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Malema criticises Zuma's leadership

By Hlengiwe Nhlabathi | 2012-04-02 11:40:59.0 | COMMENTS [ 40 ]

The ANC Youth League is being traumatised and suppressed under President Jacob Zuma’s leadership, says expelled league president Julius Malema

“Under President Zuma, we’ve seen the youth of the ANC being traumatised and expelled from their home,” said a fired-up Malema during an ANC centenary lecture in Johannesburg on Friday.

With his voice gradually intensifying in volume, Malema said Zuma’s leadership had suppressed the voice of the youth and replaced democracy with dictatorship.

“We’ve seen intolerance. People are impatient with the youth, people do not appreciate new opinions. They suppress new opinions,” he said to thunderous applause from a packed hall at Wits University.

Malema reiterated the fight for “economic freedom”, warning against the risk of being managed by illiterates.

“We can’t have economic freedom managed by illiterates. That government will collapse... It will be on autopilot because you don’t know where to take this government,” he said.

“We need sophisticated men and men and women and that’s why education is very important.”  

Moving into the future the leadership debate should not be about credentials but about whether a person could understand inflation, Malema said to applause and laughter.

He accused the ANC of being selective in its decisions, particularly pertaining to the disciplinary procedures instituted against youth league leaders.

Malema said the league was praised as being militant when it criticised certain individuals, but was condemned as ill-disciplined when criticising others.

“It can’t be that others can be criticised an others can’t.”  

Malema said not all ANC leaders were progressive, citing among those John Dube, founding president of the African National Congress whom he said went and formed another organisation.

Opinions by youth league leadership were possibly seen as a threat by the mother body, Malema said.

“Those are our observations. It cannot be entirely correct. Other people can differ,” he said.

Drawing ANC treasurer Mathews Phosa’s attention, Malema said it was nothing personal but that leadership must accept criticism.

“We must be honest and not pretend. We must give a true reflection of what’s happening,” he said.

“If you want to be pretenders, then you have chosen the wrong career.”

Malema said leadership must always welcome criticism because that built them into strong leaders.

“Beware comrade Mathews, when people stop criticising you, you must worry. But when they criticise you, it means they care.”  

Malema, who is appealing his expulsion with the ANC’s national disciplinary committee of appeal chaired by Cyril Ramaphosa, questioned the logic behind disciplinary procedures instituted against him and other league leaders.

“What is so ill-disciplined about thinking? Let’s debate that. You’ve got the right to think even if we think of wrong things,” he said.

“You need no permission to think, you are born with it. It’s your birthright and your own baby to nurse.” 

Malema charged that the league could not be punished for thinking.

While the league had made pronouncements on toppling Botswana’s government, it did not act on it. It was just a thought, he said, adding that the leadership of the African National Congress was expected to call them to order instead of disciplining them.

Malema was found guilty of sowing divisions within the party, partly for his statement on Botswana.

Phosa, who sat listening to Malema attacking Zuma’s leadership, had arrived with Malema an hour late to much excitement at the Wits University’s Great Hall.

He replaced national executive committee member and Sport Minister Fikile Mbalula who cancelled due to other commitments.

Phosa stressed that it was only fair that ANC members had a point of view the freedom to share it without fear.

“The ANC should be at the vanguard of protecting others’ rights, and it’s within the movement to differ from one another when necessary.” 

A situation whereby there was unwillingness to differ, even publicly, put the liberation and the constitution in danger, he said.

“Ideas are spears of tomorrow. We must not blunt those spears.” 

Speaking on leadership, Phosa said the power lay with no one else but the branches of the organisation.

Malema praised Phosa for not treating the youth league “like those who think we have political leprosy”.

“People are scared to associate with us. So when someone from leadership comes when requested, it inspires hope,” he said. “It tells us not all is lost and that we still have courageous leadership.”  

Some students were restricted from entering the Great Hall as it was filled to capacity.

The turned-away group of students were directed to the foyer where they could watch proceedings through monitors mounted to the walls.

Earlier, youth league supporters sang and danced and sang struggle songs as they waited.

Some songs were in support of Malema, with some mocking Zuma as “troublesome shower man” and ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe as the “troublesome goatee”.

The league has continuously voiced their preference for Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe to replace Zuma and Mbalula to replace Mantashe. - Sapa


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I heard you on TV sonnyboy. What happened to "We will k.ill for Zuma"? Now it's more like "I want to k.ill Zuma".

@Sowetan - What's wrong with the word k.ill? Nxa!

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Juju go heng your self...nxxxxxx
you first said that Mbeki was a dictator and that you want Zuma.
Now Zuma is a dictator and now you want Motlante whats next???????

Idoit man with an idoit thought...idiot thought and an idoit mind #singing#

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Malema or no Malema, Zuma and his "YES BRIGADE' should go............

2012-04-02 14:56:01.0 | 0 replies

Ka Sepedi ba re mokoko ga o none. Ge o nona go ra gore se sengwe ga se sepele ka wona. Bjale potsiso ke gore naa Ntate Malema le Charmaboy Zuma ba reng ba la kaka? A fa ga ba robale ka matolo banna ba? Ke bona nke ba direlwa mosomo ge ba duletse go balabala.

2012-04-02 14:53:35.0 | 0 replies

Julius Malema is an anarchist. I know him from the days when he was a president of COSAS. I am waiting to see his behaviour after they should have achieved their plan of replacing Jacob Zuma with Kgalema Motlanthe.

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@T.C.T...What is it that Zuma did wrong? I think he did very well in his first term. We recovered very well from recession and a lot of people got their jobs back. The country's economy is very strong and the country is functioning normal. He also has a very good plan for his second term (infrastructure development program). What is it that people want from Zuma? Is he being hated_ only because he is a Zulu_?

2012-04-02 14:25:40.0 | 0 replies

EISH under zuma the country is going straight to hell,i wonder why he sorround himself with all the zulus?this man is a real tribalist and he is not hiding it

2012-04-02 13:56:03.0 | 0 replies

This is my prediction of the next ANC presidents:

Zuma 2007- 2017

Mothlante 2017- 2022

Mbethe 2022 - 2027

Mbalula 2027 - 2037

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Malema is hoodwinking his supporters. He was not expelled for thinking, but for the numerous instances of ill discipline, shooting off his big mouth about people who are his leaders, involving himself in international affairs, etc. Even now, this thirty year old shootshis mouth off about the leader of his party and the country. How can he not be discplined ? It is not for thinking. A disciplined member of any organization will take his complaints and ideas through the appropriate structures, not shoot his mouth off in public whenever he gets the chance. How can any self respecting organization tolerate that ?If he was not disciplined it would mean that there is no discipline in the ANC. Only an idot would fall for the rubbish that he is talking now, saying he was disciplined for 'thinking".

2012-04-02 15:14:39.0 | 0 replies

Malema, kkkkkkkkkaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbbbboooooooooooommmmmmmmmmm, open your own political party baba... Ask Holomisa and Malebanametsing... and the rest

2012-04-02 15:19:40.0 | 0 replies