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Recognition for Rhodes University professor

By Dispatch | 2012-01-31 09:56:06.0 | COMMENTS [ 11 ]

Professor Tebello Nyokong will represent Africa in Spain in March as one of the "Twelve Names to Change the World" exhibition

Rhodes University academic Professor Tebello Nyokong has been asked to participate in an international exhibition that celebrates 12 prominent  women scientists.

Nyokong will represent Africa at  the event in Spain in March as one  of the National Centre for Research  on Human Evolution’s (CENIEH)  “Twelve Names to Change the  World” exhibition, Rhodes University announced.

CENIEH is a non-profit venture  based in Burgos, Spain, which aims  to pay tribute to women scientists  who develop “generous work for a  better world”.

This particular exhibition will focus on the solidarity and social  commitment of women scientists  from around the globe.

One of CENIEH’s aims is the communication of science and its dissemination to society through various activities throughout the year.

The 12 women scientists selected  for the exhibition have been chosen  for their excellence in research  combined with their strong social  vocations.

As professor in Medicinal Chemistry and Nanotechnology and director of the DST/Mintek Nanotechnology Innovation Centre at Rhodes  University, Nyokong has received  international recognition for her work in the field of chemistry and  nanotechnology, in particular her pioneering research into photodynamic therapy, which looks at harnessing light for cancer therapy and environmental cleaning.

Nyokong said she was honoured  by the recognition and pleased her  presence in the exhibition would  increase awareness of Africa, and  the serious scientific work being  done on the continent.

“It counteracts the many images of Africans starving, or at war, providing rather an image of Africa in which women working in science can aspire to.”

Nyokong believes that while it  was important to deal with the basic  needs of housing, hunger and poverty alleviation, it was equally important to provide role models of  success for African women.

The exhibition in Spain will consist of a photograph of Nyokong, a  short biography and a video presentation in which she discusses  her upbringing and work.

The exhibition coincides with the celebration of International Working Women’s Day.

Source: Dispatch


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Congratulations Sister!
You make us proud!

Geeaz we have magnificent women in this country of ours.

2012-01-31 11:55:34.0 | 0 replies

I grew up hating school up to the level of achieving my diploma at (PENTECH) fomarly known as Pnensular Tech. I wish I was like other chosen few students with their dedication to achive something on there later stage.As for me , I always want something now.Please do not tell me about tomorrow. Actualy the only thing that I am good of is hurting women. I love sex with all my heart. I wish I can naai this woman to kingdom come.
Wish you well.

2012-01-31 17:47:46.0 | 0 replies

chisa mama love you!!!

2012-01-31 16:56:15.0 | 0 replies


That what chemistry can do. Guess what I was with her in the conference which was held in Pretoria varsity last year. She delivered genuine ideas about cancer control. That is what we call information freedom and we are still waiting for ecomomic one from our only hope Juju.
YOU GO GAL.To me she is still young because she expanded in chemistry like a young person.

2012-01-31 15:02:21.0 | 0 replies

she is going for an all expenses paid (mahala) holiday.

2012-01-31 14:23:02.0 | 0 replies

Congrats Tebello

2012-01-31 13:29:44.0 | 0 replies

Congratulations, we are truly proud.

2012-01-31 13:00:10.0 | 0 replies

Mtho'eng'nanqondo: He'd want to impregnate her as soon as possible. It's how he deals with things.

2012-01-31 12:39:45.0 | 0 replies

this is good reporting sowetan, can u please leave trash to daily sun.

2012-01-31 12:38:58.0 | 0 replies

I wonder how our president feels if he is told (cant read) of such outstanding countrymen he presides over. Doesnt he feel overwhelmed, in adequate, out of sync to be residing in Mahlabandlovu?

2012-01-31 12:28:00.0 | 0 replies

Moer Skont! I once lost an opportunity to marry an MP becaouse of this stupid insatiable attitude for every thing that wears G String. Mbodozi is miles behind me when it comes to loving something that God implimented inbetween the thighs of a woman.My mistake was to take her girlfreand to Mzoli"s place from Goodwood to Section 3 GUGS..
Verstaan julle Mogoes soos ek?

2012-01-31 19:58:55.0 | 0 replies