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Crowds revel in Malema's demise as ANCYL leader

By Chester Makana and Alex Matlala | 2012-02-06 06:18:40.0 | COMMENTS [ 225 ]

'This is the sign that the ANC does not belong to an individual'

SUSPENDED ANC Youth League president Julius Malema will officially vacate his office in the next few days following his suspension.

Malema should receive a letter from ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe informing him that he has been suspended for five years as a member of the ANC. He therefore cannot continue in his current position.

This comes after the ANC's national disciplinary appeals committee dismissed his appeal but referred the matter back to the party's national disciplinary committee for mitigation of sentence. He has 14 days to do that, but his guilty verdict cannot be changed.

Yesterday Malema's opponents in his township in Seshego outside Polokwane praised disciplinary appeals committee chairman Cyril Ramaphosa for "saving them from Malema" after announcing the decision.

They poured out into the streets after Ramaphosa had announced that the appeals committee has decided not to set aside Malema's suspension.

They sang revolutionary songs praising Ramaphosa, saying they had been freed from Malema.

"Ramaphosa saved us. The ANC will regain its dignity, we are happy," said a member of the disbanded Peter Mokaba region.

"This is the sign that the ANC does not belong to an individual. It is an organisation that we all joined," he said.

Some members went to sing outside Malema's home, provoking members of his family.

Security officials had to prevent the crowd from entering the yard.

Hours later demonstrators returned to the shopping complex carrying a coffin half covered with a Malema T-shirt, and singing "rest in peace former youth league president".

His ally, Cassel Mathale, and his provincial executive committee leadership have however been endorsed by the ANC national executive cmmittee.

But the NEC has convened a team of inspectors to probe allegations of vote-rigging raised by Deputy Minister of Arts and Culture Joe Phaahla following last year's provincial conference.

COMMENTS [ 225 ]

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what we want is to see things going accordingly and all proccess must be respected and thoroughly checked without taking sides or doing favours or being intimidated by those with power..only those who are ignored due to the reson of frustration caused by the anger when they see malema s names in the media will have problems wth it.


lots of things

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This wont be the end there are lot of malemas out there and I'm among them.
Economic freedom and land repossession ahead,ahead.

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Another calculated decision by the Zuma followers.,....Juju gave nhloko ya bantsi ( zuma) too much power and he( ntloko ya bantsi) used that power against JuJu...I feel for Juju,..only 1 man can get rid of Nhloko ya bantsi and that is da Minister of Sports and recreation....His powerful ...

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WordofGod, the point here is that many, many, many people are now dissatisfied with the current government. Many of the people in the current government is indeed as one sided as the ones in the Apartheid government and is only in it to enrich themselves. If the people are unhappy, they have the RIGHT to protest, (That is also in the constitution BTW, so they are still giving to the government what belongs to the government.) To quote verses like this to try and bring people into submission is the same tactics used by the apartheid government. As you said, God loves justice, and that's exactly what people have the right to fight for.

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@maftowncity-Morning could not be better had a fabulous weekend and to top it off overwhelming news that made my year. How are you doing this fine morning?

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I pity u honestly because u don't have a clue what is REALLY going on. I don't support anyone in this thing but i know of the ANC division in Polokwane. Remember the story about the guys putting up a poster at Malema's house and fighting with her Granny----That fight is still carrying on up to this day.

I can tell u a whole lot more. One day u will know and i hope that day comes soon.

....oh BTW insulting me does not show ur intelligence, Please try another method
Maybe you are one of those who were fighting with malema's granny.Last time you were talking about the people who were burning money and I asked you about the source of information and you were unable to provide me,Please understand me I'm not a politician and I'm not supporting Malema,but what I'm saying is that Le mohlabetse gomme o le oretje bothata bjagago keng?

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Casualties in a Revolution are nothing new, we will soldier on and defeat the vanguards of Codesa claiming to be our Leaders. 24th ANCYL Congress Resolutions remain, Economic Freedom in our Lifetime. We still have our Deputy President, our TG, our SG and our Deputy SG who will carry through our vision.

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according to my own observation and analysis it was all about power not division or disrepute as they all claim the ANC values and priniciples function to protect certain individuals who have more power than others individuals who make sure there intrest are secured and protected by removing someone who they know for a fact can make things more difficult for them and he is loved by the majority in the grass roots, we will make sure we establish our mandate to remove someone in the position that is bigger than him. this ANC i see now give someone the impression that it support this value and principles in its action against MALEMA but the same ANC did not maintain this values and principles when Malema sang the song of k.ill the b.oer and created division in MBEKI AND ZUMA it was all good and nice cause it favoured certain individuals who are now in power and controll anything to there own avantage they kept quite they even supported MALEMA in his actions,,are we saying today that if we do something that may divide ANC is bad? but if we do something that can creat division in our nation is okay? by saying that who excatly brought the division in ANC?. if we are not careful we are promoting a situation wer we say dont mess with this guy cause he is big he have pover and he can controll all of us without saying anything im aware minority dont like MALEMA for there own issues but the guy was saying things we needed to hear and solved some..but lets not confuse ourselves cause this matter is not over yet lets not work on the assumptions and wishes

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@ All
Good morning

Good to see you all guys again.

Aish...does this mean the end of Mr Malema....? I understand his legal defence team will either refer the matter to the court or Mr Malema will table his case at NEC in Mangaung....we will wait and see what will happen....perhaps this will encapsulate Mr Shadrack Gutto's view that Mr Malema will have a slim chance to convince NEC to overturn the charges..

Re tla li bona hamorao ha li lebile mothinyeng oa ho qetela...

Hi my sister
Good to see you again this year, are you grand my sister

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what a year we gonna have happpppppppppppppy, khulza i really agree with you Zuma must follow

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"Shawara o sokodisa Julius", straight!!!

2012-02-06 10:04:11.0 | 0 replies