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'We've waited for houses for 18 years'

By Boitumelo Tshehle | Jan 30, 2012 | COMMENTS [ 18 ]

Squatter camp springs up overnight

RESIDENTS of Ikageleng township near Zeerust became so frustrated at waiting for RDP houses that they decided to build an informal settlement over the weekend.

On Saturday morning a group of more than 500 people took their handsaws, hammers, spirit levels and shovels and started to build shacks on an open area just across from the township.

The move means that they will have to live amid stinking garbage and raw sewage.

The residents say they have waited since 1994 for the North West department of human settlements and the Ramotshere Moiloa local municipality to build RDP houses for them.

The government has not even allocated stands for them to build their own houses.

To date most of them are cramped in small houses that they share with their grandparents and grandchildren.

The township lacks basic services and the smell caused by overflowing sewerage pipes and piles of rubbish is overpowering. Children play freely next to the garbage.

Ikageleng Development Forum chairman Obakeng Moseki said Ramotshere Moiloa mayor Afrika Thale had let them down.

"We are forcibly occupying this land because our mayor is a liar. He promised us houses, now he says there is not enough land.

"What is this?" asked Moseki, pointing at the land the squatters are now occupying.

He accused Thale of ignoring the plight of Ikageleng residents and turning a blind eye to their grievances.

Moseki said the shack dwellers were disillusioned with politics and had lost faith in their one-time champions, the ANC, to give them homes.

One shack resident, Mompati Ntheledi, 41, said: "We elected them but once they are in power they forget about our interests.

"These people are turning the ANC into a source of income, they are provoking us."

Most of the shack residents interviewed said they were not going to vote anymore because the prospect of ever owning their own homes slipped further away after each election.

Mayor Thale said the squatters face eviction because they were occupied municipal land illegally.

He warned that the council would demolish those shacks.

"We will move in any time now and pull the structures down," he said.

Thale said Ikageleng residents were selfish.

"I called a meeting with these people and we agreed that I would build 200 houses. Now they have decided to overtake the plan.

"I am waiting for the department to allocate houses to beneficiaries, then the municipality will start with the building process," Thale said.


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i bet you were given those houses and sold them now you want more SAns for their dependencyand entitlement tendencies.

Jan 30, 2012 8:22 | 0 replies

I was there.

I saw the guys working.

One guy was sweating amidst the Stink & Crap, but cheerfully singing:

"""ANC, My party.

Viva ANC, ANC for Ever. ANC till Jesus come."""

I asked him what was making him so happy and he answered that he will gladly stay amidst the shiiitt & CRAP.

As maybe it will allow JUJU to steal enough money to build a R 24 million house.

Jan 30, 2012 11:28 | 0 replies

why did you waste your time waiting? some of you should have had double story houses by now! how funny to watch tv and a man with a big stomach perhaps with a big willy crying for a house! i find it stupid! what happened to men who will provide for their kids? no wonder these SA men they are becoming gay!
Okay, they have started to build the houses like you expect them to do. Now the Municipal is coming to demolish what they could not provide in the first place. What the hell is that? Lets say some had money to build brick houses, do you realize that those houses would be demolished too? Whether they are willing to pay out from their pockets for residency they will still be prosecuted for not having the patience longer than 20 yrs to get infrastructure. Its like the government is purposefully denying them the right to exist, b cos no matter what they try its not good enough in the eyes of the state. They have waited for 18yrs how much long should they wait? What exactly r u and the government trying to provoke. Because if you r expecting the community in question to remain submissive and obedient under such circumstances they will go extinct together with the children. Don't forget that there could be doctors of tomorrow in that dirty slum.

Jan 30, 2012 7:9 | 0 replies

@dre10 so how was EL? lol btw bathi umalima akabhatali imembership yakhe, lol so what do you say? I mean really how can he not pay when he clearly is affording? and shouldn't he as a leader of the YL lead you guys by example? imagine nje xa angaba yipresident yale country angabangu hlohlesakhe just like uzuma.

Jan 30, 2012 1:47 | 0 replies

At least its not Khayelitsha in Kaapstad.

Jan 30, 2012 1:42 | 0 replies

@ Cornelius, have you noticed how few the comments are on Sowetan today because there is no racism and s3x. Lol

Jan 30, 2012 1:27 | 0 replies

Imagine the racist vitriol that would have been spewed on this forum if this had happened to be inthe W Cape.

Jan 30, 2012 1:8 | 0 replies

anc delivers... NOT, lol keeping voting that way boys and girls and wallow in squalor,

Jan 30, 2012 12:54 | 0 replies

We can easily blame the people for dependency and this irritating entitlement but i will say the Govt blurted out to the people that with them in power, there will be housing, job creation and delivering of basic necessities.
Obviously this is not happening and after a year or so of waiting, i would assume that anyone can start making a plan to make things happen. To wait for 18yrs is mind boggling.
People need to understand that even when you pray to God for a job, you need to go out there and search as no one will coming on your door that they had a dream of you wanting one.
Stop being lazy and waiting for manna to drop from heaven and do something of your life!!

Jan 30, 2012 12:39 | 0 replies

why did you waste your time waiting? some of you should have had double story houses by now! how funny to watch tv and a man with a big stomach perhaps with a big willy crying for a house! i find it stupid! what happened to men who will provide for their kids? no wonder these SA men they are becoming gay!

Jan 30, 2012 12:2 | 0 replies

Stop voting for these hyenas then..try another party and see what happens..and also you people should realize we can't be building houses for you till the savior comes..noways

Jan 30, 2012 11:34 | 0 replies