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School left in the lurch

By Reports by Tebogo Monama | Apr 13, 2012 | COMMENTS [ 28 ]

CRACKED walls, live electricity wires and smelly loos are some of the things left by a construction company that was supposed to renovate a primary school in Ekurhuleni.

The renovations were supposed to take Ntuthuko Primary School in Katlehong to being a full-service school by 2011, but the school still cannot accommodate pupils with physical disabilities.

The Department of Public Works gave a joint tender worth R6-million to Makhamabavele and DSST to do the job.

They've already been paid R4.6-million.

The companies were supposed to build a school hall, garage, replace leaking roofs, renovate the loos and build ramps for wheelchairs.

But not a single job was completed.

The project started in February 2010. It was supposed to have been completed in September 2010. It was extended for a further four months. But, two years later this has not happened.

Deputy school principal Mzwakhe Sithole said: "We do not know where the company is. They just disappeared into thin air. They abandoned the project and their employees without even paying them."

The companies also owe the school R95,000 for water and electricity.

An official from the contractors, who chose to be identified only as Mabona, said he was travelling to Soshanguve and could not meet Sowetan .

DSST's Obed Mabena said they had not abandoned Ntuthuko.

"We are finishing up a project in Soshanguve and will move back to Katlehong next week."

But the Gauteng department of infrastructure and development said the contract with the companies had been terminated in March due to the delays.

The department's Philemon Motshwaedi said: "The contractor has been charged daily penalties of R1,500 for the delays ... there is also a 10% retention on all payments made being held back. The companies will also be suspended ..."


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Sjoe, they must be racists.

Apr 13, 2012 8:57 | 0 replies


I still don't understand why it is tendered out. We used to have maintenance and repair departments within the government to deal with stuff like this. If it was a specialised job which was outside their CV capabilities then a government building inspector visited the site daily to monitor the work and sat in on all the site meetings.

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@LBS- True that our streets are deteriorating by the day,everything going up people are getting more aggressive towards each other.Its as if this was planned all these years looking at a Artchitects Plan as their are grinding SA step by step

My heart bleeds for my Country and My childrens Future

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@MommaC-That is just the problem the GVMT Departments as we know automatically closed down people living in rural areas such as goverment properties dont even get the service when their call the local counsil workers out. So in effect what do we them to do to our schools.Places that been kept clean and service are being left for Renewal of street name, Court cases,Bailing out other Countries,Paying Debt not caused by Citzensbut citizens are to foot the bill

And as you mentioned those Inspectors exist only on paper sit in a shebeen 8hrs go home earn a salary R20K for doing absolutly nothing. And that goes for the rest of our civil servants if their still exist

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Then everyone gets all surprised when the kids get gatvol and start burning everything down.
If this was private property, the building would have been condemned and the owners would be facing a humongous lawsuit

Apr 13, 2012 10:2 | 0 replies

This has got fokol to do with the ANC this has the making of an incompetant contructor who failed to do the Job he was appointed to do. Im glad he is being penalised and his retension is held by the client this means his guarantees aswell are held by the client and he will be blacklisted ofcourse.
With all this in the client's hands he will go back to that school and finish the Job.

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@MommaC- Sowetan is blocking my comments asi am ranting but like i said Most are concerned about the refurnishing of their offices then what their are of all schools

Apr 13, 2012 10:14 | 0 replies

********************************Morning Strange but true

Apr 13, 2012 10:15 | 0 replies

And once again - no one is held accountable!

Apr 13, 2012 10:47 | 0 replies