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Man accused of witchcraft, burnt to death

By Sapa | 2012-04-13 14:03:48.0 | COMMENTS [ 7 ]

79-year-old dies, and his sister-in-law is seriously injured

A man accused of practising witchcraft burnt to death when his house was torched in Giyani, Limpopo, police said on Friday.

Lieutenant-Colonel Mohale Ramatseba said 79-year-old Tarazeta Mathebula and his 55-year-old sister-in-law were inside the house, which was set alight by angry residents at about 8pm on Thursday.

Ramatseba said the woman was seriously injured when residents assaulted her, and was taken to a nearby hospital.

Police arrested seven people — four women and three men — aged between 24 and 46.

“They face charges of murder, attempted murder, public violence and arson and will appear in the Giyani Magistrate’s Court on Monday.”


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While we as a nation still hold onto such crazy primitive notions such as withcraft, and resort to such barbaric measures to punish or eliminate so-called witches, we have no right to suggest that we are anything like a so-called 1st world nation, nor even that we are "developing". I find it distressing that in 2012 we still have citizens who behave in this manner, ogten with impunity.

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the people who burnt down the madala accused of witchcraft i dedicate Umanji's song that has these lines -

*singing* " ha ba bona mokekola a godile ebile a le mosetlha,ba ya mmolaya, ba re ke Moloi loi

aowa le seka la re bolaela bonkgono ba rona, re sa ba rata yhe, ke badimo ba rona.........." *singing*

these people are our ancestors tlhe bathong.

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@ RobinH I also find it distressing, but object to your referring to " we as a nation". Political correctness is one thing, but a total distortion of reality quite another. It is only a certain section of the population that believes in these things and that is holding us back from becoming anything better than a 3rd world country.

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There no preists. reverends nor exorcists in Limpompo le nto abantu bebona ukuba kungcono babulale abanye abantu.
Sifundo sini esi sithi umntu makathathe ubomi bomnye umntu ekubeni engazi noba kuqala kanjani ulwenziwa komntu!

Iingcwangu nenkohlakalo kuLuntu luphela, luyothusa.

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illiterate nobodies.....that's all they know...mxm

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This has to be the work of ignorant uneducated white jesus worshiping christians.

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I again call on all South Africans to condemn accusations of witchcraft, to condemn those who make such accusations, and to condemn witch-hunts.

I call on the Editor of The Sowetan to publicly support '30 days of advocacy against witch-hunts' - 29 March to 27 April.

Please, make a difference, condemn these barbaric acts of violence!

'30 days of advocacy against witch-hunts' - 29 March to 27 April

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