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Killer speedster gets 18 years in jail

By Daily Dispatch | Jun 09, 2011 | COMMENTS [ 32 ]

Recklessly drove a stolen car during a high-speed car chase, killing three children

In a case likely to set a significant legal precedent, a Fort Beaufort man was yesterday found guilty of murdering three Bedford children after he "recklessly" drove a stolen car into them during a high-speed car chase.

Acting Grahamstown High Court Judge John Grogan sentenced Sonwabo Qeqe, 31, to an effective 18 years in prison for the three murders and the theft of a motor vehicle.

The case, says Eastern Cape Director of Public Prosecutions Advocate Lungi Mahlati, has "massive" legal significance – not least of all for musician Molemo "Jub Jub" Maarohanye, who is facing charges in Gauteng in a case with similar circumstances.

In June last year, Qeqe had "recklessly" driven a stolen car through Bedford with police in hot pursuit.

The chase took place at 2pm when dozens of schoolchildren were flocking out of their schools and into the streets.

At a T-junction, he had attempted to cut a corner, hitting and killing a child who had been on the sidewalk.

The car then careened across the road and hit and killed two more children on the opposite sidewalk.

Amaza Lupuwana, aged 2, Zuqhame Jantjies, 7 years, and Sandisiwe Dikana, aged 9, died of horrific injuries on the scene.

Judge Grogan said that "no reasonable, law-abiding person" would have driven in such a manner in a built-up area.

He said Qeqe had been aware of pedestrians in the streets but had continued to drive recklessly.

"(Qeqe) must have known that … someone could be struck by vehicle." He said that Qeqe had been in possession and control of an instrument "no less lethal" than a firearm and he had used it with "fatal effect".

Qeqe was found guilty of murder dolus eventualis, which means he had an "indirect intention" to kill the three children.

In terms of the law the State had to prove that Qeqe foresaw the likelihood that his reckless driving through township streets filled with pedestrians could result in a fatal accident, but had recklessly disregarded this outcome.

In giving sentence, Grogan said Qeqe had sought only to evade police and put his own interests first.

There was continuing "carnage" on South African roads as a result of reckless driving. "In this case the recklessness went beyond ‘taking a chance’. It was a deliberate act in which (Qeqe) deliberately ignored the safety of the public, with tragic consequences that must have been foreseen by him as a possibility."

He said the children, who had died, had suffered "horrendous injuries" and their families had been left devastated by his selfish and reckless actions.

Advocate Mahlati said the terrible facts of this particular case had led to his office to charge Qeqe with murder rather than culpable homicide. He said the "Jub Jub" case could "only benefit" from the guidance this judgment would provide.

Source: Daily Dispatch


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Jub-jub and shabalala brace yourself since you killed 4 while you were speeding, drunk and high i say 30years am praying for LIFE but this is SA our justice system favors criminals

Jun 09, 2011 9:6 | 0 replies

Jub jub you are NEXT!

Jun 09, 2011 11:37 | 0 replies

3 young lives gone and the fucker gets 18yrs and for sure he is only going to serve half the sentence and then be paroled bcos of good behaviour... it puzzles me why ppl behave in jail and not in communities they live in?!!!

Jun 09, 2011 11:44 | 0 replies

That's rubbish!!! I'm not satisfied, it's such a small sentence for killing 3 innocent kids for selfish acts. Our justice system favour criminals, Mandela had to go 27 years for fighting for people's rights & he get 18 for 3 murders. RUBBISH!!!

Jun 09, 2011 11:44 | 0 replies

Ayeye Jub Jub...........................

Jun 09, 2011 11:47 | 0 replies

- WOH LO LOH! immediately as i saw the headlines B4 reading the story, i thought of Jub Jub, funny enough he is mentioned in this story too.....ASHA AMADAMU ANAMANZI.....

- the 2 guys who recently got out of jail coz they were wrongly accused spent how many years in jail(is it 20 or 27), but here we find 3 lives taken in an exchange for 18 no judge, and am not judging....

Jun 09, 2011 11:58 | 0 replies

He was lucky, they shud have given him a life sentence.Killer+ Thief

Jun 09, 2011 12:5 | 0 replies

@Mellow: @Kamasutra jub-jub and his lawyer are coming up with another way of delaying things jub-jub is apparently now asking to have his own CELLPHONE EXPERT to analyse the cellphone used to record him and his co-accused Tshabalala racing
Hi Sweety *wink*

I had that kak and bull story, what is there to analyse. Watch the space... the defense will be coming up with all sorts of stories and delaying tactics. This is a clear cut case, Jub Jub murdered those kids and he's also a WOMAN BASHER!!! (if the allegations are true)

Jun 09, 2011 12:25 | 0 replies

we are keeping a close look at the judicial system, to see whether this precedent will be strictly followed or not.It's a big test on the part of judicial system.Only time will tell, yes its taking a lot of time, but at the end JUSTICE must prevail..

Jun 09, 2011 1:10 | 0 replies

we must admit our justice system is poor so as ourselfs as citizen of this country it does not mean when you have more money you are rich, if you outside in the streets it does not mean you are you might find yourself in self prison. having said that let me just say this sentence is a slap in face with a bucket full of shit to the families who lost their beloved children, this is not a separete case people loose their loved ones everyday and the culprigts i send for 20 to 25yrs which they will serve 5 to 12 years then they get parole and they come back again and repeat it, jub jub is a dipical example that if you are well known somehow you can escape the justice system but however at the end of the day let me say all of this people with their unjust and injustices will pay one day in life or dead. if i was a judge for every kid it will be 40 years so 120 which parole will be after serving half of the sentence i am telling the country will be quite of killings after passing the sentence. bring back the death sentence let us hang the animals!

Jun 09, 2011 1:21 | 0 replies

Kelly did you perhaps know this was going to end the same way????

Jun 09, 2011 2:19 | 0 replies