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Heart disease growing

By Health-e News | 2012-02-24 07:07:41.0 | COMMENTS [ 36 ]

"We come from Soweto, from the townships. We are used to eating pap and meat" - Brickz

THE face of cardiovascular disease is changing. It has moved from a disease affecting mostly white males to one that affects younger black people. This is largely due to lifestyle choices.

Fatty foods, smoking and a lack of exercise are big contributing factors to cardiovascular disease. Yet many of us seldom heed messages cautioning us to change our life-styles, especially our diet.

Many people, such as Zethu Phaliso, admit to this.

"I just buy whatever I find. I don't think, maybe, I should eat healthily. I do eat a lot of fats and after that I drink lots of water and jog. It's not a problem," says 27-year-old Zethu.

Twenty-eight-year-old Nolufefe Magoda also likes fatty foods.

"When I'm at home I eat fatty foods. fried eggs, fried fish, fried russians, amagwinya. Everything on my plate would be like fat. But in the mornings I go jogging. So, it's like I eat my fat, then jog to reduce fat in my body," she says.

Some, like 24-year-old Junior Buhlebodwa Dludla from Soweto, blames the convenience and affordability of junk food for their bad eating habits.

"We eat bunny chow - ikota, you know. So I don't eat healthy. Getting a non-healthy meal is a phone call away. You can call them and tell them, 'this is what I want'. And you get it in minutes."

Even famous kwaito star Brickz admits to enjoying his fatty meals.

"We come from Soweto, from the townships. We are used to eating pap and meat. I'm used to eating anything and everything I can find. It's hard to keep to a healthy diet and not eat the things you are used to," Brickz says.

But Brickz says he does exercise, at least once a week.

"I believe I'm a strong healthy man. I usually go for boxing classes once a week when I'm not busy. I don't exercise a lot, but I do at times just to keep myself fit," he says.

It would seem that our respondents do know that eating healthily and exercising is important. However, they find it difficult to actually change to a healthy lifestyle.

But they best be warned since fatty foods and a lack of exercise contribute to one's increased cholesterol level, high blood pressure and diabetes, which can all lead to a sudden heart attack.

Derrick Raal, head of the endocrinology department at Charlotte Maxeke Hospital, says new eating habits are responsible for an increase of high cholesterol levels in the black population.

"As people are changing from their traditional diet to eating fast foods, their cholesterol levels are starting to go up. We are starting to see much higher levels in our black population and what's coming with that is more and more heart attacks," he says. Heart ailments are no longer a "white man's disease".

Raal says people should know there are hardly any warning signs for heart disease. - Health-e News


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don't forget pap and mahotoana, brickz i doesn't look like you are eating you are skinny my lightie.

2012-02-24 07:31:34.0 | 0 replies

"We come from Soweto, from the townships. We are used to eating pap and meat. I'm used to eating anything and everything I can find. It's hard to keep to a healthy diet and not eat the things you are used to," Brickz says
Cant you speak for yourself......... celebrities/politicians always speak in the "collective"

I was born and bred in Soweto but I dont like meat.........

2012-02-24 11:21:34.0 | 0 replies

a diet of pap and nyama isn't exactly a balanced meal either.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a burger or a pizza. It is when they are your staple diet that problems occur. The trick is to have a diet that is as widely varied as possible.

It is also debatable if heart disease is increasing or if the diagnosis of heart disease is increasing.

2012-02-24 11:59:06.0 | 0 replies

bricks can really eat, its a shame he is still skinny.

2012-02-24 12:11:25.0 | 0 replies

u girls h.ate Bricks coz he is the kasi type (and u prefer kasi type to be plain loosers), and u guys would have preferd him ali charmer boy wako sandton ne? well I belive even if he was from this places and dressed and behave the way u would have wanted, he was not going to see most of u as attractive, and who said girls want the same type of men, so lebo was supposed to chose according to your liking?? cum on man some of u are so bad in relationships, men actually do u guys a favour by dating u, and there u are thinking u deserve guys like Khanye Pdidy.

until u learn that , u can look but not touch and that not all men are available, men will keep using u as refreshment stations

2012-02-24 13:21:38.0 | 0 replies

I will never eat ikota just to prove that I was raised ko kasie. That is not good enough reason

Otherwise, healthy living is a choice that we should all take and stop being selfish.

There are other people who love and depend on us, so we can’t afford to just throw our lives like that.

This it is my life or we live once ideology is not always a good reasoning

2012-02-24 13:59:36.0 | 0 replies

maggots don't care whether u died from a heart attack or car accident..they just chow the flesh and leave the bones..

2012-02-24 14:54:50.0 | 0 replies

Tell that to the Finance Minister and his croonies... Who the h&(l is suppose to affort to go to Fruit & Vege and Virgin Active, feed children, car, house and school and still manage to eat health.

This government doesnt give a damn about its people. Go to any private company and ask when last where there ever bonuses and 13th check and they will look at you like you mad.

Our government is shortnening our life's span themselves and killing us quickly and slowly... Only whites and the rich will survive any war if ever there ever was any, God Forbid".

2012-02-24 15:11:45.0 | 0 replies

Add some veggies in your meals

2012-02-24 15:15:26.0 | 0 replies


2012-02-24 16:38:44.0 | 0 replies

bogobe, nama, morogo, MASOTJA, maswi, mae this is all healthy and affordable. meat can be (mala-mogodu, maotwana, bjoko ba kwena, tlhogo ya nku,ditsebe tsa kolobe, nko ya kgomo,etc yamiiiii, and also how you prepare your food is very important

2012-02-24 19:44:50.0 | 0 replies