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Radebe denies plot to oust Zuma

By Sibongile Mashaba and Sapa | 2011-04-12 09:43:42.0 | COMMENTS [ 15 ]

MINISTER of Justice and Constitutional Development Jeff Radebe yesterday dismissed as appalling suggestions that he was part of a group that wants to oust President Jacob Zuma.

"I found it appalling that I have been associated with an alleged plot to oust ANC president Jacob Zuma in 2012. I am neither aware of any such plot nor do I know of any group whose mission it is to work towards ousting Zuma at the next ANC conference.

"... This created an impression that effort was made by the newspaper to solicit my views when it was for all practical purposes clear that any comment I made would not be reflected in the story.

"I have not been to any meeting, secret or not, in Estcourt on January 23. I consider these allegations spurious and malicious," Radebe said.

The ANC has also questioned the timing of the report.

ANC spokesperson Jackson Mthembu said the timing of the disclosure of the so-called plot - at a time when senior members of the crime intelligence unit were facing criminal charges and the ANC was facing elections - raised many questions.

He said chief among these was whether there was a pattern emerging of attempts from certain quarters and the media to portray an ANC that was at war with itself.

"In this regard we want to state categorically that the ANC national leadership, all its provinces and branches, are united behind the leadership of Comrade Jacob Zuma.

"No attempt to sow division within the ANC leadership and ANC broadly will ever work. We have defeated these tendencies in the past and we will not fail to defeat them now," Mthembu said.

This followed a report by the Sunday Independent, which named alleged conspirators plotting Zuma's removal as president of the ANC.


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In the ANC every member is free to stand for any position. Whether Tokyo, Kgalema or Jeff accepts nominations, there is nothing wrong with it.The media is deliberately using the word 'plot" to instill a sense of the ANC fighting the ANC. Only the ANC National Conference in 2012 has a mandate to apppoint comrades to positions of leadership. Comrades are free to lobby but the nomination and lobbying process has not been opened as yet.

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If you are in the ANC, you need to master the GREEN BOOK as one is expected to know by heart the following words or you are out, maneuverings, machinations, scheming, Plotting, throw out, drive out, exile, depose, overthrow, oust, remove from power, triumph over, banish, force to leave, tumult, coerce out.

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@ MACDONALD, What do you mean achieved more, Ohh I see. You manage to open your own Mcdowell. Damn man there are lot of protest against them now, Lot of things that might lead to us loosing votes to hynes waiting in vain. We need to put someone who will crack the which. Zuma man he is a TAKER NOT A GIVER, He likes telling people around him that YOU HAVE WORKED!!. He is afraid to dissappoint people. he tries to impressed every one. When SACP, COSATU, and other family friends comes he always say YES!!! for what? Sometimes promises are ment to be broken. WE NEEND SOMEONE WITH BIG BALLS TO HANG. I THINK - THE GREEDY SEXWALE GOT THEM. WATCH THE SPACE.

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What goes around comes around, he must nt worry, things are getting worse everyday, all we need is strong opposition Party not DA nor Cope

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Zuma should be familiar with the ousting, what goes around comes around, he did the same thing to Mbeki they build a foundation based on lies and deceit so now it is coming to haunt him. Let this be a lesson to all those that backstab others. How many wives did he marry in his first term? I don't want him getting another term because he will leave the government with nothing when he leaves all the money will go to the support of his family tjo.

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Who teamed up to bring Thabo Mbeki down? What will prevent anybody else to team up within the ANC to bring president Zuma down? Anything is possible in life. Politics is a dirty game of self enrichment. Once you become a politician you must always watch your tracks, enemies are anywhere and everywhere.

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I will join on any given day a plot or wateva it is to oust this incompetent so called president

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HAHAHAH be careful zuma, the smoke is blowing now, ask Mangope, Matanzima of what happened to them, fasten up President, black cloud is coming your way don't relax.

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it true he said one term will be fine & that what we will give him.Even if he want to continue I don't think the majority of ANC members will agree. I'm already tired of his Administration.

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