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Police nab 5 in mining syndicate

By Kingdom Mabuza | 2012-04-30 07:18:23.0 | COMMENTS [ 10 ]

FIVE suspected members of an illegal mining syndicate will appear in the Welkom Magistrate's Court on Friday on charges of illegal dealing in gold, possession and corruption.

The men - two South Africans and three Zimbabweans - were found in possession of gold valued at more than R120000, four vehicles and R75000 in cash during a police operation last month.

During the arrest police also found 11 bottles of schedule four medicines, syringes, needles and sterilised water. The medicines were apparently used by the illegal miners underground, Welkom police spokesman Captain Stephen Thakeng said.

The syndicates recruit men from neighbouring countries and sneak them into mines with the help of corrupt mine security officials and staff members.

"The Hawks in Welkom launched an operation called Project Mercury, which took them five months of intensive investigation, to organise with the directorate of public prosecution to authorise the transaction and arrest of the suspected gold buyers," said Thakeng, who added the aim of the project was to bust the illegal gold buyers.


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Well done to the Police - Credit needs to be given where is due !!!

2012-04-30 07:25:18.0 | 0 replies

Good work! And you can keep the other R75 000. We all know it was R150 000. You deserve it !!! tltltl...

2012-04-30 15:55:50.0 | 0 replies

I agree it was R15000 they took half now its R75000 LOL

2012-04-30 11:05:38.0 | 0 replies

R75000 in cash during a police operation last month.
LOL @s.cold what R150 000??? the article says R75 000 in cash!

2012-04-30 09:29:02.0 | 0 replies

hey hey nina it was R150,000 not R75,000,,,this system works like that

2012-04-30 09:24:10.0 | 0 replies

Arrest these scumbags, if we allow such activities to go on, we will find ourselves having ''insurgents'' of some sought in this country. And those groups will be entirely or mostly consists of foreign nationals.

2012-04-30 09:19:57.0 | 0 replies

im sure it was R150,000 not R75,000

2012-04-30 09:10:03.0 | 0 replies

Mr policeman,ke kopa one nyana ya that R 75 000 :)

2012-04-30 09:01:27.0 | 0 replies

keep up the good work!

2012-04-30 08:33:15.0 | 0 replies

what are u wearing? short or bemuda . le na le go apara matlakala

2012-04-30 17:30:29.0 | 0 replies