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We are living like animals, say residents

By Ntwaagae Seleka | 2012-03-29 10:39:19.0 | COMMENTS [ 81 ]

RESIDENTS of Monyakeng in Wesselsbron, Free State, are living in squalid conditions after R105-million was spent by the Nala local municipality to improve their lives.

It is understood that part of the money was supposed to have been allocated to the bucket eradication programme, which has yet to yield positive results.

There are vast areas where sewerage has gathered in the open areas, especially between houses, threatening to be a serious health hazard.

In some areas of Monyakeng raw sewage has even formed dams, mostly due to poor excavation work, and has overflowed into manholes.

It runs down streets between houses, blocking whole streets in most areas.

Residents have complained that the bucket eradication process was a failure and waste of money.

Worse still, the sewerage plant is non-functional, is uncovered and unsecured, with no visible fencing, which has led to criminals taking advantage of the breach.

Enerst Moholoholo and Masabata Lekone are among the residents who are still using the old bucket system despite the government's promise to phase out the system.

The two neighbours have complained that it took the municipality about two months to remove the filled buckets.

They have dug holes in their yards where they tipped the mess.

Lindiwe Boneni is among those who have used their own money to connect their toilets to the sewer pipes that had been left incomplete.

Malehlonolo Mokhashane lives in one of the streets that are flooded with sewerage. She complained that, since 2010, her family had been suffering from tuberculosis.

"Last year my pregnant daughter was lifted over a neighbour's fence in order to be taken by ambulance to hospital," Mokhashane said.

"We are living like animals. If you want to go somewhere, you are forced to cross through neighbours' yards."

A KPMG forensic report has revealed massive corruption and maladministration in the municipality.

The report also revealed that some companies were paid large sums of money despite failing to honour their contracts.

To date the municipality had not retrieved a cent from the companies appointed to complete the project.

Eight consultants were paid a combined fee of R38206251. The municipality also spent R25588712. 25, on material supply.

The municipality incurred an over-expenditure of about R35-million. In some instances large sums of money cannot be accounted for.

Some payments were made without proper supporting documentation.

Department of cooperative governance and traditional affairs spokeswoman Senne Bogatsu said, while acknowledging some of the sanitation installation was not done correctly, they were in the process of addressing the issue holistically.

"To this end the matter has been addressed through the highest office in the province," she said.

"The implementation of the KPMG resolutions regarding non-performing service providers is an ongoing process."

She said these two companies' process had been completed and any other company that did not deliver services would be summoned to account and would have to give the municipality a refund.


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Report: Sowetan, 30 March 2012.

It was reported that President Jacob Zuma, on March 25 2012, invited 100 close friends to a lavish party, estimated to cost around R5 000.00 per head, to celebrate the ANC's centenary. He is said to have invited the Mayor of Wesselsbron, whom he said is an outstanding leader of the revolution who deseves to be well rewarded for his undying support of the ANC and his excellent character.

Meanwhile, in Monyakeng, the residents had no water on seven occasions in the last month and who have to endure open sewerage runing through their streets every day are complaining about service delivery. The stench is nausiating and the local clinic is beset each day with people showing symptoms of chronic stomach ailments adding to the already over burdened sewerage works.

On a more positive note 10 000 people attended the ANC rally over the weekend at Monyakeng where the ANC is fighting a by election in May 2012. In contrast, approximately 50 people attended various other opposition party rallies. The ANC was overjoyed at their support and thanked all who attended saying that the situation in their city was dire and caused by agents of apartheid who had undermined their very ernest attempts at providing services. The supporters then sang liberation songs in support. The Mayor also urged people to fight for economic freedom beacuse after nearly 20 years of ANC rule the majority of South African still didn't enjoy economic freedom. He blamed this on those undermining the ANC government through court action that prevented the Governemnt from governing.

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You and only you idiots voted for this idiocicy. Don't blame anyone, nobody forced you to vote for the criminals. They will treat you like crap while they are eating sushi and staying in Sandton You deserve to be treated like sh!t bcos you are all sh!t!!!

So go cry me a river into your sh!t stream!!! the ANCriminals are laughing their ass off to the bank with the loot... bwahahaaaa!!!

2012-03-29 13:42:50.0 | 0 replies

Can anyone please inform me why we have voted for the ANC? It seems that after 17 years they have managed to achieve nothing. They have not developed south africa, they have not maintained what was there in 1994, they have embarrassed themselves by non-stop corruption charges, they seem too busy in-fighting, not sticking to their manifesto,....etc.

Why are we voting for them?

2012-03-29 13:46:10.0 | 0 replies

SeshegoGuy, agreed. And it falls in with what BaliM says. Priorities, priorities. I believe most people would rather live in Potgieterstreet, Wesselsbron with all services running properly, that in Zuma Street, Winnieville, with sewerage running down the streets. First things first. Basic needs before emotional needs.

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Money is being wasted to rename streets when people are still using buckets?

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The Heading is Absolute Nonsense...

On most farms animal live BETTER...

Well fed and good medical (Vet) services...

Don't so much know about education ???...

That is why the farms must be nationalized... So that, under Government control, the animals can also SUFFER !!!...

2012-03-29 14:05:07.0 | 0 replies

Revulshionary: What the F*CK are you talking about?!?!

2012-03-29 14:09:31.0 | 0 replies

Last year the MAYOR also complained.

The shiiittt made his 600ML tyres stink...on his one in 5 year pre election visit nogal....

What a mayor must go through to be voted in...

What a disgrace..

2012-03-29 14:09:55.0 | 0 replies

RobinH, Simply the fact that the Government ignores the plight of the Citizens, why ???...

2012-03-29 14:11:42.0 | 0 replies

What kind of animal lives in a place like this? No animal would live like this even a frog or a mosquito wouldn't.

you forgot to mention the p!g.

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The ANC must be ashamed of itself, Stop changing city names and do the real work....."IMPROVE PEOPLE'S LIVES".ationery can be used .................

so right. the money they are using to change Govt stationery can be used to change the lives of people. They need to set their priorities right.

2012-03-29 13:37:05.0 | 0 replies