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Julius Malema urges restraint

By | Aug 31, 2011 | COMMENTS [ 10 ]

Scores of ANC Youth League supporters who had gathered outside Luthuli House in Johannesburg in support of Youth League president Julius Malema, were told by the firebrand leader not to burn the ANC flag and t-shirts bearing the face of ANC president Jacob Zuma. Malema said despite the difficult times, the supporters must exercise restraint.


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This Malema guy can freally talk crap huh he does all of this in the name of SA Youth and poverty knowing that he is only there to benefit himself..What have he done for the youth? And eeish everytime i hear him saying he represent the SA Youth i feel like vomiting bcoz he aint representing me.

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Doctor masepa.....................keep your hogwash opinions to yourself. You sound like not a product of freedom fighters. As long as you are not an active member of ANC/ANCYL, you wouldn't know what is causing the difference between the mother body and the YL.

Divergence from FREEDOM CHATER by the ANC current leadership.

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Julius talks about the poor but does sh*t about their situation.The poor also like to hear him speak but no one is asking when will he deliver.

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ANCYL should learn to behave themselfs cause what they are doing is showing that the leadership of the youth leauge has no control on its members thus the violet protestings

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KGSO: Chief, you are misguided here. No one is targeting comrade Malema. Malema was charged for contravening the ANC Constitution. What you are saying is an insult to the late comrade Chris Hani. He has never in his lifetime disrespected the ANC leadership. He was always a disciplined member of the ANC. All ANC members who are charged for ill-discipline must be brought before the ANC NDC, no exceptions. All of us as ANC members must abide with the ANC Constitution. No one is bigger than the ANC, not even Julius Malema. It is ashame to have such a youth which disrespects the mother body. You need proper political education. We all grew up in the ANCYL, but we were not taught to disrespect leaders of the ANC. Malema and all other comrades charged must appear before the NDC and let the NDC do it's job. We want disciplined members of the ANC, not hooligans.

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Only idiots would believe the hogwash by Malema ... this has nothing to do with the poor and if the poor wants to be exploited for political games only making Malema's of this world poor .... let them support him... I'm poor and will not ...

He said he never saw a million - he was proven otherwise
He disrespected a couple of minister in public and when calls to order - he said in his culture he cannot speak back at the elders
He said his house is bonded - it was proven he bonded 1.5million which he settled within 6 months
He said he receives donations - but all the people donating millions to his private account are getting tenders

He is a lair and lacks creditability

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As long as they are people in South Africa who goes 2 bed wth an empty stomach struggle continue, de wealth of ds country shall be shared says de freedom charter, de problem here is de Nationalisation of mines because people who wnt to eat alone dey r afraid of wt Malema is pushing,

Malema remind me of
Chris Hani strong, powerful and fearless leader, cum Mangaung conference Zuma wl be history and Mantashe. Comrade Zuma and Mantashe nid 2 knw dt dey r nt bigger dn de organisation, De ANC hs bn here long b4 and it wl remain long afta,cadre cum and go.

Solomon Mahlangu Message to people of South Africa

My blood wl nourish de tree dt wl bear de fruits of freedom, tel my people dt i luv dm and dey mst continue de fight.

Dey killed our Chris Hani nw dey wnt 2 destroy our Malema bcoz he is fighting 4 our economic freedom, Im ready 2 die and Kill 4 Malema if needs be, as long as deres high unemployment youth and people goes to bed wth empty stomach struggle continue. 4rm ANCYL MEMBER SUNNYSIDE BRANCH AKA LENYORA PRETORIA

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@ Warrenton

Please vomit we are waiting for you , Julius is representing the ANC youth league as the president who re-elected fairly. You are not the Anc member so whatever Cde Malema does is not your business , please check with the Democratic Alliance if they have a card for you.

Viva Viva Cde Julius Malema as the youth league member's we are 100% behind you and the rest of the leadership that we elected.

dubula dubula...............................

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Vomit because you are not a member of ANCYL. He represents SA Youth who are members of ANCYL, don't be mistaken.

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i just like this young man, Julius. He reminds me of the past and he's definitely relevant for the future of the ANC. Leaders must also know that when they live in glass houses, they must not throw stones.

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