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ANC list sparks fury

By Sibongile Mashaba | Mar 31, 2011 | COMMENTS [ 290 ]

THE ANC remained unmoved yesterday over its nomination lists as violent protests flared in Zandspruit near Johannesburg.

Zandspruit informal settlement residents are demanding the removal of a councillor from the party's candidate list.

The residents blame current councillor, Maureen Schneeman - who has been re-nominated - for lack of service delivery in the area. They claim their plea for houses, access to water and electricity have fallen on deaf ears.

Five people were injured when police fired rubber bullets at the protestors who went on a rampage, looting several businesses. A police officer was injured when protesters pelted law enforcers with stones.

"These people will be charged and released. We had scheduled a meeting with the community but no one came forward.

"The ANC Gauteng has closed the list process for candidates selection and names have been sent to the IEC. We don't expect any disciplined member of the ANC to organise protests based on the selection of candidates," said ANC Gauteng spokesperson Dumisa Ntuli.

"The closure of the process for selection of candidates necessitated that all cadres must focus on the critical task of winning local government elections."

Ntuli said those who wanted to undermine the ANC processes through protests would "face the consequences".

"No one should mobilise against the outcomes of the selection of candidates. Our candidates have been tested ... they enjoy overwhelming support from members of the communities who participated enthusiastically in the selection process," he said.

Ntuli said they believed that the protest was triggered by criminal elements.

Residents looted a supermarket and stole 150 crates of cool drinks worth R20000, acccording to shop owner, known only as Tony .

"It's very unfortunate because I help the community a lot. I donate money to the creché and this is how they thank me," Tony said.

The residents claim that:

  • They have to walk about a kilometre to the main road and wait for an ambulance because ambulances won't drive into their area.
  • The crime rate is high. They say five people were murdered in the area in February alone.
  • Toilets do not flush. It takes authorities three months to fix them, posing a health hazard.

Honeydew police's Major General Oswald Reddy said 88 people had been arrested.

Johannesburg Emergency Services spokesperson Nana Radebe said paramedics could not drive into the area because it was difficult for them to locate addresses.

Political analyst Elvis Masoga said: "Communities thought they would have the last say on nominations but they were wrong. The ANC has failed to explain its policy of involving communities."

COMMENTS [ 290 ]

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Dont judge africanist to hard , today he is a racist but , next week he will tell all that he is not , well i must go and work , can not sit in the office the whole day like the most of you ,

Maybe that is why there is no service delivery because nobody works

Mar 31, 2011 1:37 | 0 replies

I put it to you that it would have been 'negligence' on the part of the government to remain with the weapons they had. Cheetah was not better than Russian made MIG17. We only had Rooivalk which is the best thus far but its a copter and not a fighter jet. We did not bu+y copters because ours are still up to date, thanks to our white engineers, thats our pride but forget about fighter jets and we don't need fighter jets because we are threatened. You can be hit any time, the enemy will never wait for you to accumulate or update your weapons. That also uplift our status and dignity as country, any person who is incapable of defending their family lack anything important.

Mar 31, 2011 1:6 | 0 replies

@RedMakaka daai zol van jou e go trapile ne. Nna ga ke na niks but I don't wish bad on other people unlike you.

Mar 31, 2011 1:5 | 0 replies


You nailed it, they are conmen, when there is no one to con they con each other because they are addicted to it. They even kill each other for municipality positions. I have never ever heard that a DA member was killed or attempted to be killed by another member.

Mar 31, 2011 1:1 | 0 replies

Hahaha, Mr Sushi is in a big league bosch....I won’t even compare myself with him, daai man ke skhokho.......
Yah vele ke nkauzile le nou....Mina nawe siyafana mfwethu awuna niks nawe....singabomalambane........

I don’t bhathula anymore maara wena ngak'gcwalisela kleva....

Mar 31, 2011 12:58 | 0 replies

You are the one with little knowledge in terms of arms. Our armaments were outdated and could not do a proper job if need be. They could ounly stand for MK, hehehehe ,maybe but for effective defence today, we were not good at all. We are very good today because of those weapons but we could have handled the matter far more better to the benefit of our people. The problem with you people is that you are naive.

Mar 31, 2011 12:56 | 0 replies


Of course they hate him. And it is because he is educating the masses to the truth of exactly what is going on. Which is why you don't hear then addressing what he is saying. They change the subject and attack him on irrelevant issues. They know that the only way that corruption continues is if you deceive people into thinking that it is not happening, or that you have the will to eradicate. Or saying things like a vote for ANC is a ticket to heaven. Only one who believes he is talking to fools would even entertain making such an asinine statement. Sad. Very sad.

Mar 31, 2011 12:54 | 0 replies


Little knowledge, the arms were not necessary, we were not running short of arms,to crown it all in Tshwane SANDF base,called Voortrekker, there sophisticated machenary that were bought as part of the arms deal that are covered with dust because we have no need for them. Is that really necessary, buying what you do not need? The arms were not but the arms deal was because of the kick backs,that brass of the ANC got out of it.That it why JZ said ,"if the case goes ahead I will not go down alone".Please note, I will not go down alone,those words still ring in my ears.Did you know that before this deal took place. What was important in these old timers was enriching themselves, they did not care about the electricity problem that they were told 10 years before it happens,because they knew that it would not affect them and their relatives economically. Arms deal was did not benefit the country the way it benefitted those ANC fat cats.

Mar 31, 2011 12:51 | 0 replies


If you remember the unity government it meant NP disband purely because it was formed mainly to fight a black man and after they opted for a unity government then it did not play a role as it was seen as a racist party people went to join the DA ando FF and other parties that they felt represented them in my opinion I think the NP decided on their own to disband if you want to call it that.

Mar 31, 2011 12:43 | 0 replies

@Jackee,,,,,,,,u see TUTU takes on even Madiba and that man really needs the respect of yhe whole country TUTU,,,,,,,,,,,,TUTU.................he is good seriously and many ppl is still going to ahte him more bcoz he is busy exploiting them in the open with facts thet they cant even counter back on.....

Mar 31, 2011 12:43 | 0 replies


Well, I put it to you that the arms were neccesary but handled very bad.
I strongly disagree at the time of the arms procurement the country was under no threat at all so why did we need them arms then? Don't forget that we did eventually get the arms that you think they were handled very bad but then my question to you is that if we needed them of which we got how come we never used them noting tht they are to last or rendered useful for ten years and not once did the country use them how then did we need them unless you say to me it was another way of diverting funds from state to ANC then I will believe you. We procured what we will call a white elephant at such an exorbitant amount period.

I think we need to avoid arguing on the black white premise but on merit of each incident and case one reason the ANC is where it is its lack of accountability and owning up to the wrongs there is nothing wrong in saying it was a stupid oversight on our part (ANC) and let us see how we fix it, not to say we needed it as we were under no threat even in apartheid times I don't think the threat was to the levels of procuring such arms. (people who were there in those days might help us understand if there was at all a need in the apartheid era.

Mar 31, 2011 12:40 | 0 replies