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'Shortage of space puts pressure on Afrikaans schools'

AfriForum on Wednesday said the inadequate capacity at schools “would be exploited and pressure woul.

Six hours for ANCYL arguments

By Sapa | 2012-02-13 09:52:43.0 | COMMENTS [ 19 ]

Six hours have been set aside on Monday to allow three ANC Youth  League leaders to argue in mitigation of their suspension from the ruling party, the ANC’s disciplinary committee said.

“The sitting will also receive arguments for aggravating circumstances from the ANC as per the decision of the NDCA [national disciplinary committee of appeals]... the ANC’s aggravating argument will also be allocated two hours in total,” NDC chairman Derek Hanekom said in a statement.

Arguments in mitigation for ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema, his spokesman Floyd Shivambu and the league’s secretary general Sindiso Magaqa started at 8am on Monday.

On Sunday, during a closed session of the ANCYL’s lekgotla, Malema told delegates he had received a letter from the committee only on Saturday informing him, Shivambu and Magaqa, that they had to be at the mitigation proceedings.

Hanekom denied this, saying the NDC and the youth league had met  on Wednesday, February 8, in a pre-hearing conference and agreed on  the date for the mitigation and aggravating arguments.

“Secondly, we want to place on record that formal letters were sent to each individual on Thursday, February 9 to confirm the sitting,” Hanekom said.

Hanekom said the NDC wanted to correct “misleading” statements that the ANCYL leaders were charged for their calling for the nationalisation of mines, expropriation of land and “economic freedom”.

“At not stage were these issues a factor in the current cases. Any argument suggesting that the hearings at any stage had anything  to do with these issues is devoid of any truth.”   

Last Saturday, the ANC’s appeals committee announced that attempts by Malema, Shivambu, Magaqa and three other ANCYL officials to have the guilty verdicts against them overturned were dismissed. They were found guilty in November last year of bringing  the ANC into disrepute and of sowing division in the party. This was after they made comments about regime change in Botswana, undermined Public Enterprises Minister Malusi Gigaba’s authority, insulted a journalist, and compared President Jacob Zuma unfavourably with his predecessor Thabo Mbeki.


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Hanekom denied this, saying the NDC and the youth league had met on Wednesday, February 8, in a pre-hearing conference and agreed on the date for the mitigation and aggravating arguments.

In further reports Malema says he was thinking what is for lunch and did not hear this part of the conference. He was also wondering if there will be Johnny Walker served.

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I feel pity for blind Malema followers! Are you defending julius for the sake of defending? The guy does not give a hoot about the poor, all he cares about is himself and his family. How can he says he is fighting for the poor while he is living in luxury? How can he says he is fighting for the youth when he says nothing about about the plight of the youth, ie teenage pregnancy, joblessness, drug abuse, sexual harassment of both boy child and girl child, the list is endless! Malema should have used the platform afforded him to him to advance the youth of this country instead of demolishing mansions and building palaces for himself, this is tantamount to telling the hungry and poor that they must eat cake!

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ANCYL NEC conference;
Interesting speech;
Malema said the leadership had effectively been found guilty of abiding by the resolutions of the league's 24th congress held in 2011.

"The basic lesson we have learned is that of democratic centralisation... we are guilty of thinking."

He said if the ANC had the right to fire the league's leaders, then it should be appointing the leadership which, he pointed out, it did not.

"We did not commit anything wrong against the movement. The only thing we did was to speak about how the land must be restored to its original owners."

He also reiterated the call for the nationalisation of mines, banks, and "monopolistic" industries.

This call for nationalisation was in line with the ANC's Freedom Charter, according to which the country's resources should belong to everybody in the country, he said.

Malema also had a dig at attempts to stifle debate about succession within the ANC.

"The succession battle should be discussed without fear or favour. It should not be a taboo topic."

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I don`t think will mitigate for sentence in the NDC. This is just a waiste of time for the NDC member, but i think yhey do for the sake of fairness as Ramaphosa said.

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Malema is still in denial of charges against him by ANC. He said ONLY anc(useless league) can fire him, and now how can such arrogant go to the ANC disciplinary commette to negotiate a lesser sentence? How do someone mitigate with gankaroo court as Malema regard the NDC charges.

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I think in the next 20 years it can happen that the government of the time will realise that the mineral resources of our country belongs to South Africans. They would realise that the $2.5 trillions mining business that is currently channelled to overseas countries can actually benefit S.Africans.

Only then shall we hear about nationalisation. I hope that by then these overseas mining companies would not have sucked up all our natural resources.

But don't dispair, there might a coal mine identified in someone's yard that would be worth R863,52 that we could nationalise.

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Now we are stuck with this ''shawara.''

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your name said it all no need to ask qtions

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The fake comrade who support Malema are those who are benefited from Limpopo tenders. Cde Tsotsis your days are numbered. Your Boss will soon be behind the bars for corruption, he wont be regarded as political prisoner, stop misleading us about Malema, he already knows what is going to happen this week. Malema le Mathale gammogo le di mafia tsa limpopo ba are sokodisa, ba feteletse ka bohodu. Dont ask me about evidence, the writing is on the wall. Run Malema run!!!!

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Shawara wa sokodisa maaani! hahahaha

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Im sure those who hated COMRADE MALEMA will be rejoicing dancing and jiving etc to US ANCYL cadrs the war is not over YET we have to fight those who are ther to corrupt our ORGANISATION HARD though one can say its most painful to express good wishes to our LEADER COMRADE MALEMA and others challenging part is when WE meet next time the REVOLUTIONARY GREETING wont be the same again

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