman to be crowned Mrs SA Globe.

A source close to the family said Sisa called the Midrand police after Uyanda went to his house yesterday morning.

He said when the police arrived Uyanda, who was wearing a night gown, told them to wait outside as she was going upstairs to change her clothes. But the socialite, who has one child with Sisa, kept them waiting for more than two hours.

"When she did not come out, the police went to fetch a female officer who came in and arrested her. She was wearing a night gown when she arrived at the police station, handcuffed," said the source, who did not want to be named.

Uyanda and Sisa's brawl started in February when Uyanda obtained the protection order against Sisa. The protection order was issued with a warrant executable by the police if he violated it.

In March Uyanda reported Sisa at the Midrand police station for violation of a protection order.

But the cops were unable to execute the warrant of arrest because they couldn't find him.

Sisa then insisted he was allowed to contact Uyanda to discuss matters concerning their son.

Police spokesman Superintendent Lungelo Dlamini confirmed Uyanda's arrest.

"Yes Uyanda was arrested at midday today (yesterday) for violating a court order."

Uyanda's publicist Simphiwe Majola refused to comment on the matter. Efforts to get Sisa drew a blank as his phone was off the whole day.

COMMENTS [ 331 ]

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