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HIV disclosure should be compulsory: report

By Sowetan | 2012-03-02 09:57:28.0 | COMMENTS [ 97 ]

THE government should draft policies to force partners to reveal their HIV status to each other and families.

This forms part of a wide range of policy proposals on education and health.

The party says in one of its discussion documents that the Department of Health and South African National Aids Council should draft the policy guidelines and implement the policy.

It says this will help the government collect reliable statistics on HIV infection rates, and for planning purposes. The notification would remain confidential.

"It assists policy-makers and health authorities to deal effectively with epidemics or outbreaks.

"Notification of HIV and Aids would assist in the accurate monitoring of trends in the occurrence, existence and distribution of HIV and Aids in the general population.

"And to provide accurate data on HIV-related deaths," the document says.

Latest HIV and Aids statistics released in 2009 revealed that about 5,6million people were living with HIV and Aids in South Africa.

In another proposal, the ANC is calling for the integration of the military and civilian health services.

This means members of the public will be able to use facilities currently reserved for members of the military forces, presidents, ministers, retired military personnel and former presidents.

The ANC argues that the South African Military Health Services (SAMHS) are under-utilised and should be opened to the benefit of the public at large.

"The ANC should advocate the integration of military and civilian health services without compromising the combat-readiness of the SAMHS," the report says.

The ANC wants the facilities used by the SAMHS to be prioritised for revitalisation in line with the infrastructure programme pursued in the context of the National Health Insurance.


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Ke re ho wena!

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Thank you ever so kindly for the lesson, Good sir...But I however do not recall implying that I would consider partaking in the sexual act without any means of protection>>>neither did I suggest that I would even ponder the thought of "rolling in the hay" just because we conducted some tests.
However....thank you once again for that lesson - much appreciated. Good day.

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It would be nice to have larger sentences for people who DELIBERATELY infect others.
Problem is that it will make people less likely to be tested. If you don't know your status then you could not be convicted and if you don't go for the test then you won't know your status.

It is a very dangerous line they are treading on here

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Give me yours.

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@Mxcm!! Eish I dont have one yet I was hoping that I have yours and once Im done creating an account I will e-mail you babes

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think will be going home soon. am exhausted. where is zaco and them?

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Mine is flirtyrob@gmail.com. Hit me up babes!!!!

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What's your correct email babes???

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Mxcm!!-Where are you based babes?

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Joburg...dude get a new email acct then give me your email address...cause you see there are scavengers on the loose.

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