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Limpopo marchers reject pro-Malema speaker

By Sapa | Mar 07, 2012 |

Cosatu supporters refused to be addressed by a Limpopo ANC representative in Polokwane today, calling him a friend of youth league leader Julius Malema.

They said they would not be spoken to by “the ANC of [premier Cassel] Mathale, and Malema, who are thieves”.

This happened as protesters were gathering in the city to march in support of Cosatu’s protest against e-tolling and labour brokers.

Most people in the crowd that had gathered in support of Cosatu’s protest wore ANC badges and emblems.

SA Students Congress representative Themba Masondo, who was allowed to speak to the marchers, said students would always back workers.

“We say no to modern slavery because if you earn R100, labour brokers give you R30 and they get R70. Students will always be with workers, and please support us in our campaign for free education. We believe that through education we can earn decent salaries in future when we will be workers,” he said.

The crowd was expected to deliver a memorandum to the offices of Absa and Nedbank later on Wednesday.

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Whatever...JUJU is here to stay,,,,u can be anti-JUJU the way u like but he's a true leader.

Mar 07, 2012 12:54 | 0 replies

Lets wait for 14 days and see after forth !

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When I was a tertiary, we associated good politician with rebellious individuals. We always knew that if you are to be a good politician you ave to be rude, shout, be able to argue for nothing and win the argument etc. This stone-age type of politics have no space in our decent and modern society.

Some will argue about economic freedom, yes, but don't we have a better way of addressing that? I wonder what leadership skills people see in Malema. Malema is just a good talker and can run away with a conversation, but his weaknesses are far too many than his strong points.

Mar 07, 2012 2:44 | 0 replies

@ Xoviwe and Adega can you tell us the leadership qualities of Zuma or even Helen Zille what has she done for the ppl in the squatters of cape town, that burns in mass on a daily basis, nothing. so dont come here and villify the men and ask of him what u dont ask of ppl that have power and control the budget julius is not in goverment

Mar 07, 2012 3:1 | 0 replies

Jeez!!! Those who claim to be supporting malema for his "so called economic freedom" need to get their heads examined cos, surely, they could even support a PARROT, as long as it can afford to blab the words 'ekoniomic fleediom'. What entails economic freedom! Will calling for mines' nationalisation & land expropriation without compensation lead to that? Ag please, I'm tired of this nonsense!

How many children attend classes under trees & mud houses? What has Malema said about foreign investment unto SA for mass employment & the creation of small businesses for the youth? Why doesn't he call for mineral beneficiation instead of exporting our precious mineral resources? What has he said about the R29b in fruitless expenditure, corruption, and the tendering system (one for me, one for you)?

The hypocrite called Juju has failed to advocate skills development. He has interestingly remained mum on all the above cos he's guilty and out of depth. Anytime who openly support him, I can leave him/her in a deep, dark, smelly, damp hole cos that where they belong!!!!!!!!!

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"....Those who claim to be supporting malema for his "so called economic freedom"

Economic freedom to Malema means all 50 million Mzansi people sitting at home and getting a Govt grant of R50 000 per month......New Mzansi culture...funa funa everything for mahala!!!!

Mar 07, 2012 3:27 | 0 replies

What has he really done for the youth of this country? Today's youth is sitting with serious challenges such as hiv/aids, teen pregnancy, alcohol and drug abuse,illiteracy,joblessness the list is endless and the only thing he talks about is "economic freedom in our lifetime"?
Nothing, except for being shallow and illdisciplined whilst masquerading as calling for economic freedom. I can support economic freedom anytime but not when it's called by illdisciplined, wayward thugs like the ancyl who have never had meaningful programmes for education & skills development or rather advocating for such. They are nothing but economic progress spoilers who believe in using one's political connection to secure tenders they don't deserve.

Mar 07, 2012 3:33 | 0 replies


....the squatter camp problem in Cape Town and all other urban areas around SA is the direct result of a failed rural Govt policy combined with rampant theft of public funds by Govt officials in mainly the two "G.oat Farm" Provinces....Zimpopo and Xhosaland.

Most of the squatters in Cape Town are "political refugees" from Xhosaland who arrive in the city in an E.C taxi and shout...."no housing...look what the ANC Govt is doing to can they let us live like this when they promised us everything for mahala" ....let's make a strike!!!!

Mar 07, 2012 3:35 | 0 replies

show us a video of the rejection man thats all i want to see

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