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Guptas to respond to Gordhan’s bank affidavit

The Gupta family will on Friday morning file responding court papers at the High Court in Pretoria t.

Immigrant held for 'not paying' bribe

By Frank Maponya | 2011-08-05 06:32:53.0 | COMMENTS [ 34 ]

A PAKISTANI national is being detained in the Lindela repatriation camp in Gauteng after he allegedly failed to pay a bribe to a senior official of the department of Home Affairs in Limpopo.

This happened despite the fact that the immigrant is a naturalised South African.

Salman Hamid had initially paid R500 into the bank account of the department's acting regional manager in Polokwane.

The official claimed Hamid was not in possession of legal documents to be in the country.

Hamid is married to a South African woman and is in possession of legal documents.

The Home Affairs employee allegedly demanded R10,000 before Hamid could secure his safety.

After failing to raise the money, he allegedly ordered that Hamid to be deported.

But Hamid took the matter up with his lawyers and they successfully interdicted the department against his deportation.

Sowetan is in possession of a copy of a slip showing a deposit into the official's bank account.

Speaking from the camp yesterday, Hamid recounted how he had suffered.

"The man has been abusive towards me. Each time he wanted money, he expected me to fork it out without any excuses," Hamid said.

He claimed that he had given money to the official in the past "out of brotherhood".

"I was surprised when he kept on demanding more money."

Hamid said at times the official would tell him that his spaza shop was running out of stock and wanted money for the goods.

The official could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Department spokesperson Conny Moitse said: "We will act against any official found to have engaged in any corrupt activity. We are investigating the matter."


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A PAKISTANI national is being detained in the Lindela repatriation camp in Gauteng after he allegedly failed to pay a bribe to a senior official of the department of Home Affairs in Limpopo.
This happened despite the fact that the immigrant is a naturalised South African.
What is that?

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The corrupt official will lose his job and add the number of criminals in the country. Is really sad!!!! How many corrupt officials are there assisiting makwerekwere to come to South Africa through bribes. Yoo, the blood of Jesus is bleeding and cyring for you on the cross. Money is not a solution though is elementary.

2011-08-05 12:11:51.0 | 0 replies

Ba ba tlwaeditse go ba fa thselete, so gona nou ga a sa na le yona & oa bona gore o a tsamaya then o bolela nnete, di a lapisa dilo tse tsa go tsena mo ka backdoor.

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@Sowetan. How come u did not interview the 'Wife'. The official'' will keep coming for more money because this guy is here illegally and this ''official'' probably helped him to forge documents

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I agree my brother. We do not have leadership at all.

2011-08-05 14:05:34.0 | 0 replies

F@cken Snitch

2011-08-05 15:16:01.0 | 0 replies

you must investigate quickly and get the police to arrest him, we are tired about this corrupt officials

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Unfortunately ,it is not only in home affairs where such happens.Just last week i went to renew my vehicle's disc and i was told they can't license my car because the law has changed yet again for foreigners.

I was now required to bring certified copied of my drivers licence before i can pay for my disc.I was asked to go to the metro police office on the first floor to certify my documents.I went to first floor and met two metro officers there eating.I told them what i was there for and immediately they realized i was a Nigerian they demanded for R100 for cold drink because they were eating and have to leave their food to attend to me.They wanted the money before they could certify my documents.I was pissed but i had no choice,i negotiated and gave them R50 to save myself the headache of driving to another police station to do it.

Life for foreigners in SA can be frustrating because you must always have a spare R50 - R100 in your pocket especially if you have a car.when the metro police stops you ,even if your papers are in order ,they will still look for an excuse to demand money from you and if you don't play ball you might just land yourself in jail or worse, get shot.

For some reason most metro police,police and government workers think all Nigerians are millionaires so life is extremely frustrating for us Nigerians because we get exploited at every opportunity.Once a home affairs officals knows you are a Nigerian ,you are done for. Just make sure you have a spare R100 otherwise they won't attend to you or collect your application.It is a shame but there is nothing we can do about it.

Corruption in the public sector has spiralled out of control.Foreigners hardly have rights in this country so we pay the bribes to avoid any delays, problems or bodily harm .It is the way SA works and it has been like that for over a decade.

2011-08-05 15:56:43.0 | 0 replies

Foreigners hardly have rights in this country so we pay the bribes to avoid any delays

If you came here officially you werent going to experience all the, and for the fact that you guys make offers first, why are you complaining. I think even all your docs you must have paid for them for as you Nigerians everything you do or have, it's ilegal.

2011-08-05 16:33:44.0 | 0 replies

@Smart Mao

Why don't you ask me what i am applying before for you start jumping the gun.As you usual you can think straight because of your phobia for Nigerians.

Let me ask you one question quickly.

If you were in a fatal acident and both your kidneys were destoyed and the only peron who has a matching kidney is a Nigerian.Would you refuse the kidney because it belongs to a Nigerian?

Hatred will be the downfall of Africans,always hating on each other.

Now back to the topic,i arrived on your soil a few years ago officialy on a training programme at liver brothers south Africa.After i completed my training,i applied for an extention to remain in the country and later applied for a business permit.So mao i am here legally and i pay my business tax to SARS so i contribute to your economy.

All my documents are legal and issued by home affairs.If i don't have valid doucments i can not run a business neither can i employ 6 saffers.I might as well relocate to kenya and those 6 saffers will lose their source of income.

I travel regularly out of the country especially in december when i go back to nigeria to visit relatives and check up on my investments back home.So i am not a liability to your economy instead i am contributor. Nigerian business investments in your country is over R10 billion.

FYI i don't make any offers ,why will i approach an officer in uniform and openly offer a bribe.You must think Nigerians are stupidly courageous people.Next you will say Nigerians invented the term "cold drink".

When i did bribe the home affairs offical ,i did so because he told me i was late and they were closing.He told me that if i could "make a plan' he would accept my application.Now at the time he made this offer the Home affairs was not even closed yet.I was not the only one he made the offer to.There were zims,pakistanis and chinese on the line with me and he told all of us the same thing.We had no choice but to comply because if we were to come back the next day ,we will have to stand on the queue for several hours again.I am businessman and i have a business to run and employees to monitor so i had no choice but to comply so that my application can submitted the same day.

You should get a decent Nigerian friend ,maybe you will get to know more about us instead of believing all the stereotypic propaganda being spread about us in your media.

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the corruption chain continues.....the official will pay the investigating officer and prosecutor and guess what case thrown out , then at hearing the trade union reps for the official argue that the official was "not found guilty" then you have a reinstatement!!! hola Mzansi

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