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Jail for fake graduates

University and college graduates, artisans and matriculants with fake qualifications will face fraud.

Nurse caught 'raping patient'

By Frank Maponya | 2011-09-15 07:17:59.0 | COMMENTS [ 53 ]

A MALE nurse in a Limpopo hospital was arrested after allegedly being caught raping a mentally ill patient.

The incident happened at the Letaba Hospital in NkowaNkowa, near Tzaneen, at about midday on Tuesday.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Mohale Ramatseba confirmed yesterday that the 30-year-old nurse was allegedly caught raping the 26-year-old victim.

"Preliminary investigations have so far revealed that the incident happened in one of the hospital's wards," he said.

"We have gathered that the other patients were not in the ward when the incident happened. The patients only came in to find the nurse raping the victim."

Ramatseba said they had instituted investigations to uncover the truth in the matter.

"While we are disturbed about the rape of a patient by a nurse, we also believe security should be tightened at institutions to ensure that no criminal activities take place," he said.

"We will, however, go deep in our investigations over the matter."

Limpopo department of health and social development spokesman Joe Maila said they would follow correct processes to institute disciplinary action against the nurse and allow the law to take its course.

"We condemn the behaviour of our official, especially since the incident happened in one of our institutions," Maila said.

He said they also hoped that the fact that management reporting the incident would send a clear message to other health officials "that we will not tolerate this kind of behaviour in our institutions".

On Women's Day (August 9) this year a nurse at the Makahlule Clinic near Malamulele was allegedly raped by a security guard at the institution.

In June 2008 another nurse was raped by thugs at the Sekororo Hospital outside Tzaneen.


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Wht ws she there for kuk analysis?

2011-10-15 11:04:17.0 | 0 replies

Thank God some of us men knows how to control ourself, without that jails will be full.

2011-09-15 14:11:11.0 | 0 replies

where is korombi you will say it zulus again hahahaha!!!! mampumpane

2011-09-15 14:04:41.0 | 0 replies

where is this stupid khorombi shit acommente phela, umkhonto usugwaza ekhaya manje. izinhlanya okhorombi zidlana zodwa, yeses

2011-09-15 13:53:14.0 | 0 replies

he raped her or they were making love?
i have a problem with the word rape.lets wait for outcomes of investigation before we can talk about ele gore molwetji o kgopetje nurse.bafana a palelwa ke go itshwara a eja.
molato ke gore molwetji o mongwe o ba bone ba eja sejo se monate.

2011-09-15 13:08:40.0 | 0 replies

on the other hand,maybe it wasnt rape, maybe it was consensual, I know a lot of women/men who are mentally disturbed who like it

2011-09-15 12:55:45.0 | 0 replies

THe bloody Vendas with their big dikcs, how do rape someone who is ill, Batho ba Limpopo nee man fok ba loya.

2011-09-15 12:50:41.0 | 0 replies

Eish Limpopo again no wonder why, He think Juju will stand for him never bhuti...

2011-09-15 12:38:08.0 | 0 replies

He must also be a psycho

2011-09-15 12:36:42.0 | 0 replies

This things can happen anywere , KZN etc so please think logically don't just blme Limpopo, thoho ya makhulu wawe...

2011-09-15 12:08:18.0 | 0 replies

Mara whats wrong with Limpopo ye? Khorommbi I expected your comment since it happened in ya Province. Sies man was he that thirsty? as for a mentaly person. nowadays you can even buy moss if you that desparate.

2011-09-15 11:49:19.0 | 0 replies