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R2,000 for a Matric certificate

By Sapa | 2011-11-18 06:38:11.0 | COMMENTS [ 84 ]

TWO men have been arrested for selling fake matric certificates at a shop in Turffontein, southern Johannesburg.

Gauteng police spokeswoman Pinky Tsinyane said the men were arrested yesterday.

"The certificates looked exactly like the real thing, you couldn't tell them apart," Tsinyane said. The documents were being sold for R2,000 each.

"The men were also selling fake IDs and other fraudulent documents." It was unclear how the documents were made.

Police suspect more people were involved in making these certificates and they would investigate the matter.

The pair were charged with fraud and would appear in the Booysens Magistrate's Court soon, said Tsinyane.


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So parents pay for this certificates, a kere bana ba ga ba bereke, they should also be arrested if any of those children are caught.
Ka sepedi re re kodumela moepa thutse gobane gago lehumo le tswang kgauswi, but today we think everything can be microwaved even education.

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What the F.uck is your problem fudgepacker?

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Ubufebe, go steal something..

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well u can buy the certificate but it wont take u far..Tertiary standards will definitely put you on the mill and grind your sorry @ss..

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You folks wanted that. You wanted 'open borders', you always say everyone are brothers and sisters. The more, the better, as long as it is not the white man. Now look, how many foreigners are in the country taking work opportunities away from South Africans, how many of your children are under the spell of these Nigerians? How many of you suffered a crime because of them. You wanted it, remember that.

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eish its just that im one of those ppl who bought the certificate and im proud of it,,wow my dear you are using bombastic words neh,does it mean you are educated?instead of idiosyncrasy you should have used simple meaning words like attitude or behaviour to make things simple for me.


Next time you want a certificate (without qualifications) print it off the net it will be cheaper and just as useless! LOL :)

You clearly understand me so why should I use 'simple' words?

Others may even be tempted to look up the meaning and so enhance their knowledge. ;)

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How much you paid for your sertifikat?


Hows my spelling mam?


LOL you're pulling my leg, right?

I'm not about to correct every incorrect spelling here - I've got other more interesting things to do.
Anyway, we understand each other and what is being said, so as I said earlier it is my idiosyncrasy I'll live with it. :)

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This world we living in it's full of fake,coruption,bribery jst imagine for me to get a drivers licence i had to pay R2500.00 and i'v ben driving for almost a year this is n't fair and to be realist wher on earth hav u seen a proper certificate given to u without writing an exam??? Lerata dilo le lona man now R200.00 it's gone.nxaaaaa

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Now I know why so many d@rkies I work with have no brains... They fake it lol

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if nigerians are to blame, why don't we SA citizens do something about it,
gape gago thushe gore re dule mo bloggong re ngange meshifa re sa dire selo.

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