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Varsity director's degree questioned

By Mogomotsi Selebi | Apr 26, 2012 | COMMENTS [ 5 ]

THE student representative assembly (SRA) at the University of Venda has called for the removal of the director for students affairs, Simon Nedohe.

This was after questions were raised about the legitimacy of Nedohe's qualifications.

In their letter to university management, the SRA made it clear that they had reservations about Nedohe's qualifications.

They also questioned why Nedohe, who was dismissed from the university, was re-hired. Nedohe is also a pastor.

"Based on the director's leadership skills, we question his education status. We want your office to investigate his PhD legitimacy," read the letter.

The response from the university's deputy vice chancellor of operations Jan Zaaiman confirmed there were questions about Nedohe's qualifications.

In a written response to SRA president Mafulo Mudau, Zaaiman said: ". I confirm that Reverend Nedohe's doctoral qualification is not recognised by the University of Venda and this information has been formally conveyed to him."

University spokesman Takalani Dzaga confirmed there were problems verifying the authenticity of Nedohe's qualifications. "In November 2009, the director for human resources informed Reverend Nedohe to desist from using a title for the PhD because the institution where he alleges to have obtained the qualification is not registered in the US and can therefore not be accessed by the South African qualifications authority.

"Reverend Nedohe was previously employed by the university. He was dismissed in November 2000 [for allegations of misconduct] and was re-appointed in July 2008.

". He was re-employed after applying for the advertised position of an administration officer in the department of student affairs after going through a due interview process," Dzaga said.


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The man is a Reverend, so i think there might be some form of explanation to it. However,we should also determine wether this PHD was used inorder for him to get the job and if not, whats the big deal except if there is more to this which we are not been told

Apr 26, 2012 8:49 | 0 replies

Applying for the advertised position of an administration officer with Phd qualifications was a red flag already. If they did not verify his qualifications when did they hire him in the first place?

Apr 26, 2012 10:13 | 0 replies

Verifying qualifications is becoming a big problem we are getting many people at UNIVE who didn't study in south africa veryfying their qualifications is a problem.

Apr 26, 2012 11:12 | 0 replies

kahle kahle umzansi awubheke bonke laba abafika namapheshana angaphandle yebo bayakwazi ukufunda nokubhala kodwa akusho ukuthi baneziqu abazi claimer mihla le ,abanye beza ubabona ukuthi badla imbuya ngothi nemali yokuza emzansi besho ukuthi iyanikelwa bese uyazibuza ukuthi eyesikole yathathwa kuphi hayi cha are we that gullible and embraces everything that is not SAcan

Apr 26, 2012 11:36 | 0 replies

if the university of venda is corrupt to an extent of employing corrupt staff, in nature it calls for the public prosecutor to investigate every employee. further that the Director of student affairs must leave in not to go in the university and people who are qualifying must be appointed and those must be people with the interest of the students of the university venda. it raises a concern to the parents and the nation that their kids are not in the safe hands. if the said Revent have a fake qualificaiton must be dismissed with immediate effect, since his apppointment is questionable.


Apr 26, 2012 12:6 | 0 replies