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Cope expels treasurer Ndude for 'looting party'

By Katlego Moeng | 2012-02-20 08:13:07.0 | COMMENTS [ 7 ]

COPE has been rocked by a corruption scandal that has led to the expulsion of Hildagrade Ndude who has been found to have been siphoning off thousands of rands from the party coffers in her capacity as national treasurer.

Ndude was found to have misappropriated the party's funds by paying R110,000, "authorised and earmarked for paying Amazon Media, into her personal account".

Ndude further attempted to misappropriate an amount of R72,240 by attempting to pay the money into her son's bank account, whereas it was intended for payment of a service provider, CC Properties.

She was also found to have approved and signed documents and authorised payments without invoices and having misled the signatories, senior official Deidre Carter and party president Mosiuoa Lekota, into believing that the payments were warranted and legitimate.

Disciplinary proceedings were instituted against Ndude on January 28 when the party's congress national committee (CNC) received a report on financial irregularities in her office. The disciplinary hearing was held on February 8 in Cape Town.

In his report, disciplinary committee chairman Craig Bosch said: "Ndude's overall conduct has been disgraceful. (She) caused financial difficulties for Cope and brought Cope into disrepute.

"In these circumstances there is, in my view, only one appropriate sanction and that is expulsion from Cope, and that is the sanction that I recommend."

Bosch finalised his report last Monday and handed it to Lekota.

The party's national office bearers met and resolved to recommend to the CNC that Ndude be expelled. By the end of last week, Bosch's report was adopted and Ndude formally expelled from Cope.

The national office bearers are now in the process of finding forensic auditors "to further determine the nature and extent of the misappropriation and mismanagement of funds by Ndude" and are working with lawyers to institute civil and criminal charges.

Cope spokesman Timothy Mahlangu said: "We are going to court to seek that her assets be frozen. There are many other amounts that need to be investigated. We estimate that these amounts could be up to R3m.

"It does look very bleak that this sort of thing is repeating itself in a party that has vowed to fight corruption. But it does say we are serious about eliminating these elements in the highest of our structures."

This is not the first time that Cope has been rocked by controversy involving allegations of financial misappropriation by a top official.

Previously, Cope co-founder Lekota expelled former co-president Shilowa from the party after an internal hearing found him guilty of mismanaging parliamentary funds.

Shilowa was found guilty of wrongfully authorising the transfer of R5m from the parliamentary allowance accounts to Cope's party accounts. It also found him guilty of authorising a payment of more than R2m for purposes that were not legitimate.

Shilowa has repeatedly denied all the charges and is challenging his expulsion in court.


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This is not manga manga business if you steal we expel and institute criminal charges against you. My COPE deals with corruption decisively. Hilda go and join anc where corruption flourishes.

2012-02-20 08:39:01.0 | 0 replies

Jyslik, Most of South African people are rotten to the core.

2012-02-20 12:12:17.0 | 0 replies

Too bad there are still people that do not understand what politics is about, for someone to think there is a party that actually deals with corruption is being delusional, these parties deals with corruption when it suits them.
Human being is corrupt by nature and when there is money available to be stolen it will be trust me. Politics is about power, power go hand and glove with money. Unfortunately we have not seen the end of corruption in COPE or anywhere

2012-02-20 13:06:59.0 | 0 replies

Hilda go and join anc where corruption flourishes.
@Lawaai you should be careful not to open your mouth about the things you have no knowledge of lest you ask. Can't you just make your contibution (of whiuch your Cope needs) without worrying about other party. Please don't insult our intelligence becuase when you start comparing ANC to Cope that is whereyou expose yourself and we therefore know what type an individual you are- lost and misguided.Leave ANC out of COPE's corruption incidents.

2012-02-21 08:50:12.0 | 0 replies

Mtswalerr:Next time mind your spelling so that I can better understand you.I am not comparing anc to my COPE ,my COPE is far much better than the anc .In COPE we do not kiss and l!ck fraudster @ses . Mtswalerr I know I know Hilda will be welcomed with open arms in the ranks of the anc.nxa

2012-02-22 09:31:21.0 | 0 replies

Corruption Organisation of the People!!

2012-02-28 09:06:44.0 | 0 replies

COPE should just die a quick death. Hypocrites like Mosiuoa lekota do not deserve to be in any position of public trust. There is no point in anyone wasting their vote on this selfish and pathetic entity. There is nothing a vote for COPE can achieve other than massage Lekota's ego. All that Lekota is doing now, is collect his cheque at the end of every month until the term of this parliament ends. Otherwise he has got nothing to offer the people of South Africa. Even the ANC in its compromised state is a much better party than this bunch of hypocrites.If people cannot bring themselves to vote for the ANC, they should consider other parties like the PAC, UDM, APC and so on, at least they will be able to sleep with their consciences intact. A vote for COPE is futile and a throwaway vote! People died for this vote and it will be wrong throwing such a pearl to pigs.

2012-02-29 14:12:37.0 | 0 replies