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Jobless youth are going to revolt

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'The National Youth Development Agency is a cash cow for ANC Youth League leaders'

SOUTH Africa will never reach its full potential without the contribution of the youth. So we need an economically active and also a skilled and empowered youth to develop our country.

Unemployment is sitting at 25% and the youth - particularly the black youth - is largely affected. Matriculants, who have no money to further their studies, have joined the scores of unemployed.

The National Youth Development Agency is a cash cow for ANC Youth League leaders.

The agency is doing little, if not nothing, to fulfil its role. Its CEO is earning a big fat salary for not doing his job.

It is heartbreaking to see the youth having nothing to do and loitering around.

Youth unemployment is a ticking time bomb for the country. There is a desperate need to find a speedy solution to this challenge. Otherwise the young lions are going to revolt against the government for not creating jobs.

Thabile Mange, by e-mail


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ya,let there be a revolution,plus the so called officers within the agency are denying us funds to start our own businesseas. if you go and present a business idea,they give it to someone they are close to and offer finance for the project. just like what is done by Limdev

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